Destiny 2

A guide for players who have everything

destiny2 9 - A guide for players who have everything

TL;DR if you have everything and still wanna play. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Weekly bounties

  2. PoH, vault the final drop

  3. Weekly clan exp for cores

  4. Max bounties in November

  5. Go help others


Hello follow guardians. With the Beyond Light delay finally starting to take effect I figured I would give a little guide for players who were more or less done with the season, but still want to play the game. Here are some things you can still do, even if you have everything. There’s not a lot, but it’s a solid days worth of playing.

It’s also worth noting by everything, I mean everything you personally want. Titles, exotics, god rolled weapons and armor, upgrade materials etc. this guide assumes you have everything you could possibly want, and are just looking for something to do between now and FotL

  1. Weekly pvp, gambit, and strike bounties. This is a good way to build up your Bright Dust reserves before FotL and Beyond Light. You can get 1200 per character just by doing the weeklies. You can get an additional 150 per character by grabbing 5 of each vendors repeatable bounties, making you 1350 per character or 4050 a week. I don’t care if you have 30k dust, you could always use more.

  2. The weekly Pit of Heresy run. As I mentioned earlier, I’m assuming you have maxed out your upgrade mats, however, you can easily throw the PoH masterwork drops in your vault and save them for future upgrade materials. You can also use PoH to activate the Shared Wisdom buff and turn in all the bounties you’ve done. This should earn you between 2-3 ranks per character. Which combined with the rank ups you’ll get completing the bounties should be enough to give you a bright engram on each character, every week.

  3. Complete the weekly clan experience requirement. As of making his guide it’s actually bugged but once it comes back it will reward you with 7 enhancement cores per character if you’re at clan rank 3/4. While you might be maxed out of prisms and shards, cores are likely another story.

  4. This will mainly only apply once we get closer to November. Max out your bounties and hold them until beyond light for a few seasonal ranks and free lvls off the jump. This is something I’ve done every season, and it seems to have become a pretty common thing, so I don’t feel much need to explain much further

And lastly

  1. Help others finish their stuff. Take some people through whisper or outbreak. Teach some noobs the dungeon, get them xenophage or help a guy finish his thorn quest. Let’s be real, if you’ve got everything, and still want to play, this is the absolute best way to spend that time. And you’re likely skilled enough to do so, whether you believe it or not.

That’s about it. That’s everything I can think for you to do, if you already have everything.

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