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Zero’s Ice Pick needs to be completely reworked/nerfed/removed. This addition to the game has literally made my friends and me quit playing BO4 in it’s current state.

black ops 4 4 - Zero's Ice Pick needs to be completely reworked/nerfed/removed. This addition to the game has literally made my friends and me quit playing BO4 in it's current state.

I'm not usually one to express my concerns in this manner, but the addition of Zero has completely ruined BO4 for me and all of my friends and I am amazed that people are still defending her addition to the game. The fact that I have to scroll down halfway through the front page of this sub to see a post similar to this one is startling. Zero's Ice Pick is not only a concern for above average players and players who will get better at the game in time, but also to below average players: the community as a whole.

As a hardcore kill confirmed player (HCKC), there is absolutely no point in running high end streaks. I consider myself an above average player with a K/D ratio of a 2.2, going on 10th prestige, and my usual scorestreak set-up is Attack Chopper, Strike Team, and Gunship. I run these streaks because after the dark matter grind ended achieving those streaks is the most challenging thing I can go for each and every game.

I know I am in the minority of players since I only play HCKC, so I hope to provide some perspective from a hardcore player. In HCKC there are always two Zero's, so roughly 3-4 Ice Pick hacks a game. If I grind out 1600 score in a single life to get all three of my aforementioned streaks, there is almost guaranteed to be a hack in someone's back pocket ready to destroy all of my streaks, simply for existing in the game. All three streaks destroyed/hacked once in a game, alright, that blows… but I guess I can get them again. Twice a game? It defeats my will to play this game. Attack Helicopter stolen by the enemy. Strike Team helicopter destroyed before they even enter the map. Gunship, the highest most prestigious streak in the game, destroyed in a matter of seconds.

Zero's Ice Pick sounds excellent on paper and to be fair, I think it would make a decent scorestreak such as the Power Core from BO2; but the only reason that would work is because you would have to earn it. Even then the Power Core only destroyed streaks and prevented you from calling them in. Now with the addition of Zero, not only can you destroy enemy scorestreaks, destroy/steal enemy equipment, AND hack every single enemy player, but now you can take control of a 1000 point Drone Squad AND a 1300 point Attack Chopper for simply being in the game long enough to obtain a specialist ability?? Not to mention that in hardcore, when you're hacked you can't see your teammate's blue names above their head. Who in the world thought this would be a good idea?

Scorestreaks in BO4 are already quite vulnerable. Many say this is to appeal to the "casual" audience, whether it is or not is beside the point. With the addition of FMJ2 into this game, equipment and streaks are already destroyed with little to no effort. Paladin with FMJ2 destroys a Strike Team helicopter, Attack Helicopter, and Sniper's Nest in a single magazine which is arguably faster than the Hellion Salvo. Speaking of the rocket launcher, with attachments or even without attachments, streaks go down in just a few rockets, but at least your 1300+ streaks may actually earn you a kill or two before being destroyed. As for the Gunship, it's the highest streak in the game, I think it sits in a very balanced state against rockets.


For players such as myself, getting an Attack Helicopter isn't the biggest streak we earn and we recognize that if we run it, it will likely get shot down in a very small window of time; but newer, less experienced players who rarely earn an Attack Helicopter may only earn it once every few games, and that was me when I first started playing. To have it hacked and turned against you just because someone had a specialist ability for being in the same lobby as you is not only unfair and completely over powered, it is defeating.

Lastly, I've never really been one for a no specialist playlist, I think the specialists are a cool, fun addition to the game and I enjoy the different play styles associated with each individual specialist. On the other hand, I can see how certain people find specialists annoying, cheap, and "noob friendly". With the current state and raw strength of the Ice Pick, there absolutley needs to be a no specialist playlist. Treyarch, the players want to be rewarded for their skill and time played, that's why we play your game in the first place! For all of the struggle and skill it takes to earn these ""devastating scorestreaks"", how easy it is to destroy them just because you """earned""" it by existing in the game long enough is just flat out unbalanced and overpowered.

Simply put, Zero's addition to the game benefits no one, not skilled players, not new players, and especially not anyone in between. I recognize that Treyarch likely isn't going to completely remove a specialist they just added to the game, but the Ice Pick needs to go back to the drawing board before other players end up logging off for good. In the meantime, I will be playing Rocket League and I encourage all of you to do the same. Let me know what you think about the Ice Pick, I am eager for this issue to be discussed and debated and hopefully soon, resolved.


This video by /u/The_PandaKing sums up this post quite well:

Or this one by /u/tacitkz4:

XclusiveAce's take per /u/normeslin:

I completely agree with /u/johnny_no_smiles:

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