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A Life Lesson from LFG – And Big ”Thank You”

destiny2 3 - A Life Lesson from LFG - And Big ”Thank You”

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It's 2:00 am, and I'm miles from home. I'm back where I grew up because my dad is at death’s door in the hospital. As I drove the eight hours to get here, I realized that playing a lot of Destiny 2 recently will help me with this uncertain and challenging time.

Let me tell you why.

I play solo. I was part of some clans but most of my clan mates moved to another platform recently, or our schedules never lined up because I'm a family man and play when I can. Solo play has been the way to go for me. But since I can't solo a Master Nightfall, or Prophecy Dungeon, or even the Pit for that matter, I have come to rely on the Companion App LFG.

It has been a fantastic experience. I log on and create an LFG, and after a brief wait, I have strangers that I grow to rely on for the next few minutes (or hours, lol) of my gameplay through Destiny. It wasn't easy getting comfortable asking for help by posting an LFG. I had to get over a good deal of anxiety and fear that these strangers would think I'm ”less than” because I'm asking for help or worse, would leave the game before completing the mission because they'd lost their patience with me. But that hasn't been my experience at all, quite the opposite mostly.


When I heard that my dad fell in his home and it's a bad situation, I dropped everything to drive down to be with him. I was (and still am) overwhelmed by a lot of questions on what to do next, and how to care for him, and what's going to happen. But what I realized is that the skill I developed, because of you, to ask for help in an LFG and be part of a team to achieve an objective quickly can apply to this situation I find myself in with my father. I am going to need help from doctors and nurses and his neighbors and friends. These are people I don't know but who are all wanting to help, and I don't need to be afraid of asking for help or ashamed of receiving the assistance. Because just like an LFG, we’re in this together, at last for a little while.

So, I wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to this community for helping teach me a valuable lesson that you would not have realized you were teaching me. And to say thanks for being a comforting reminder that it's okay to ask for help. You guys and gals rock!

A final note about my dad: he doesn't play the game, but if he did, he'd be one of the most giant, most badass Titans in the Tower. But he'd help any little light that he came across. Also, he'd plant a lot of trees, tons of trees, he loves trees. That's just the kind of man he is.

Thanks again – Eyes Up Guardians!

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