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A list of all non-Sunset weapons (and how to get them!)

destiny2 1 - A list of all non-Sunset weapons (and how to get them!)

Auto Rifles:

  • Horror Story (Unobtainable)
  • BrayTech Werewolf (Unobtainable)
  • The Forward Path (Iron Banner/TBD)*
  • False Promises (Unobtainable)*
  • The Summoner (Adept) (Flawless Trials of Osiris, currently unobtainable)
  • Gnawing Hunger (Any loot source)
  • Reckless Oracle (Garden of Salvation Raid)
  • Steelfeather Repeater (Unobtainable)
  • Uriel's Gift (Any loot source)*
  • The Summoner (Trials of Osiris, currently unobtainable)
  • Arctic Haze (Europa)
  • Seventh Seraph Carbine (Unobtainable)
  • Age Old Bond (Lash Wish Raid)

Scout Rifles:

  • Talons of the Eagle (Iron Banner/TBD)*
  • Transfiguration (Last Wish Raid)
  • Night Watch (Any loot source)*
  • The Scholar (Trials of Osiris, currently unobtainable)
  • The Guiding Light (Iron Banner)
  • Patron of Lost Causes (Unobtainable)
  • Trustee (Deep Stone Crypt Raid, currently unobtainable)
  • Royal Chase (Season of the Hunt Reward)

Pulse Rifles:

  • Chattering Bone (Last Wish Raid)
  • Last Perdition (Any loot source)
  • Sacred Provenance (Garden of Salvation Raid)
  • Hailing Confusion (Europa)
  • Cold Denial (Unobtainable)*
  • Jian 7 Rifle (Any loot source)
  • Stars in Shadow (Post-match Crucible reward)

Hand Cannons:

  • Nation of Beasts (Last Wish Raid)
  • Crimil's Dagger (Iron Banner/TBD)*
  • Ancient Gospel (Garden of Salvation Raid)
  • The Old Fashioned (Any loot source)
  • Posterity (Deep Stone Crypt Raid, currently unobtainable)
  • Dire Promise (Any loot source)
  • True Prophecy (Any loot source)
  • IKELOS_HC_v1.0.2 (Prophecy Dungeon, currently unobtainable)
  • Nature of Beasts (Any loot source)
  • The Steady Hand (Iron Banner)
  • Seventh Seraph Officer Revolver (Unobtainable)
  • Jack Queen King 3 (Unobtainable)


  • MIDA Mini-Tool (Purchase from Banshee)
  • Seventh Seraph VY-7 (Unobtainable)
  • Escape Velocity (Any loot source)
  • IKELOS_SMG_v1.0.2 (Unobtainable)
  • Death Adder (Prophecy Dungeon, currently unobtainable)
  • Friction Fire ("Hunt for the Wrathborn" quest)


  • Lonesome (Any loot source)
  • High Albedo (Europa)
  • Drang (Purchase from Banshee)
  • Breachlight (Unobtainable)
  • Buzzard (Monument to Lost Light Kiosk)
  • Last Hope (Any loot source)
  • Enigma's Draw (Any loot source)
  • The Fool's Remedy (Iron Banner/TBD)*
  • The Last Dance (Any loot source)
  • Seventh Seraph SI-2 (Unobtainable)


  • Accrued Redemption (Garden of Salvation Raid)
  • Whispering Slab (Unobtainable)
  • Biting Winds (Europa)
  • Arsenic Bite-4b (Any loot source)*
  • Tyranny of Heaven (Last Wish Raid)
  • Point of the Stag (Monument to Lost Light Kiosk)


  • Astral Horizon (Trials of Osiris, currently unobtainable)
  • Heritage (Deep Stone Crypt Raid, currently unobtainable)
  • Astral Horizon (Adept) (Flawless Trials of Osiris, currently unobtainable)
  • Xenoclast IV (Strike Chest Reward)
  • Toil and Trouble (Any loot source)
  • Wishbringer (Any loot source)
  • Prophet of Doom (Garden of Salvation)
  • Python (Monument to Lost Light Kiosk)
  • Hawthorne's Field-Forged Shotgun (Any loot source)*
  • Seventh Seraph CQC-12 (Unobtainable)
  • Bonechiller (Europa)
  • First In, Last Out (Unobtainable)*
  • IKELOS_SG_v1.0.2 (Prophecy Dungeon, currently unobtainable)
  • Felwinter's Lie (Unobtainable)

Grenade Launchers:

  • Orewing's Maul (Iron Banner/TBD)
  • Martyr's Retribution (Unobtainable)
  • Deafening Whisper ("Hunt for the Wrathborn" Quest)
  • Truthteller (Any loot source)
  • Outrageous Fortune (Any loot source)
  • Swarm of the Raven (Iron Banner/TBD)*
  • Interference VI (Any loot source)
  • Berenger's Memory (Any loot source?)*
  • Crowd Pleaser (Post-match Gambit Reward)
  • Blast Battue (Season of the Hunt Reward)

Fusion Rifles:

  • Main Ingredient (Any loot source)
  • Techeun Force (Last Wish Raid)
  • Zealot's Reward (Garden of Salvation Raid)
  • Elatha FR4 (Any loot source)
  • Exile's Curse (Trials of Osiris, currently unobtainable)
  • Timelines' Vertex (Any loot source)
  • Coriolis Force (Europa)
  • Exile's Cure (Adept) (Flawless Trials of Osiris, currently unobtainable)
  • Hollow Words (Unobtainable)

Sniper Rifles:

  • Succession (Deep Stone Crypt Raid, currently unobtainable)
  • Eye of Sol (Adept) (Flawless Trials of Osiris, currently unobtainable)
  • Adored (Seasonal Quest of your choice)
  • Eye of Sol (Trials of Osiris, currently unobtainable)
  • Bite of the Fox (Iron Banner/TBD)*
  • Long Shadow (Any loot source)
  • The Supremacy (Last Wish Raid)
  • Omniscient Eye (Garden of Salvation Raid)
  • Distant Tumulus (Any loot source)
  • IKELOS_SR_v1.0.2 (Unobtainable)
  • Widow's Bite (Prophecy Dungeon, currently unobtainable)
  • Trophy Hunter (Unobtainable)


  • Steel Sybil Z-14 (Any loot source)
  • Honor's Edge (Any loot source)
  • Negative Space (Prophecy Dungeon, currently unobtainable)
  • Temptation's Hook (Unobtainable)
  • Falling Guillotine (Unobtainable)
  • Bequest (Deep Stone Crypt Raid, currently unobtainable)

Rocket Launchers:

  • Bad Omens (Gambit)
  • Apex Predator (Last Wish Raid)
  • Shining Sphere (Iron Banner/TBD)
  • Mos Epoch III (Any loot source?)*
  • Tomorrow's Answer (Trials of Osiris, currently unobtainable)
  • Hoosegow (Prophecy Dungeon, currently unobtainable)
  • Subzero Salvo (Europa)
  • Tomorrow's Answer (Adept) (Flawless Trials of Osiris, currently unobtainable)

Linear Fusion Rifles:

  • Line in the Sand (Unobtainable)
  • Komodo-4FR (Monument to Lost Light Kiosk)
  • Corsair's Wrath ("Hunt for the Wrathborn" Quest)

Machine Guns:

  • Thermal Erosion (Europa)
  • Commemoration (Deep Stone Crypt, currently unobtainable)
  • Seventh Seraph SAW (Unobtainable)

* = Fairly sure, but could be incorrect

Hey all! I've been reading all of the posts about Sunsetting and how everyone is reacting to it, so I wanted to make a list for everyone that actually shows what you can use. We started Year 4 of Destiny 2 only days ago, and these are the only weapons we can use. Everything else is gone. If I missed any weapons or have an incorrect acquisition source, please let me know! I want this list to be correct so that everyone can know what's available.

Edit: Thanks for the silver medal kind stranger, means a lot! Thanks for the Wholesome too!

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