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A letter to Bungie from a Struggling Dad that hopes one day you see it.

destiny2 1 - A letter to Bungie from a Struggling Dad that hopes one day you see it.

Let me begin by saying I can’t promise this letter will be perfect. What I can promise while I write this is that I’m not here to complain as a player, and I’m not looking for anything to be written to me in response. My hopes are that somehow this letter makes it to at least one of the people that signed my big poster my son adores in our living room. So that you can understand and really see what you’ve created to someone not barred by the worlds view of things. And so that you can possibly enjoy some of the moments I myself have.

My son is 6. Rex Taylor. To anyone else for the most part he’s just your average rough and tumble super smart kindergartener. But to others that know him better, he’s the guardian we all wish we could be, and the guardian that changed my life forever. As someone who literally grew up playing Bungie games far before Destiny 2, I can’t honestly say I would have thought back then at 30 I would still love them the way I do. Rex was the same way. He grew up immersed in a technical age and before he could even talk had huge interest in daddy’s Xbox controllers.

When Destiny 2 released it was a big day. Because the same day it came out, happened to be Rex’s birthday. As he said when he picked up the game with me that night “Daddy, it’s DESTINY” giggling at his own almost dad joke. If only I’d realized then how absolutely right he was. He had played and fiddled around on my Destiny 1 account for sometime at that point. And had a firm understanding at least of FPS games (halo mostly various call of duty ones where enjoyed fighting bots and what not). Because of this I made sure he had his own personal Halo 5 Xbox One. And a copy of Destiny 2 as well so we could start this adventure together. From day one he has astounded me. And with every season that has rolled on, his skills and everything else included improves consistently.

When clan mates or people I know have watched him play, or been able to play with him they get to enjoy the game. Everyone loves a good raid. Or a serious tone for working on really hard end game activities. But no one brings a view quite like he does to the fire team. This is the kind of guardian who no matter what, and almost always against the most insane odds will go out of his way and very successfully make sure that if you are down, he gets you back up. He’s the guardian that every time he sees someone do something neat or cool or nice he says “wow, good job Tj” or “that was awesome! Stryder!”. But he doesn’t stop there. He’s also the guardian that will offer to help finish and complete any activity within reason and that he knows well, and even if he doesn’t is willing to learn and work with people to get there. He cried when Cayde-6 died, and cheered when we carried out the justice deserved. He can be caught sometimes humming along to Ada 1, but has no problem yelling across the house jokingly “But she made me laugh! All right all right all right”.


I’ve not always been the most patient man, or Father. But I have always tried to be at least and he sees that. From shattered throne to last wish I’ve learned to be those things and then some. Through teaching someone his age how to complete calus, wishender, whisper of the worm, and soon scourge of the past I got to relive those moments when I first completed the same activities. As a 6 year old, he has been through more than he should. To this day he suffers at the hands of a selfish and uncaring mother who would rather see me upset than him happy. But amongst all the awful he sees, hears, and must deal with your game gives him hope. Sure as his dad it’s my job to do that too. And I do everything a dad can. But in game he’s no different than other guardians. And has many times over been shown gratitude and thanks for being an awesome player and respectful one that is almost impossible for him to get in the real world most places.

For myself this game gave me a place to work out my own self doubts. It gave me community to offer help to with any and all activity no matter what it was any time, when his mother abused a broken system and left me unable to help him for 3 months. I don’t honestly care what people say or disliked about curse of Osiris or Warmind, for me those expansions were perfect in the sense that during a rougher and harder time they were just the right amount of whatever for me to play daily and enjoy without feeling like he was missing out on so much.

I hope that for anyone at all who sees or reads this, you never give up. Because even when I wanted to he wouldn’t let me, and I know he wouldn’t watch anyone else especially other guardians do that either. He’s the ghost from the lore card Thin Line in some ways, and yet he’s my own little Ace. One of the things in my life that always keeps me making sure I’m the best version of myself.

Last night out of no where and for the first time ever he used his moms phone and called me in tears “Just because I missed you.” It was like watching cayde die again for the first time. My heart shattered into a million pieces and I almost couldn’t breathe. I spend so much time helping everyone I can and him, and worrying I don’t do enough of whatever he wants or such, that I never stopped to realize I was doing plenty and was being the dad I wanted growing up and he deserves.

Being a dad is the best thing I’ve ever done. And being a Guardian is arguably one of my favorite ways to kill time and enjoy the fantastic world of gaming. But seeing a 6 year old finish a raid, or solo a nightfall, or solo a good chunk of The Malfeasance Corrupted Strike “just cause I wanted to practice daddy, and you took a nap cause you work hard for me” gives this beaten and damaged dad hope, and pride I can’t always get in the real world.

I hope you continue to give players a great game. Like you always have within reason back to the Og pre-destiny days. Not everything is perfect. And when you see like he does that’s perfectly okay. In fact he gets excited still about subtle calamity 😂. He will never let his team down, and he says he learned it from me. But some days I wonder if I’ll make it.

We were made to fight forever. Right?

Humbly, R3ckl3ssR0b (Aka Rex’s Dad)

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