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3 Warlock Petra’s Run

destiny2 8 - 3 Warlock Petra's Run

Just wanted to share a little challenge we got done yesterday night.

GG's to my buddies Nex and devise for getting this done with me. Was real fun to come back to Destiny for a reason and while this run was omega scuffed, we got it.

Shoutout to SKE, naya, and Magic for the inspiration to do 3 Man one class Petra's. You can find their 3 Hunter Petra's at the respective links…

  • You can find Magic's POV here:
  • You can find SKE's POV here:
  • You can find naya's POV here:

Giving credit where it's due, the 3 Man Petra's challenge was first done by Claw, Chevy, and Poon.

  • You can find Claw's POV here:
  • You can find Poon's POV here:

I believe we are the first team to do all warlocks, but regardless it was a fun challenge and tlord on top. If you want an explanation on the encounters and strats keep reading, but otherwise GG.

  • Why 3 Warlocks:
    • Because transitions are more fun and 4 corners is no longer gate keeping. When devise found the strat back in Season of Dawn, we wanted to start runs then. However the team had other responsibilities and I had lost interest in D2 as a whole during that time. This is the one regret devise and I have because we had a lot of practice in transitions during that time and it was all for nothing once WLZ nerf hit.
  • Kalli:
    • Nex and Paku on double slug and anarchy. devise on double slug and tractor. If you watch devise's POV you'll notice he swaps doubles slugs and the occasional tractor. Tractor updates Kalli's health bar when double slugging so the damage actually registers. Nex and I are on anarchy for the tick dmg and the standard one plate strat. We left early this run because we didn't want to black bar Kalli, but ended up leaving her with too much health and lost a bunch of time.
  • Shuro:
    • I hate puzzle. Nex on slug, *something*, and tlord. Paku on sniper, slug, tlord. devise on sniper, sniper, tlord. Nothing new here, nova to speed up ad clear and ideally get one spawn on plates. DPS not using double slug because running tractor is a hassle. One person snipes ogre, second person nova's the knights in the middle, third person pushes up to nova knights before second plate and get another singe spawn on second plates.Puzzle room is standard stuff, Nex was our slide boy, I was the diagonal boy swapping to Guillotine, and devise was our 4 corners boy swapping to WLZ.
    • The reason I say I hate puzzle is because our connection seemed to dictate when 4 corners and diagonals would go. You can clearly see it in this run where devise hits the same exact worldline on the first floor twice, and the first one doesn't reg while the second one does. Guillotine fixed our diagonals issue so that's why you'll see me swap that and not wlz.
  • Morgeth:
    • Nex and Paku on double slugs and anarchy. devise on double slugs and tractor (Mtn Top for ad clear). devise wanted to solo a side so he's on left while Nex and I are on right afk anarchy. Literal snooze fest on right side because you place either 1 or 4 anarchy shots since ammo is not an issue.
    • Standard stuff with strengths. Paku takes first strength and uses "joining allies" to get rid of it. Paku then takes both strengths on right side immediately to force trap on right so Nex can cleanse. devise will pick up both strengths on left side but stagger the second pick up till after Paku gets trapped. As warlocks you cannot pick up anymore strengths so you spawn kill all yellowbars and group up on one strength left side. Paku will cleanse whoever gets trapped, and that person will pick up one strength and the DPS strength. Everyone goes behind Morgeth for tractor, both novas, well, double slug DPS in that order.
  • Vault:
    • Same boring stuff. Only difference is has one warlock on blink + astrocyte to speed up third captain kill and dunk. Nothing else to say.
    • (Do pardon the language on this one though, devise was pretty fed up with our connection at this point)
  • Riven:
    • To start, yes we used Oppressive Darkness (OD). Yes we know it's a seasonal mod. Regardless, running this over and over made Riven a real drag to do 3 floors. It's so free that if you wipe it's probably because you mountain top'd yourself. Way faster to use OD and so we did.All 3 of us on witherhoard, *some secondary*, and guillotine. Nex and devise were on nova and had OD on some armor maintaining 3-2 split. Paku on well and 3-2 split.
    • Order of operations was fall down, "joining allies", go to correct side, clear room, place witherhoards everywhere cuz psions can shoot your nova (LUL), witherhoard Riven, OD (+ nova), swipe away, OD, swipe away.Sadly I missed the heal nade skip in this run, so you know we'll be running this challenge back. I'm nowhere near as goated as Claw or Granger so the best I can do is hit the skip 7/10 runs.Finish off Riven and shotgun the heart, easy stuff.
  • Queenswalk (QW):
    • We practiced QW for about two – three days because we wanted to have a no reset QW. I think almost every Petra's run has 2 people orbit so one particular person is chosen before rejoining and going. For us, whoever was chosen was the lunchable, and whoever typed the same number as the lunchable in chat was on throat launch duty.
    • In my honest opinion, I think our team's perfect scenario was Paku on lunchable, Nex on throat launch, and devise on addy duty. In all of my runs ever, I've never seen a man launch throat as goated as Nex.
    • Regardless it's the standard strat for QW: WLZ the lunchable as far as you can before he gets tp'd into the heart, second person picks up and gets launched through stair room (we didn't this run), launched in lava room (I choked that one), and launched into vault room (I also choked that one). Last person uses tractor to get the movement speed and takes it home (God Bless Trees and my drop though? xD).


Tortugas got the first 3 Warlock Petra's Run. If you're interested go give it a watch. If not, have a beautiful day. Slow and Steady Wins the Race.

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