Destiny 2

A Comprehensive Guide to Auto Rifles, Range, Perks and Uasage for PvP. Part – 2, Precision Frame.

destiny2 7 - A Comprehensive Guide to Auto Rifles, Range, Perks and Uasage for PvP. Part - 2, Precision Frame.

General notes on AR range.

  • +5 to Range adds around 1m to damage dropoff
  • +1 to Zoom (via scope) adds around 1.6m to 1.8m to damage dropoff
  • RangeFinder adds arround 2m to damage dropoff
  • Accuracy for ranges measured is + / – 1 meters.


Base is 6 Resilence that is 192 Health. M denotes Max Resilience.

Precision Frame – 450 RPM

Optimal TTK – 0.93s, 6 crit 2 body ( 7 crit 1 body M ).

Body TTK – 1.47s ( 1.6s M ), 11 body ( 12 body M).

Damage – 27.2 Crit (c) , 17 Body (b)

Range Variation – 26m – 44m, Test Results Below.

The 450s are the weakest of the ARs, forgiving but not lethal. The optimal TTK can has a lot of forgiveness, with 6c 2b. They can reach upto 39m*, but best to use them in 27m – 32m. As for Stats, i would recommend going for a mixture Range and Stability, as this Archetype isn't easy to use, bounce is high and missing shots can extend the TTK even more.

Also these ARs have same Barrel and Mag pool and stats of the Archetype is fairly similar, hence giving standard Barrel, Mag and Masterwork recommnedations below.

Common Recommendations

  • S – Tier
    • Barrel: Hammer Forged, Polygonal Rifle, Small Bore
    • Mag: High Cals, Ricochet Rounds, Amour Piercing, Light Mag
    • Masterwork: Range, Stability
  • A – Tier
    • Barrel: Corkscrew Rifling, Extended Barrel, Full Bore
    • Mag: Extended Mag, Appended Mag, Flared Magwell
    • Masterwork: Handling
  • B – Tier
    • Barrel: Chambered, Fluted barrel, Arrowhead
    • Mag: Alloy Mag
    • Masterwork: Reload

* Important Note: I know that 44m range seems a lot, only
3863882743 - A Comprehensive Guide to Auto Rifles, Range, Perks and Uasage for PvP. Part - 2, Precision Frame.

Uriel's Gift and The Ringing Nail capable of reaching it, rest of them are limited to 32m Max. And you are reaching those Pulse ranges at 22 zoom, which is Scout Level Zoom, so you are firing at 450 RPM with a zoom at th level of scouts, just because you can touch 39m doesn't mean you should. stick to 16 – 20 zoom at range of 30m with these ARs, anything over that and Recoil becomes Jarring, tracking things is a pain, flinch is horrible and have tunnel vision

Pinnacle / Event

  • Breakneck
    • Source: Gambit Pinnacle, Black Armory.
    • Difficulty to Acquire: Easy or Impossible (depends on how much you like playing Gambit).
    • Range: 29m
    • TTK:
      • Default: 27.2 c, 17 b at 450 RPM, 0.93s ( 6 c 2 b ), ( 7 crit 1 body M )
      • One Stack: 27.2 c, 17 b at 600 RPM, 0.7s ( 7 c 1 b ) , ( 8 c M )
      • Two Stack: 28 c, 19 b at 600 RPM, 0.6s ( 7 c ), 0.7s ( 7 c 1 b M )
      • Three Stack: 24 c, 17 b at 720 RPM, 0.58s ( 8 c ), 0.66s ( 8 c 1 b M )
    • This is one of the best AR for PvE out there but not so much for PvP, the Jumps in ROF can be a bit Jarring, but if you can make it work it can be good, though i find that Small Mag makes it a bit harder to use.

  • Horror Story
    • Source: Festival of the Lost 2018.
    • Difficulty to Acquire: Currently Not Possible.
    • Range: 31m
    • This Weapon is a Y2 variant for Origin Story, with cool Halloween theme, not much to say about it in PvP.

  • BrayTech Werewolf
    • Source: Festival of the Lost 2019.
    • Difficulty to Acquire: Currently Not Possible.
    • Range: 27m – 32m
    • Werewolf has the Highest Base range of ( 72 ) in this Archetype and is one of best in Archetype in terms of Perks, the only 450 AR that has Access to MKC, though i do recommend KillClip over it. For Barrel and Mag look up the Common Recommendations Above.
    • S – Tier:
      • Perk 1: Dynamic Sway Reduction, Tap The Trigger, ZenMoment (only on Curated)
      • Perk 2: KillClip, Multi KillClip (only on Curated)
    • A – Tier:
      • Perk 1: High Impact Reserves , Outlaw
      • Perk 2: QuickDraw, UnderPressure
    • Trash – Tier:
      • Perk 1: Triple Tap
      • Perk 2: Pulse Monitor, Grave Robber
    • Curated Roll: HammerForged + Armour Piercing + ZenMoment + Multi KillClip + Range MW.
      • Curated Roll comes with 97 Range and can reach upto 32m
    • Recommended Roll: HammerForged, Small Bore + Ricochet Rounds, HighCals + Outlaw + KillClip + Range, Stability MW


  • The Ringing Nail
    • Source: Black Armoury.
    • Difficulty to Acquire: Easy.
    • Range: 28m – 43m
    • The Ringing Nail is my favourite of the 450 RPMs, i have used it a lot and its very good for its Archetype in PvP, it has a very good stat distribution, with Stability and Handing being highest in it's archetype. It can roll with great perks, both leathality and consistency wise. Also Meyrin RDS, Meyrin RDL are very clean sights.
    • S – Tier:
      • Sights: Meyrin RDS, Meyrin RDL
      • Perk 1: QuickDraw
      • Perk 2: KillClip
    • A – Tier:
      • Sights: Rasmussen ISA
      • Perk 1: ZenMoment
      • Perk 2: Rampage, Tap The Trigger
    • B – Tier:
      • Sights: Satau Focus Lens, Satau Precision Lens
      • Perk 1: Ambitious Assassin, DragonFly, UnderPressure
      • Perk 2: High Impact Reserves
    • Trash – Tier:
      • Perk 1: Sheild Disorient
      • Perk 2: Disruption Break, Mulligan
    • Curated Roll: Meyrin RDL, Rasmussen ISA + High Cals + DragonFly + Rampage + Stability MW
      • A note on Curated Ringing Nail, This is beastly roll in PvE and can be also very good in PvP it has very decent Range, Stability and Handling with Decent zoom options.
    • Recommended Roll: Meyrin RDS + Ricochet Rounds + Quickdraw + Killclip + Range MW
    • Max Range Roll: Satau Precision Lens + Ricochet Rounds + ZenMoment + Tap The Trigger + Range MW
      • this should have a 90 Range, 60 Stability and 22 Zoom and should reach 43m, use at at your own risk.

  • Uriel's Gift
    • Source: Legendary Engrams
    • Difficulty to Acquire: Hard.
    • Range: 26m – 40m
    • Its my second favourite 450 AR, can roll with very consistent rolls as well as very decent rolls, but there are a lot of Trash and Bad Perks.
    • S – Tier:
      • Sights: Torch HS3, Flash HS5
      • Perk 1: QuickDraw
      • Perk 2: KillClip
    • A – Tier:
      • Sights: Candle PS, Jolt PS
      • Perk 1: Dynamic Sway Reduction
      • Perk 2: Moving Target, Tap The Trigger
    • B – Tier:
      • Sights: Signal MS5, Impulse MS3, Transmission MS7
      • Perk 1: Field Prep, Firmly Planted
      • Perk 2: UnderPressure
    • Trash – Tier:
      • Sights: Spark PS
      • Perk 1: Grave Robber, Triple Tap
      • Perk 2: Sheild Disorient, Disruption Break
    • Max Range Roll: Impulse MS3 + Ricochet Rounds + Dynamic Sway Reduction + Tap The Trigger + Range MW
    • Recommended Roll: Torch HS3 + Ricochet Rounds + QuickDraw + KillClip + Stability MW

  • Hazard of the Cast
    • Source: Gambit, Forsaken.
    • Difficulty to Acquire: Medium
    • Range: 27m – 32m
    • Its an unremarkable AR, it looks and sounds good, but could never use it effective as it's Iron Sights are very obstructive
    • S – Tier:
      • Perk 1: Tap The Trigger
      • Perk 2: QuickDraw, KillClip
    • A – Tier:
      • Perk 1: Zen Moment, Ambitious Assassin.
      • Perk 2: High Impact Reserves, Rampage
    • B and Trash – Tier:
      • Perk 1: Triple Tap, Grave Robber
      • Perk 2: Outlaw
    • Curated Roll: Arrowhead + High Cals + Ambitious Assassin + Rampage + Handling MW

  • Seventh Seraph Carbine
    • Source: EDZ, Warmind Bunker, Seaspn of Worthy.
    • Difficulty to Acquire: Easy for NOW.
    • Range: 27m – 34m
    • The only 450 AR with range finder, Recoil is low but the scope and it's crosshair is not for me, as it blocks too much of the screen and give you serious tunnel vision without the advantage of a high zoom. Also this AR cannot really roll with Good Perks on the First Column and Second Column does have a few good perks but nothing Ground Breaking
    • S and A – Tier:
      • Perk 1: SlideShot
      • Perk 2: Vorpal Weapons, RangeFinder, Moving Target
    • B and C – Tier:
      • Perk 1: Threat Detector, Hip Fire Grip
      • Perk 2: Swatchbuckler, Rampage, Elemental Capacitor
    • Trash – Tier:
      • Perk 1: Fourth Time, AutoLoading, UnderDog
    • Recommended Roll: HammerForged, Small Bore + Ricochet Rounds, HighCals + SlideShot + RangeFinder + Range, Stability MW

  • Tigerspite
    • Source: Dreaming City, Forsaken
    • Difficulty to Acquire: Medium.
    • Range: 27m – 32m
    • Sights and crosshair are bad, HitReg is a bit off and round design is werid.
    • S – Tier:
      • Perk 1: Tap The Trigger, Dynamic Sway Reduction
      • Perk 2: QuickDraw, KillClip
    • A – Tier:
      • Perk 1: High Impact Reserves, Outlaw
      • Perk 2: UnderPressure
    • Trash – Tier:
      • Perk 1: Triple Tap,
      • Perk 2: Grave Robber, Pulse Monitor

Test Results of My Rolls

WeaponRangeFinderRangeZoomDrop off Distance
Seventh Seraph CarbineN711627m
Seventh Seraph CarbineY711630m
Seventh Seraph CarbineN731628m
Seventh Seraph CarbineY751631m
Seventh Seraph CarbineY781632m
BrayTech WerewolfN771628m
BrayTech WerewolfN971632m
Horror StoryN691831m
Hazard of the CastN731628m
Hazard of the CastN781629m
Hazard of the CastN851630m
The Ringing NailN701628m
The Ringing NailN782036m
Uriel's GiftN641626m
Uriel's GiftN702034m
Uriel's GiftN721627m
Uriel's GiftN752035m
Uriel's GiftN771629m
Uriel's GiftN782239m

High Impact Frame Auto Rifles – 360 RPM is available here.

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