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A list of actually relevant weapons that will be sunset

destiny2 9 - A list of actually relevant weapons that will be sunset

There's a lot of debate currently about guns getting sunset. But what weapons that are relevant in LL-enabled activities are actually getting the boot, and do alternatives exist? This list is intended to cover Trials and higher-level Nightfalls, as well as an unknown new raid that will hopefully come with the fall expansion. This is not an exhaustive list, and I'm not mentioning any guns/archetypes that have plenty of options or just aren't used that much in high-level content. My opinions are of course subjective.
Keep in mind that we still have no idea about new loot for S11 and S12, and what replacements or new toys these will bring.

* Spare Rations (Dire Promise, Thorn)
* Mountaintop (no replacement, other Lightweight GLs fall flat)
* Revoker (no direct replacement, perk is OP in 3v3 formats)
* Ether Doctor (only exotic options – Suros Regime, Monte Carlo)
* Threat Level (Hawthorne's Field Forged, Perfect Paradox)
* Blast Furnace (Sacred Provenance)

* Galliard, Arc Logic, Gnawing Hunger (The Summoner, Hard Light)
* Recluse (Only off-type – Reckless Oracle, Last Hope, Seventh Seraph SI-2)
* Mindbender's Ambition (Felwinter's Lie, Prophet of Doom)
* Waking Vigil, Luna's, NF (Sunshot, Jack Queen King 3)
* Erentil (Elatha FR4)
* Last Perdition (Jian 7 Rifle, some downgrade in perks)
* Twilight Oath (Omniscient Eye, can't roll Box Breathing, more zoom)
* Beloved (no on-type replacement, have to go 140 or 72 rpm)
* Ikelos SG (Seventh Seraph CQC-12)

* Whirlwind swords (no current replacement)
* Stryker's Surehand (Honor's Edge)
* Wendigo (Interference VI – slight downgrade if at full orbs, else better, no blinding)
* Delirium (perk borderline OP, no replacement)
* Hammerhead (off-type – Seventh Seraph SAW, almost same TTK, harder to control)
* Play Of The Game (Interference VI, slightly worse perks)

That's quite a long list!
I've marked weapons in bold that imho have no proper replacement, and weapons in italic where the alternatives are either exotic or off-type.
That leaves us with 8 weapons:
Mountaintop, Revoker, Ether Doctor, Recluse, Twilight Oath, Beloved, Whirlwind Blade swords and Delirium.

I'll briefly go through them one by one.


Mountaintop will be sorely missed in PvE. It provides a combination of mid range burst & AoE damage as well as long range options against stationary targets. With current archetypes, nothing comes close. Snipers are vulnerable to flich, not great at short-mid range, and provide no AoE. Breech grenade launchers (Militia's) are unreliable at longer ranges and do significantly less damage. This will be a keenly felt loss in many endgame activities.
Revoker I'm somewhat glad to see out. The perk is too strong in low player count PvP. Since no one will have access to it the playing field stays level.
Ether Doctor is not seen that much, even though it's very viable. It currently competes with Suros, Revoker and Hand Cannons for its slot. Suros and Hand Cannons will still be options, so not a great loss overall.

Recluse is definitely not the dominant force it once was. It is still a good gun, and as of now there is no 900 RPM SMG that won't be sunset. However, options in other archetypes exist that do just as well at adclearing, and there's a very good chance 900 RPM SMGs will see releases or reissues in the coming seasons.
Twilight Oath is no longer the dominant energy snipe, but still a good option. Omniscient Eye competes very well with it, but has slightly more zoom and can't onetap supers.
Beloved has no replacement as of now. Its combination of perks and stats made it a dominant option in the energy slot, but the impact of changes announced for snipers makes the future very unclear here. Still, no good replacement as of now.

Whirlwind swords are currently being enabled by two seasonal mods. These probably won't stay, and with them viability in high-level nightfalls will also leave. As of now, the single sword that won't be sunset for S12 cannot roll Whirlwind, but there's a very good chance we'll see more swords over the next two seasons.
Delirium is without peer for its role. In raids, the meta has gone back to heavy for DPS, but Delirium is still the undisputed king of ad clear. No other weapon can singlehandedly handle all mobs that aren't ultras that well, while maintaining good ammo economy. It does not cover as many niches as Mountaintop, but this too will be sorely missed.

The big losses to me are both in PvE.
Especially Mountaintop will be very hard to replace. I'm hopeful something will fill that void, because I don't think it's an OP weapon right now – just a very useful one. Delirium I do consider somewhat OP for its role, but there are (or hopefully will) be more options to replace it.
As for PvP, the loss without hope of replacement is Revoker, and I'm honestly not sorry for it. The perk is unique, but also too strong imo.

I'm still on the fence about sunsetting, but I think the relevant losses we'll see in our arsenal are actually smaller than people think.

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