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A massive PvP helper for struggling players.

destiny2 3 - A massive PvP helper for struggling players.

Hello folks, I just wanted to put a list together with some beginner and advanced tips to make your time trying to get The Last Word, among other things, less painful. There won’t be a TL;DR but there will be bolded sections and you can peruse whatever you’d like. If you’re a new or struggling player I’d recommend setting some time aside and reading all of this. I’ll make adjustments and expand as needed.

Before I kick things off, don’t play Crimson Days unless you want to. You can get most of the hearts for the bow from doing a nightfall.

Weapon Choice
If you don’t have the best aim, use guns with high aim assistance(console) and forgiving time to kills. What this means is that you want to use guns that don’t require 100% headshots to reach the optimal time to kill.

For instance, 140 RPM handcannons have an optimal time to kill with 3 headshots of 0.87 seconds but if you aren’t consistently hitting three headshots, that time to kill will increase to at least 1.16 seconds. You should use a Trust then, since you only need 2 headshots and 2 body shots(if the opponent is under 6 resilience) to reach the optimal TTK of 1 second.

Some forgiving weapons:
Trust, Blast Furnace, Bygones, Go Figure

Shotguns are Your Friend
You don’t have to like them, but shotguns are the best. I sniped all through D1. I wish there was a shift in the meta, but there’s not. Use a shotgun. If I was playing baseball I wouldn’t go to bat left-handed then get mad that I get struck out when I could be using my dominant hand. Pride is stupid. It’s a game. Use a shotgun.

Weapon Perks Matter
The perks on your weapons are very important. It’s hard to go wrong with kill clip, rampage, high caliber rounds, and explosive payload. If I happen to lose a gunfight when I’m using Luna’s Howl it’s usually because I got flinched out of my three tap because of high cal or explosive payload. If you aren’t sure, ask people at r/sharditkeepit.

Crouch Shot
I can’t emphasize this enough. Strafe like you normally would at the beginning of the fight then crouch after a shot or two. I’m not expecting anyone to pick this up and master it immediately but I can’t think of a single thing that wins more gun fights than this. If your button layout doesn’t allow it on console, switch to puppeteer or some other loadout where crouch binds to the right stick. Use it in PvE, practice using it everywhere until it’s second nature.

Minimize the angles you can get shot from If there’s cover to your left, stand with the cover to your left. If you can stand in a slightly different location but still have eyes on what you want and have another side covered, do it.


Play your life
If you’re unfamiliar with the term, it means you should do everything your power to stay alive. Winning is being the slowest to 100 deaths not the quickest to 100 kills. Play defensively, watch your radar, be ready to retreat if you’re in over your head, and above all, don’t commit to situations you can’t retreat. For example, don’t peak far enough around a corner that you won’t have time to step away. You should always have an exit strategy.

Play the objective but don’t feed trying to
This is a team game, if there’s 6 people on B flag and you don’t have super or heavy, wait for your team and push together or get shots on people if it means you can retreat. If you’re continuously pushing B flag and dying by yourself all you’re doing is throwing the game. Be patient, wait for openings.

Use Your Vertical Space If you’re being pushed by someone odds are they’re going to be sliding in with a shotgun. When that’s happening, nothing is an easier kill than stepping behind cover, jumping straight up in the air, and shotgunning someone to the top of their heads.

Watch Your Radar
Self-explanatory. The radar is free information, use it.

Communicate, don’t complain
If you die and the first thing out of your mouth is a complaint, that’s a problem. You should be calling out the health, location, and intention(are they pushing spawn, going heavy, etc) to your teammates.

Play Heavy
Wardcliff wins games.

If the game’s ending and you’re ahead, hide
This is so important. I can’t count how many times I’ve been up a few points with 5 seconds on the clock and had half my team push the enemy spawn and die, losing the game. If you do this, the loss is on you. Literally never do this, no exceptions.

When you die, be accountable
This should be your first thought every single time you die. Ask yourself what you could do differently in the future to succeed in a similar circumstance and learn from it. If you died, it’s your fault, not the game, not the meta, you.

Take breaks and have fun
Destiny is a game first and foremost. It’s supposed to be fun. If you aren’t having fun, take a break or just don’t play it. PvP isn’t for everyone and if you aren’t enjoying what your doing it’s a job at that point.

I really hope this helps some of you guys out. If you have any questions I’ll do my best to get back to you. Just keep in mind that this does not happen overnight.

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