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A follow up to my last post. Pay close attention. Solo Flawless Prophecy for all you n00bs out there.

destiny2 6 - A follow up to my last post. Pay close attention. Solo Flawless Prophecy for all you n00bs out there.

Edit: For those wondering, no I don’t have Anarchy. So this is how I worked around that. Hopefully it helps you guys too!!

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Alright Guardians. Here’s a quick rundown of what got me and my sorry ass a solo flawless prophecy.

Pay close attention! This guide assumes you’re like me and know the encounters down to a science yet for some ungodly known reason just can’t seem to execute. Typically my struggles were at Kell Echo but we’ll get to that.

The hardest part of this strat is hoping that you played during Season of Arrivals and obtained Witherhoard. While not necessary it was absolutely a game changer especially with the catalyst. Everything else is currently obtainable, albeit something’s are harder to get than others. Here we go.

This was all done on an Attunement of Hunger Warlock with Vortex Grenades (man I miss Oppressive Darkness)

Scavenger and Finder Mods are great. You’ll figure it out.

What you need

Weapons: •Witherhoard (with Catalyst)


•Falling Guillotine

•Trinity Ghoul (with catalyst)

•Any (preferably slug) kinetic shotgun (Personally I used Heritage)

•The Lament

•Salvagers Salvo

•Any kinetic bow with Sympathetic Arsenal (Whispering slab. Not sure if others can roll with it)

A bit of a shopping list but it made for a smooth run.

Exotic Armor

Honestly, this one seems to be a matter of preference. I personally loved the Transversive Steps simply for how mobile my play style is, it kept me in the fight and my reloads to a minimum.


For my homies out there who didn’t suffer through Season of the Worthy and have next to no Warmind Cell Mods, you’re in luck, because while Cells come into play, I used almost no mods to augment them

Cell Mods

•Global Reach

•Burning Cells (optional)

Charged with Light Mods

•Protective Light

•Taking Charge

•Stacks on Stacks (optional)

All these mods will be what you have equipped for the entirety of the Dungeon, so bear this in mind as I talk out the encounters

For weapon mods, Taken Spec is awesome, but if it isn’t in your inventory, fret not. Minor and Major Spec can both come in handy without conflicting with eachother.

An honorable mention is the fact that given your reliance on swords for this run, Passive Guard is active this season and helpful, but not entirely necessary. That said, this is a build entirely based on survivability. So if you’ve got room for it, knock yourself out. And on top of the couple mods listed, having others won’t make or break your run. This is just what did it for me.

Alright alright alright, let’s see what we got.

Beginning/Phalanx Echo



•IKELOS SMG (Taken/Minor Spec)

•Falling Guillotine (Taken/Boss Spec)

A quick aside for those who don’t know: With WH and IKELOS SMG equipped, if you shoot WH and then equip the SMG, there is a chance that the WH kill will drop Warmind Cells. Best to make use of this.

One thing to keep in mind is that Witherhoard is absolutely your best friend. It’s versatile, in that it can shred the Thrall as well as OHK Knights. However it’s Damage over Time (DOT). And this is where you utilize the delayed kill. Need Light motes but you can’t get a shot to take him out? Hit him with Witherhoard (WH), run to the desired Light/Dark area and he’ll drop what you need. This principle comes in handy throughout the entire dungeon.

So, in the beginning, do your thing, dunk your four sets of Motes and proceed to the Phalanx.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed but eh. You’ll survive. I believe in you. The key is to constantly keep Devour procced and drop WH every chance you get. Position yourself so you can take cover and let the Psions have to come to you. That’s when you shoot WH to both sides of yourself and keep the kills/devour/cells coming. See a Cell? Shoot it. You’re not trying to kill Knights or Phalanx. With zero (0) Cell mods, an explosion OHK’s the Psions. From there, hit your Knights with WH and make sure the appropriate Motes drop. Be sure to keep your awareness up as going from point A to point B, it’s easy to get blown the fuck away trying to dunk. Just be careful bois.

On damage phase, go fucking bananas. WH, Guillotine, Nova Bomb if you please (or save it for an “oh shit” button. It procs Devour too yknow!) just keep laying on the damage. Don’t be afraid to switch to WH and either hit Phalanx or the Goblins. There were times I got lucky and One Phases but this method will consistently Two Phase. Don’t be afraid, it ain’t so bad.

Oh he’s dead? Cool! On to the Wasteland.


•Any Kinetic, it isn’t too important.

•Trinity Ghoul (TG)


This place is self explanatory. Just keep your distance, watch the Lightning flow from TG and keep your Guillotine handy in case someone gets too close for comfort. Remember to pick up Orbs of Power and keep devour up!

Hexahedron(?) whatever. The scary cube room. I’m very tired


•Your kinetic shotgun (Once again, Heritage for myself)

•Trinity Ghoul (TG)

•Guillotine (Taken/Major/Minor Spec)

This room while not too awful hard, is nerve wracking just given how many rotations you have to go through before you get to the boss room.

TG is most excellent. I used to think Riskrunner was the move but my third eye is truly opened. Use Trinity. It’s very versatile here. Acolytes? Shoot em up. Hobgoblins up top? Boom. Two shots them (although with Lightning Rod procced you can sometimes one shot them. However it’s pretty inconsistent.)

Best to clear the ads best you can before knocking out the Knights. A slug shotty can two shot them and Guillotine can OHK with the Heavy attack. Sometimes it’s annoying to herd them where you need them for proper Motes, but it wasn’t a huge issue. Worst case just take pot shots with TG.

Rinse and Repeat X6

Boss room is honestly the easy part. Shoot the axiom darts, don’t let yourself get overwhelmed fucking keep Devour procced

If possible, try to bring them down close to, if not the same exact time. Ads spawn after the first one dies, and honestly they’re just dumb.

Nova bomb, shotgun or sword if you’re brave, TG if you’re brave then you ju— oh they’re dead? Cool!!

Wasteland 2 Electric Boogaloo


Ribbon Road

This one is a bit more flexible for weapons. Just a bow, or a sniper, anything long range that you’re comfortable with. I walked almost the entire thing. Slow and steady wins the race my friends.

A quick aside, throw on Salvagers Salvo at the end of Ribbon Road and when you get moved to the pre-Boss room, hit those Thrall and watch this explosions go brrrrr

Kell Echo AKA a big mean asshole

This one will be broken down into two parts. Simply because I shuffle my Loadout between the Main Room and the Boss Room. Also, Scavenger and Finder Mods are your best friend. Here we go.

Main Room

•Witherhoard (WH)

•IKELOS SMG (Taken/Minor Spec)

•Guillotine (Taken/Boss Spec)

Cmon. You know the drill. Begin the encounter, WH everything in sight, and once you see that big Rasputin generated basketball, shoot it and clear the Psions. Hit your Knights with WH and get your Motes. On dunking, don’t run. Just hang out and Heavy plus a couple Light attack the Ogre with Guillotine, it makes short work of them. Do your thing, stay alive and hey did I mention to keep Devour procced? Protective Light and Taking Charge are lovely buffers. Did that? Cool. Boss Time.

Pre-Boss Room/Boss Room/Post Boss room

•Whispering Slab with Sympathetic Arsenal (Taken/Minor Spec)

•Salvagers Salvo with Demolitionist and Vorpal Weapon (Taken/Boss Spec)

•The Lament

So, one thing to keep note of, is all this weapon switching will rank your ammo. This is why Finder/Scavenger mods are excellent. In the Main Room upon switching weapons before heading to the Boss Room, make sure to pick up all you can until you’re comfortable. Hell, fight another wave of Psions to get some more if that helps.

Once you’re good on ammo, head to the boss. Salvo the shit out of this guy as much you can. Nova Bomb once again is cool but I like it as a panic button. Salvo Salvo Salvo. It adds up over time trust me. Once Hobgoblins begin spawning, hit em with your Slab. It’s crucial to have Taken/Minor spec because this will OHK them. With no mods, you will not be able to and that adds wrinkles if you’re not careful. Utilize Sympathetic. Utilize Transversives. Utilize Demolitionist. Manually Reload Salvo as little as possible. It’s a waste and you have all the tools. Hit Kell Echo as often as you can with Salvo but don’t over extend yourself. Remember: Survive. Besides. Your moment is coming.

If you’re brave, run Empowering Rift, but personally I like Healing for the survivability. Once he reaches the final platform, Lament the ever loving shit out of him. Bear in mind, This is risky and scary and requires good reaction time if it goes sideways. I’ve mostly been able to get through the final damage phase with Lament without him throwing his Darkness Blast and sending me God knows where.

However, on the off chance he decides to get cheeky, Stop Swording and stay calm. You will throw yourself off the edge and hate yourself and want to jump off the Tower. Missing damage is fine. Dying is not. Once he teleports away, switch to the first loadout, pick up any ammo you can find in the Boss Room and head back up to rinse and repeat.

This method usually netted me a 3/4 phase. All depends how it goes in your favor. Long? Yup. Safe? Absolutely.

And there you go. With little fanfare and a weird feeling of hope fulfilled, you’ve now earned your synthwave emblem for all to see. Any questions please feel free to DM or comment. Good luck Guardians, I believe in you!!!

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