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A breakdown of the Presage mission, storywise

destiny2 2 - A breakdown of the Presage mission, storywise

The ominous Presage mission is a creepy and mysterious quest that takes place near the Reef. Many people have already done this quest, but not many know the full story of what actually happened in the Glykon. Thus, I am here to give a simplified version of what actually went down in the Glykon.


book captains log - A breakdown of the Presage mission, storywise


  • Katabasis – a troubled male hunter in exile, attuned to the void subclass and using Spectral Blades, a Shadow of Calus (one of Calus' elite champions)
  • Gilgamesh AKA Gilly – Katabasis' Ghost, disgruntled, disillusioned, doesn't really believe in what Kata is doing anymore and is more or less shady
  • Emperor Calus – a withering cabal emperor who uses his robotic surrogates to hide his frailty
  • Qinziq – a female Psion officer who has orders from Calus to study the Scorn but also suspicious of Kata
  • Bahr'Toran – a relatively friendly Cabal Centurion assigned to protect Katabasis from other Cabal who dislikes Kata's command
  • Glykon Volatus – a Cabal carrier-class warship, belonging to the Red Legion


Katabasis meets with the real and frail Emperor Calus whose body is deteriorating and weak. Calus explains to him that the Darkness has reneged on their promise to elevate him to godlike status some time ago when they first met. Thus, he intends to communicate and remind them of it. What he needs is the Glykon Volatus, a warship to hold the creatures he intends to communicate through. He assigns Katabasis to this task. With the help of Qinziq and Bahr, Kata succeeds, stealing and bringing the ship to orbit above the Reef.

Qinziq orders Kata and Bahr to capture Scorn and hold them in the Glykon. Kata questions Bahr's loyalty to Calus, where Bahr believes that Calus will use the Darkness to reclaim Torobatl, the Cabal homeworld. Katabasis talks to Qinziq and notices that she is studying the Darkness within the Scorn. It is important to note that Gilly does not spend much time with Kata and prefers to roam the Glykon by himself. The Glykon moves towards a destination simply called the Anomaly, presumably where the Darkness is stronger.

Calus arrives with the Crown of Sorrow. Using his Councillor Psions, Calus taps into the Crown of Sorrow with the Darkness from Scorn and tries to communicates with the Darkness. This tears reality. Receiving nothing, Calus tears the Scorn apart in rage as everyone watches. This is when the fungal growths start appearing. Kata has frequent nightmares about the Last City in flames.


Calus tries again. Bahr'Toran tells Katabasis that Gilly has been talking to the Scorn. Kata questions Gilly but the little light says nothing. As Calus communes, reality is sundered this time and drags the entire Glykon into an alternate dimension. Calus and his Councillor Psions disappears. The alternate dimension breaks and shifts the ship's parts, rearranging them and freeing the Scorn from their cages. They swarm to the Locus, a Scorn associated with the Darkness who tempts them with salvation, for leadership.

The Glykon is overtaken with Scorn now. Katabasis and Bahr'Toran fight against the Scorn as they make their way to Qinziq, who has assembled the last remaining Loyalist forces. Gilly appears and disappears at times, causing Bahr to comment on this. Qinziq attempts to use the Crown of Sorrow to bring the ship back to normal space as the remaining Cabal and Katabasis defends her against the incoming onslaught of Scorn. Even with the help of a Lightbearer, the defending forces fall against the stampede of Scorn quickly. However, Qinziq is able to bring the Glykon back to normal space before perishing.

Katabasis is resurrected by Gilly and hides from the Scorn, who now has complete control of the ship. Kata takes the time to bury the Cabal, but suffers from starvation and eventually dies. Before he dies he requests that Gilly does not bring him back unless there is rescue, to which Gilly agrees.

Gilly revives Kata in FULL VIEW of the Scorn. Katabasis is in shock and demands why he has done so. Refusing to side with Katabasis anymore, he explains that he is tired of all the running and that the Scorn offers a way out, salvation in exchange for Katabasis severing his light. If he does not do so, the Scorn will tear Kata apart and Gilly will keep resurrecting him until he learns his lesson. Katabasis slowly realises that his Ghost has given in to the Darkness, and shoots him.

TLDR; Calus disappeared after communing with darkness with help from Katabasis, releasing the Scorn aboard the Glykon. Katabasis' ghost gets corrupted by darkness and Kata shoots it.

Edit 1: u/Neseleth brought up some good points about the Darkness inside the Glykon. It is likely that the Locus has been influenced by the Darkness in one way or another more heavily than the "normal" Scorn as seen when they flocked to the Locus for leadership. The Scorn needs a leader as seen from Fikrul and Hiraks, but when all of them are dead, the Darkness or an entity in a similar vein saw the opportunity and took it, entering the Scorn's minds with the help of the Crown of Sorrows. Speculation: Some powerful Darkness entity or perhaps Darkness itself took control/manipulated a "normal" Scorn and transformed it into the Locus and brought in the fungi growth seen throughout the ship, intent on assimilating the crew and the environment similar to the Flood from Halo.

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