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A guide to why 450 rpm auto rifles are bad and what amount of damage is needed to make them not bad.

destiny2 1 - A guide to why 450 rpm auto rifles are bad and what amount of damage is needed to make them not bad.

Let me first preface this by addressing a common misconception I see on this subreddit:

Shadow price was always a 450. 360 rpm auto rifles did not exist in D1 apart from genesis chain's focused fire which was the only 360 rpm in the game.

In D1, 450 rpm auto rifles deal 27 crit 21 body. Optimal ttk is 0.93 sec, 5 crits 3 body and body shot ttk is 1.2 sec in 10 shots.

In D2 they display in game 28 crit 18 body and have an optimal ttk of 0.93 sec in 6 crits 2 body and a body shot ttk of 1.47 sec in 12 body shots.

But wait! Shouldn't they be a 0.8 sec optimal ttk on 6 resilence or less because 28 x 7 = 192?


Thing is the 28 crit 18 body displayed in game is false. It's visually rounded up, and the actual damage is 27.2 and 17.2

They need a buff, badly.


Here's a handy chart in descending order of rpm from slowest to fastest, using 6 resilence to calculate ttk.

RPMOptimal TTKBody shot TTK
3605 crit 1 body @0.83 sec9 shots @1.33 sec
4506 crit 2 body @0.93 sec12 shots @1.47 sec
6008 crit 1 body @0.8 sec14 shots @1.3 sec
7209 crit 1 body @0.77 sec15 shots @1.17 sec


As you can see here the 450 rpm class is worse in every possible regard. The worst optimal ttk and the worst body shot ttk.

They can't have both being the worst.


The root cause of this is the slight precision damage nerf they received in vanilla D2 after the Uriel's gift meta.

Optimal ttk was 1.07 sec back then, which hilariously was considered fast back then. They did 23 a crit so it was 9 crits to kill.

Then they got nerfed to 21 a crit so it was 10 crits to kill in 1.2 sec simply by decreasing their Precision damage multiplier slightly.

If precision damage was increased to at least 28.5 (would display as 29 in game) but body damage remained the same…

It would be a 7 crit kill on all but 10 resilence @0.8 sec.

And the 0.93 sec kill would be slightly more forgiving, taking 5 crits 3 body instead of the current 6 crits 2 body. (1 less crit)


This very slight change would make this archetype of auto rifle viable in PvP. They wouldn't be meta but they'd at least be more on par with the other auto rifles.

Any further damage increase would result in them creeping into overpowered territory.

Remember the auto rifle meta in early D1?

450rpm auto rifles did a whopping 32 per crit and 22 per body back then.

Optimal ttk was 0.6 something sec in 6 crits!

Not to mention the 7 shot 0.8 sec kill was 4 crits 3 body lol…



Revert precision damage nerf that 450rpm auto rifles got in vanilla D2 after the Uriel's gift meta.

Thankyou for attending my ted talk etc etc.

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