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A potential solution for LH/NF Nerfs

destiny2 4 - A potential solution for LH/NF Nerfs

So let me preface this by saying I play on PC and have only just come back to the game 4 weeks ago. I started my grind for LH last weekend and obtained it this reset, so my play time with the weapon is limited.

A bit about me, I'm a competitive gamer, ranging from competing in and winning multiple tournaments in games such a League of Legends, MKX and previously being in a top 10 world guild in WoW. I dedicate a lot of time to games, and my friends consider me a whale as I'm one of those people who spends stupid amounts of money on collectible items.

I quit WoW recently because over the years it has become too casual, there isn't anything you can get to stand out, everything is obtainable by anyone, it just takes time (except for famed slayer (unless you're alliance kek)). The thing that drew me to farming Lunas and to eventually go for Not Forgotten wasn't because they're a challenge to get or an item to show off, but because they were a noticeable power increase for your character.

But Kokushi, that's exactly the reason they are being nerfed, they are too strong you may say. Yes they are strong, but there are other weapons which can show them up, they are strong in their specific situations, but you're not going to beat a bygones/blast furnance at range with your Lunas. And that's fine, that is their weakness. You won't beat an Ace of Spades which has momento up, again that's fine, it has a weakness.

Where Luna's truly shines in both PvE and PvP is with the flexibility that the weapon offers. You have a good primary weapon which can hold it's own but at a cost. It's in the energy slot. For the first time since I've come back to the game, I've been able to put my lord of wolves down in PvE and actually play around with other weapons because whilst using Luna's I have a weapon that is fun and able to hold it's own.


Having a legendary weapon like LH/NF in the game is healthy, it promotes choice, it gives you options, you get to make decisions about what load out you want. You're not going to just slap on a Blast Furnace, Lord of Wolves, Insert Heavy here that doesn't matter because Lord of Wolves is so good.

Bungie should not be nerfing items such as Lunas and NF, but instead be adding more. Promote choice. Choice is healthy for the longevity of the game.

On the topic of promoting choice, if Bungie are super insistent on nerfing possibly one of the most fun and rewarding weapons in the game. There are smarter ways to do it than just a blanket nerf like this. One of my suggestions would be to create another version for arguments sake lets call it Luna's Forgotten, keep it exactly the same as how it is now, just make it exotic, and then proceed to nerf the legendary version. Then bam, you have choice, do you want to use the 180 rpm beast of a weapon and take up your exotic slot, or do you want to use the worse version of it but still be able to use an exotic.

With that approach you can make everyone happy, the people who love LH/NF get to keep on using an exotic version of the gun but lose access to their Chapperone/Wardcliff in PvP. In PvE they would lose access to LoW (which they already do) but also lose access to things such as Sleeper and Whisper. Diversity of strong weapons promotes choice.

I've purposely tried to keep this away from the Bloom issue, IMO that's a separate problem which Bungie needs to fix…


Make an exotic version of LH/NF and keep them the same, go ahead with the proposed nerfs to the legendary versions. This way the choice between going for an exotic LH/NF has consequences in both PvP and PvE which constitutes as an overall nerf to peoples play-style however still lets them keep the weapon they have worked their nuts off to obtain. Strong weapons are healthy for the long term aspects of the game. Weapons not everyone can obtain are a good thing.

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