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You hate Zero? Bad news are inbound

black ops 4 7 - You hate Zero? Bad news are inbound

As I've said before, people who whine Zero are probably not the sharpest tools in the shed. "There is a guy going 6-28 in this game, yet he hacked my streaks and blah blah…" that's such a noobish thing to say. Also, how come that whoever says this is 99% of the time a "Crash main" who plays like a little pu*** just to get the streaks and if he doesn't then he leaves the match. I personally like to call Crash players, "Trash players" as most of the times they seek to dominate in the easiest way possible but they think they are good, while in reality they are just a bit above average at best. It's so fun when I make them leave as they almost always do, when my first sniper's nest is called in. Had this type of guy in a match yesterday and he became mad when I hacked his Sniper's Nest and Mantis and started flaming me telling me I'm trash and I can't get my own streaks blah blah blah. I then proceeded to drop my own Sniper's Nest and a Strike Team on him. He left hahaha

If you are this type of player and you think you are good you should be bashed on like you would be if you used the VMP for example.

Anyway, if you complain about Zero then I guess that you probably do because your streaks got hacked once and you are rightfully so mad. If I brought in streaks once every 40 matches I would be mad too.

But guess what? Isn't it super obvious that Zero is going to hack when you bring the streaks in? And if the Zero player is a bot going 4-24 is it really THAT difficult to streak her again for your godlike skills? Plus, if she goes 4-24 she'll only get the Ice pick once and when the match is at 60-80 points (let's assume it's TDM). You should have gotten your streaks long before that. And if you have the streaks and you expect her to hack them, make sure you know where she is, get close to her, call the streaks, and wait for her to start hacking. Good luck if the Zero player is good however


"Zero hacked my streaks by pressing two buttons and there goes all my hard work to earn them" Yea it must have been so hard getting a bloodthirsty with COMSEC when the extra score from the ammo bag and the TAK 5 (which both require godly skill to use as we all know) is enough to get you the Sniper's Nest so please cut the crap and get better.

This applies to everybody who cries about whoever specialist, as they all have their room for counter-play. Zero is just my example here.

No matter what you think, she was a fine addition to the game (Torque needed such a counter) and at the end of the day, for better or worse, Zero is a specialist and specialists are a part of this game and you either adapt to the reality of the game and stop crying endlessly, or you stop playing. It's that simple. Now, I'm not saying the game is perfect by any means and you are obviously allowed to dislike whatever you want (I do too) but the fact that bugs me the most which is the reason I make this post, is that clips like the one that was uploaded before 1 or 2 days which was showing the long hack with Zero got so much hate mostly from what I assume to be the type of "Trash players" I talked about in this post.

If you get triggered by this it was my pleasure.

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