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A Ramble on Gambit Strategy

destiny2 9 - A Ramble on Gambit Strategy

Trying to complete the challenge? Here is an explanation of how the beginning of the game determines the whole match.

Even if you play solo, understand you CAN make a difference. Yes, just one person understanding these strategies can adapt to the situation as needed, increasing the chances of winning. I'm a pure solo player who has gone on 5+ win streaks frequently, as I'm sure others have as well. It all relies on understanding how these opening strategies work.

In an nutshell, there are two opening strategies that will determine the whole match:

-Huddle the bank and defend/Sentry – Defense

-Bank as soon as possible to invade/Invader – Offense

The first strategy is simple enough, and is the most common for solo players (you can force this strategy to happen for your team), but you have to either be competent in your ability to defeat blockers, up to and including high levels, quickly and, potentially, by yourself. You also might have to invade. Here's how the defense strategy works.

  • First, this works when the enemy is banking first and taking the offensive approach, or some ignorant player on the enemy team is banking 5-10 motes solo for no good reason at the start of the game.
  • Collect a blocker amount of motes. It can be 5, 10, or 15. Just make sure it's at least one of them, and it's better to not go for partials (meaning stop at 5, 10, or 15, don't get 8 or 11).
  • Go to your bank and prepare to kill blockers. Do not bank your motes.
  • Kill blockers as they spawn. Kill them quickly.
    • If an invader arrives, bank your motes, then hunt that invader asap. If you're still killing blockers and can't get them down within 1-2 seconds, run away. Prepare to defend yourself against the invader and hope your teammates do the same.
  • The main strategy is this; You defend the bank by killing blockers that spawn long enough that your teammates come over to bank what they have. You bank TOGETHER to spawn 2 blockers on the enemy side simultaneously, draining the enemy's motes (because they're the ones banking first).
    • The ideal scenario is you bank enough on that first go around to ALSO invade. Meaning, not only did you put the enemy into a situation where they're draining motes, but now they've gotten invaded and can't deal with the blockers or they'll be easy pickings.

Successfully pulling this off will pretty much guarantee you the game unless the other team is equally competent at understanding what you're doing. From my experience, they're not.

  • If no one on your team is invading, it's time to step up. Even if you're not confident at your own skills, understand wasting 45 seconds of time for the enemy is still very valuable. The biggest thing is to just not die immediately or within a short time. Waste their time or kill them. Just don't die.
    • I can't stress enough, you need to invade if no one on your team is willing. Gambit matches are determined by the invasions. Nothing else.

Second strategy – offense. I'm going to say upfront, in 95% of matchmade games, you will NOT be doing this strategy. It's really only plausible with a pre-made team.

  • Get 25 motes as fast as you can. To do this, have only 1-2 people collect motes. Do not divide them between all four of you. Ideally, you're the team banking first.
    • If you do this correctly, you can invade very shortly into the match. It really just depends on the volume of enemies for the match, but with only 2 people collecting, one has 10 and one has 15…yep, you're done.
  • Bank, invade, kill.
  • This entire strategy revolves around your invader. They NEED to kill the other team. If they don't, then understand you're about to get pummeled by blockers, which will drain what you just banked to invade, suddenly putting you behind them (unless you take up a defensive approach and kill the blockers asap).

That's it, folks. These opening strategies determine a majority of Gambit games because a lot of players don't know how it works. Knowing them, now you know how to also counter them (even as a solo player). If you're actually pitted with people who understand Gambit, then this dynamic just keeps happening until the end of the game. It's actually kind of fun when it happens, and feels like a tug of war, but it pretty much never happens.

Tips for the Primeval;

-Don't use any damage super (as a solo player) until it guarantees the kill. In other words, if the Primeval is not going to die within 5 seconds of you using your super, you wasted it, because the invader can come in and instantly heal all that health you just took away. Now you're left with your weapons, and we all know how fun the ammo economy is in Gambit. Typically, again as a solo player, you will not even want to consider your super until 4x. This can vary depending on how understanding your team is of the situation and if they know what they're doing.

Always hunt and kill the invader. Understand, if an invader uses all 45 seconds invading, they will be back again VERY quickly (Correct me if I'm wrong, but I understand the invasion counter used to open the portal again begins counting once they start invading, not when the 45 seconds ends). If you kill them at 10-20 seconds, you give yourself all that extra time they could have been invading you to damage the boss, on top of the time that is normally given after the 45 seconds.

  • In short, if the invader is not dying and is killing your teammates, these are the situations that lead to the enemy team making a comeback. I'm sure you have all seen these.
  • A way to counter this "comeback" is, again, don't use your super early, and save all your ammo until you can guarantee killing the primeval in 10 seconds or less. You just have to hope your teammates do the same.

Kill blockers, but don't die. You're going to get pummeled with blockers. If these don't die, you will quickly get overwhelmed, not allowing you to target the primeval. Again, though, prioritize the invader when they invade, as killing them quickly gives you that extra time you need to clear the blockers they're sending over. If they get all 45 seconds, that's more blockers that will keep spawning. It's not going to be good.

Overall, this post is what it says in the title. A ramble. Everyone, I'm sure, has stuff they can chime in with.

I just wanted to hopefully highlight how the beginning of a Gambit match works, and why it determines games. Personally, I don't like the mode. I think, as it currently is, it doesn't do enough to help players succeed who have no idea how to understand its workings.

It also lives or dies by invasions, which I think is a huge problem. No other role matters the most. One good invader can literally almost carry a team who has 0 strategy and is super disorganized. At the very least, the invader is the one giving a poor team a chance at winning (I've seen good invaders keep a primeval alive for minutes because of how often they're killing the other team, but that also tells me the other team wasted their supers and ammo too early. Don't make that same mistake.)

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