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Zombies has unlockable holiday war paints you can use in any game mode. Pics, steps and hints

black ops 4 2 - Zombies has unlockable holiday war paints you can use in any game mode. Pics, steps and hints

Regarding the new holiday war paints you can get in zombies. Many people didn't realize it had it's own rewards and missed them on Halloween.

Just FYI, the war paints you get in zombies during this xmas event are like the ones in the halloween event, where you can use them in any game mode on almost every specialist. HOWEVER YOU MUST DO THEM IN ORDER. The other challenges do not unlock until you get to that step, so you can't do 2 or 3 or all of them at the same time. But they are very doable in a couple hours max, I did it all on IX.

Do note you find these challenges by going into zombies, then clicking your calling card/name on the bottom. It will be right there on the first screen in the barracks tab called Winter calling.

Step 1: 100 melee kills – Naughty-Nice War paint

Knife kill your way to a bowie knife, keep knife killing. Just took one game

Step 2: 20 weapons from mystery box – Red Dragon War Paint

Just camp the mystery box, move when it does. Very doable in one game

Step 3: 1500 LMG kills – Frosty War paint


This one is a pain in the ass. I just loaded up IX, worked my way to opening the pack a punch, got the Titan LMG (3k ish) in the Zeus room, then packed it twice. If you camp the upper zeus room with your back to the window (while holding F to repair) and look down the bridge, you can kill all the zombies coming across the bridge. The titan is right there if you need more ammo. First game I unlocked a lot on the titan for the first time, 800ish kills then quit at round 30. Did the second game with a mostly maxed out titan the same way and a recon scope/extended mags2/fmj and just started getting paintjob after paintjob with the headshots and maxed out the titan, finished the warpaint

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Step 4: activate 15 perks – Krampus Warpaint

Actually very easy. Take your favorite map with a decent weapon next to your favorite god/machine, and make that dispense secret sauce before you start it up. (secret sauce gives you a random perk, and it doesn't follow the cooldown rules, you can use it as much as you have points for) Use perks on cooldown until you get that weapon packed, 1500ish points to use secret sauce. Go to town and you can get 4-5 uses out of the dispensary in a row. Doable in one game, I did it on IX.

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