CoD: Black Ops 4

Zero is designed to retain terrible players, at the cost of long term players enjoyment.

black ops 4 4 - Zero is designed to retain terrible players, at the cost of long term players enjoyment.

I have complained about game balance being in favour of bad players before, i stand by those concerns, but zero is a new level of transparent dumbing down. Dumbing down of a on the whole, brilliant call of duty game.

Before there was some semblence of balance to specialists. You could work with team mates to lock areas down with torque or you could coordinate a push with Ajax. Crash was great for boosting score and winning gunfights. Recon helped the team, mesh mines worked well etc etc.

Even though I do not agree with many of the old specialists and giving away free kills, I preferred that complaint to the oppressive unbalance zero has brought. Got a barrier protecting a doorway? Too bad. Got a 1300 point scorestreak. (1300!!!) Too bad that's killing you now. In a game where fmj2 can wipe scorestreaks out in a heartbeat why would adding in a specialist to steal them/destroy them from cover be a good idea. In what world is this balanced?

You know that annoying friend who calls dibs on all the good stuff when you are kids? That is zero. Dickhead zero.

I understand some of the equipment is annoying and i agree it is annoying, torque camping in a corner with a barrier and wire on 2 doorways is a boring low grade enemy.

If you used the barrier for map control, if you used wire to slow attacks on a flank route i think everyone would agree thats a reasonable use of those abilities. Those people will no longer use torque, they will use ajax, battery, prophet or another specailist who's equipment isnt totally worthless now. That means more grenades more war machines, more of the things that give bad players easy, unchallengeable kills.


In my opinion now a tdm game that doesn't have 2 zeros, 2 crashes, 2 weapon based specialists is at an unbelievable disadvantage.

The black hat equipment was a thing in black ops 3 for all of 10 seconds until it got nerfed into oblivion. It got nerfed heavily when zeros abilities are more than a thousand times stronger. The scorestreaks in black ops 3 totally destroyed the enemy, black ops 4 streaks are trash by comparison and now 1/3 of the opposition can effortlessly steal/insta kill them while camping in their own spawn building… Can anyone explain how this is balanced? Can anyone give me a single reason i would use torque when his best equipment can be totalled by zeros first and stolen by her second? If you think having her position given away is a counter youre deluded. 99% of people start hacking from a fresh spawn. Meaning for me to stop that hack i have to rush into their spawn kill her before she hacks and leave without getting mowed by one of the other teammates spawning. most likely flipping the spawns and ruining map control.

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This game has many many positive features, from map design right down to reasonably balanced weapons. Zero is not a positive feature. Zero is aimed at terrible players, to keep them playing the game and spending money on overpriced weapon cosmetics.

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