Destiny 2

A few QOL improvements a few players with 3500 + hours each suggested. List below.

destiny2 2 - A few QOL improvements a few players with 3500 + hours each suggested. List below.
  1. Quests should be account wide, not character specific unless its character related aka Solstice Armor.

  2. All Quests should be deleteable.

  3. Public spaces should allow 6 players, the Brutal Haste Triumph requires an immediate one phase of the Altars Boss yet it is impossible to do that with 3 Guardians and we can't load in with more than 3……wtf.

  4. Iron Banner should have a solo que option and the choice between Clash and Control. Remove the 7 second respawn timer, that is too slow for a meta of .6 ttk Autos, also, remove the lockout mechanic, no one asked for that and it's been a fail since it was implemented.

  5. Clash, Control, Rumble, and Supremacy should always be constant play modes.

  6. We need a real social hub/space and clan updates, Hawthorne should get "This is Sparta'd" off the tower and her bird fed to the Colonel.

  7. We need an in game LFG system with ratings so Toxic Guardians can receive bad reviews so other Guardians know to leave them be, and conversely, Sherpas and helpful Guardians can show their usefulness and more anxious Guardian can feel better going in blind. Guided Games was a fail and you've already confirmed the Guided Games emblems are no longer acquirable, remove Guided Games, it's literally a waste of data space.

  8. Raids and Dungeons should remain farmable from now on, it's been a hit Bungie, don't revert.

  9. RAIDS NEED A PRESTIGE MODE WITH MORE THAN LOCKED LOADOUTS AS THE MODYFIER. Ornaments, Shaders, Sparrows, Ships, Emblems, and curated masterworked prestige versions of the raid weapons that are more powerful in the raid are what we've always wanted!

  10. Strikes should have a solo option.

I've been trying to do the Truth quest on my 2 alts because I can't delete them, and 2ndly, every time I load into the Warden strike, it's been active and I spawn in half way through and that makes it impossible to activate all ascendant platforms at the end forcing me to do it again and again.

u/ruskiTony added

  • Give an option in settings to auto-delete blue items. If you need them, just keep it off, but if blue items are just there for you to delete them anyways, turn it on.
  • You should be able to re-roll Masterworks just like on Y1 weapons.
  • Enhancement Prisms and Ascendant Shards should drop from activities other than Nightfall Ordeals. Add them as an extra reward from secret chests in raids (not guaranteed obviously).
  • More cosmetic items from end-game activities (raids, dungeons, and Nightfalls). More shaders, more emotes, more sparrows, and ships. Also, make them rare like the SoS emote was before Moments of Triumph 2020.
  • Seperate balancing between PvP and PvE.

Please add any useful QoL suggestions and ill add them to the list.


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