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A Love Letter to Bungie About Transmog

destiny2 4 - A Love Letter to Bungie About Transmog

Dear Bungie,

MythicalMalice here, wanted to stop by and throw out my opinion, hopes, and fears, about Transmog, and the things I hope to see (and not see) when you finally release it in Season 14.

To start, I am really excited about this, and I care a lot about how the release of this (hopefully) amazing feature goes. It has been something my friends, clanmates, and I have been wishing and hoping for for a long time. And when I say long, I mean loooong. I was a D1 Beta player after all, and waited 3 days for my DSL Internet to download the demo. Worth it though. Anyhoo, it is something that I have thought about a lot, and I would like to share some of those thoughts with you as early as possible, now that you have confirmed it is coming, so that you can still make changes if my opinion gets your gears turning at all.

Firstly, here are some things that I would like to see come with the launch of Transmog in Destiny:

  • The ability to view all pieces of armor simultaneously, along with all pending changes that the player is looking at. ( gives me hope you are already headed in that direction but, I would also like to have the ability to see not just armor, but all currently equipped weapons, ghost, and vehicles as well at the same time. I understand that is a lot on the screen at one time and could really clutter up the UI, so a solution to that would be if the player had the option to switch between armor/weapons and and ghosts/vehicles selections (similar to how we use the arrow keys or D-pad now), but stay within the Transmog/customization UI.
  • The complete removal of shaders and transmat effects from our inventory. It has been far too long that us Guardians have been limited to only 50 (or less) shaders when trying to view our customizations. I don't remember the last time that I had an open shader slot in my inventory. I even keep some shaders in the Postmaster just so I don't have to go in to collections to try and find the one I am looking for. And I find it really annoying that I have to pull a transmat from Collections, then go back to my ship and apply it. I would really like to have a combination of the old D1 shader system (shaders just need to be unlocked) and combine it with the new Transmog system to allow players to access and preview ALL unlocked shaders on each piece of armor (individually) as it looks like you can do in ( I know in the current system you want shaders to cost something (either time to earn via RNG, or pay for with materials after initial unlock) but that system is not fun for players, and the current interfaces and inventory limits are not conducive to a smooth experience. So, in my opinion, just get rid of the shader and transmat inventory completely, and integrate it with the customization/transmog menu. Please.
  • An "Apply All" button. Combining the first and second bullet points, once you are previewing every different shader, armor skin, and ship transmat you want, players should be able to just click/press an "Apply All" button that charges them all the currency that it will cost to make the changes and makes them look pretty. I really don't want to go through all the work of making my Guardian look a certain way and then have to go back and manually apply every change I made. Players are going to be spending a lot of time in the customization menu, no reason to force them to spend more time in there simply because a single button-press doesn't exist.
    • On top of this, the UI should have a 'Total Cost' counter somewhere on screen so Guardians know how much lighter their magic space-wallets will be after the changes are applied.

Second, here are some things that I would really NOT like to see come with the launch of Transmog in Destiny:

  • Exotics on legendary armor, and vice versa. (Related: weapons should not be able to look like a different weapon for the same reason as the armor that I will lay out now) This is a controversial opinion among my friends and clanmates, but I'm sticking to it. As much fun as I would find it to see a Hunter meme-ing as a Celestial Nighthawk one-shotting, Shards of Galanor mob-killing, Ophidia Spathe double-knife wielding, Orpheus Rig orb-generating, Chad-Guardian, this would cause problems in the competitive PvP modes. If you are going up against someone who looks like they have 17 different exotics equipped you won't know what approach to take when going up against them. Players will have no idea what they are facing, and this could easily be abused. And, in the opposite, exotics shouldn't be able to be hidden by a legendary skin. Exotics should look like the exotic it is, and legendarys like legendarys. Full stop.
  • No new currency or dramatic price changes. Applying changes to our looks are going to cost something, I honestly can't think of any way that Bungie would just let us make a change to our build/look without charging us something. This is not me saying that's a bad thing, not at all, just that it's going to happen. Whatever our current costs are now for applying shaders, pulling shaders from collections, and anything else cosmetic that costs us materials, should remain the exactly the same, or within a reasonable percentage change different. And just so we are clear, the players idea of 'reasonable' price changes is most likely less than what Bungie thinks (see current cost of masterworking Exotic armor). I also don't want a new currency that we need to earn, hoard, and manage. Legendary shards and glimmer, Bungie. That's it. Keep it simple.
  • Ornaments purchased for Bright Dust or Silver SHOULD NOT COST ANYTHING to apply in the Transmog system. Players have already payed that sweet sweet Bright Dust cost or REAL MONEY (Silver) for those items. If I have to pay more/again to use something that I already paid you(Bungie) for I will be pissed.

Lastly, speaking of being pissed, here are things that us players WILL RIOT OVER if they are implemented:

  • Back to Bright Dust, if you(Bungie) charge Bright Dust (or worse, Silver) to simply apply any sort of cosmetic you are going to get major hate, and it will be well-deserved. Charging players a currency that there is a finite amount of to earn per season is awful design and terrible for the game economy, and would show a lack of respect for your players. Nothing like introducing the coolest new feature of your game, only to artificially limit the amount players can use it because they spent all their Bright Dust on the cool ship they wanted to throw a shader on and now can't afford the application cost is bad. I honestly can't think of the adjectives that would describe the levels of bad that would be, it's just bad. I'm a Windows server admin, not a journalist, bite me.
  • Back to Section 1, Bullet 2 – single-use/unlockable shaders. If you get rid of the shader inventory completely, as in no more having x-amount of a shader, and you only have to unlock the shader and then you can use it forever D1-style, we will riot with absolute glee (this is a good riot full of love and blueberry crumbles). This is not necessarily a NEEDED change, but man would it be a huge quality of life change that we would absolutely love. I don't exactly know what your backend looks like, but from a technical/coding standpoint it would also seem like a much simpler thing then what ( shows. Using boolean values for 'has unlocked' vs. 'not unlocked' to allow (or not allow) the player to use a shader seems a lot easier and less prone to bugs than also keeping track of how many the player currently has in the shader inventory. Did I mention that the shader inventory needs to go away?
  • If you don't do a simpler 'unlocked'/'not unlocked' system and continue with the shader inventory system (HAVE YOU CONSIDERED GETTTING RID OF THE SHADER INVENTORY?!?!) then please, for the love of the Traveler and all that the Light touches, allow the "Apply All" button (see Section 1, Bullet 3) to automatically pull/purchase the shader, projection, or transmat, from Collections and charge for the application cost as well. If I have to leave a menu, to go in to another menu, to pull a cosmetic item, then go back to the first menu again to apply it one more time my Guardian might well have a stroke on my behalf.

Well, that is all I have for you today. For those of you that read all this, thanks so much, and I would love to see your thoughts below. Bungie, I hope you take this as constructive feedback and pass it along to the people that this will make a difference to. I also have some other letters that I have been thinking of writing: a critique of the way (and when) the community gives feedback, and one about crossplay. I'll maybe work on those over my Christmas vacation. Until next time, Guardians. May the Light guide your way, and may the Darkness be your shadow. See you star-side.



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