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A Dive into Destiny 2’s Population: Season of Arrivals

destiny2 6 - A Dive into Destiny 2's Population: Season of Arrivals

Hey all.

For almost five months, I've been tracking Destiny 2's population using Charlemagne. I have posted twice before detailing what I've seen, one for Season of the Worthy, and one for the month of June (Here, and here). Side note: I've re-uploaded the graphs and excel sheets, so the links on my two posts previous will no longer work.
I'm deciding to post the Season of Arrivals data I've collected now, as beyond (light) this point, I cannot compare between SoA and SotW.

Excel Sheets:

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Prime Sets

Season of Arrivals

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Season of the Worthy


Prime Sets

Season of Arrivals
Season of the Worthy
Steam Monthly Average Concurrent Population

There's quite a bit of data above, so I will make a few points I noticed throughout Season of Arrivals.

Platform Populations

PS4 is still the largest platform out there in terms of population for Destiny, with anywhere between 30,000 – 120,000 more than on Xbox One and Steam in any given day.

Throughout the beginning Season of Arrivals, Xbox One was larger in population than Steam. However, since roughly the 20th of August, the population of the two has closed in gap, and as of recently, Steam has become larger in population.
If I were to make a guess as to why this is the case, I believe that the PC population may be slightly more "hardcore" than those who play on Xbox, and so are more likely to log on every day compared to their Xbox counterparts.


Stadia seems to have been a flop for Google, and Destiny. On the 6th of September, Stadia made up 0.43% of the total population. PS4 made up 38.51%, Steam made up 31.08%, and Xbox One made up 30.08%.

Solstice of Heroes

This year, Solstice of Heroes kicked off on August 11th. At the time it begun, I was expecting the population to increase quite drastically. I was somewhat surprised and disappointed to see that this hadn't fully been the case. There was a decent uptick, resulting in a day-on-day increase of 13.68%, which while good, was slightly below my expectations.

Further, the population itself barely stayed at this heightened level. Within 10 days, on August 20th, the population was already below that of August 10th, the day prior to the event. What makes it worse, is that while August 10th was a Monday, historically a weak point in Destiny's population, August 20th was a Thursday, which has usually been a somewhat good point in any given week.

Season of Arrivals VS Season of the Worthy

When Season of Arrivals first released, the general consensus, mine included, was that the season seemed to be a better offering than what Season of the Worthy had been. So this lead me to believe that in a direct comparison between population of the two seasons, that Season of Arrivals would be at a higher population than that of Worthy's.

Once we hit the 15th of July, I was able to directly plot the two Seasons against each other (as I begun tracking Charlemagne population on April 15th). I was surprised by the results I begun to see. SoA and SotW were showing extremely similar patterns in population. Whenever Worthy rose, Arrivals rose, and when Worthy dipped, so too did Arrivals (generally speaking). In some cases, Arrivals population was actually lower than that of Worthy's at the same stage in the season.
However, once Solstice begun, Arrivals jumped above Worthy.

If anyone has any questions, as always, I shall do my best to answer them. I'd love to hear your thoughts on any of the conclusions I've came to, or even any conclusions that you come to yourself!

Sources: Charlemagne, Steamcharts

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