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10 already announced changes for Beyond Light (S12) that you probably forgot about.

destiny2 10 - 10 already announced changes for Beyond Light (S12) that you probably forgot about.

It's been a while since Bungie has started talking about Beyond Light, and with that there are probably things that you have ready, literally, 4 – 5 months ago. Here are some things that they have announced over the last few months :

Beginning in Season 12, we will no longer be selling ships, ghost shells, sparrows, or armor ornaments in Eververse that are visually based on themes from Aspirational Activities.


We are improving the rewards for Aspirational Activities (Raids, Trials, Dungeons)

  • Going forward, Aspirational Activities will reward players with power, items, and vanity.
  • When we build an Aspirational Activity it will have at least one accessory to pursue.
  • The team is working on Adept Weapons for Trials of Osiris.
  • Trials will get new Armor (aka not reprisal), accessories, and weapons in Season 13.
  • Trials will get new Armor every year.
  • Destiny’s next Raid will have brand new Armor, Weapons, and Exotic Accessories to pursue (no spoilers).


Starting in Season 12, we are adding a new Pursuit Weapon each Season.

This weapon can be earned by playing your preferred Core playlist.

This weapon will have activity-specific Legendary Skins that can be unlocked in each playlist.


We’re updating the Bright Engram to be more relevant than it is today.

The earned Bright Engram in the Season Pass will be updated to include various Year 3 Eververse items previously sold for Silver and Bright Dust. And going forward, that Bright Engram will update each Season to include Eververse items from 3+ seasons prior.


Hawkmoon is happening


In Year 4, we are going to build a better interconnected narrative and, more importantly, let players be a part of that narrative no matter when they enter the current year. This means if you start playing in March 2021, you could go back and experience the Season 12 and Season 13 narrative content. We want our stories to feel more cohesive, flow with meaningful momentum Season over Season, and lead to an exciting climax each year.


Beginning in Season 12, the core parts of the activity experience will live on after the Season has ended. For late players joining in future Seasons, we want to give you the opportunity jump straight into the heart of the older activity experiences without all of the previous Season-specific requirements. We want to remove any competing and distracting elements with the new active Season, which has its own ritual progression, but the actual activity experience stays.



Starting in Season 12, armor will no longer have a Seasonally rotating fourth mod slot. Instead, there will be a mod slot that accepts mods introduced into the game throughout a full year. We recognize that the current need to replace your armor every two to three Seasons, and hoard armor from past Seasons, is undesirable.


Future Archetype Updates We’ve been evaluating feedback and our analytics data, and while we’re not done yet, we wanted to touch on three community pain points. Our current goal is to touch on these in Season 12, but we’ll be sure to let you know if plans change.

Sniper Rifles – Community feedback has been that Revoker and Beloved dominate, and looking at analytics they account for 86% of Sniper Rifle usage in the Crucible – and if we include other low-zoom Sniper Rifles, the number gets even higher.

– We’re specifically looking at how zoom translates into ease-of-use for Sniper Rifles. We’re investigating changes that make choosing a Sniper Rifle zoom more of an interesting choice.

Hand Cannons – We’re evaluating the Hand Cannon subfamilies.

– As an example, we’re breaking out Aggressive Hand Cannons to let us tune their range independently of the others.

Adaptive Auto Rifles – Auto Rifles in general are highly represented in Crucible, but generally feel balanced. Adaptive Auto Rifles are a little higher, so we’re looking at them.

We’re not rolling back the Season 10 buff, but we’re adjusting the tuning a little to give other Auto Rifle subfamilies a chance to shine.



XP and Season Rank gains are currently balanced around large contributions from Weekly Bounties. The intent here was to provide a large amount of progress for a small amount of focused play every week, but Weeklies fall down here because you lose out on big chunks of progress if you miss a week, and they are strained between too little progress for single-character players and too much repetitive work for triple-character players.While the specifics are still under development, as early as Season 12 we want to make this better by replacing Weekly Bounties with a mechanism that provides players with a set of non-expiring and account-scoped objectives each week that grant lots of Season Rank progress (more than the Weeklies they replace). That way the return on effort is better, more consistent between players.

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