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A reminder about picture quality and how to make the best possible post for the community.

destiny2 6 - A reminder about picture quality and how to make the best possible post for the community.

First off, a big welcome to all our new mods who will be working hard to make sure this sub pushes quality content which inspires Guardians, encourages discussion and delivers your daily dose of Destiny 2 hilarity.

With this sub gravitating towards memes and visual jokes it has become increasingly important that we do our best to ensure that the pictures and memes we post are all good quality and created decently.

Moving forward, we will be keeping on top of any posts that are:

  • 1) Low quality, pixelated or badly edited.

  • 2) Phone pictures or videos.

  • 3) Similar or already posted content (Rule #3)

But don't fret, we have a solution for you! Here are instructions on how to download a quality picture or video from your platform.


  • 1) Press or tap the "share" button depending on settings.

  • 2) Send the capture to someone

  • 3) Open up the PS messages app on your phone or via the playstation website, download the image you sent from the playstation to your device from the chat.

  • 4) Upload to Imgur or a similar picture hosting site.

  • 5) Put the link in your post. Congrats, you just posted a high quality picture to reddit.

Need a different method? Playstation actually offers great functionality when it comes video capturing and screenshots. The breakdown is too large for this post, so here are 2 sources you can view:

Alternatively, you can use Share factory.

Check it out:

The fastest way: Share to Twitter using the share function, then simply link the tweet in the post. Obviously this requires a Twitter account.


  • 1) Press the Xbox button in the middle of your controller.

  • 2) Now press the left "view" button while hovering over the "Home" section.

  • 3) This will open the "capture" options. From there you can choose to take a screenshot; record what's happened, going back 5 mins; and record ahead up to 30 mins. Select what you need.

  • 4) This will upload whatever you chose to the xbox dvr site automatically.


  • 5) Follow the onsite instructions to view your profile, you will need your gamertag for this.

  • 6) Once on your profile you will have access to everything you've ever captured.

  • 7) You can then download, share or view your captures. Copy the url of the capture you want into your reddit post.

Top tip: For quick screenshots you can simply press the xbox button then Y. Or to quickly record, do the same but press X instead.

Note: It's possible to set up your xbox to upload to Onedrive instead of Xboxdvr.

Here is some more in depth info for xbox dvr:


Do one of the following:

  • 1) shift + windows key + s

  • 2) prntscrn

  • 3) On steam, F12 is default screenshot button.

These will save a screenshot.

After 1 of those 3 steps you can upload to or similar image hosting sites, then link your picture in the post.

You can use 3rd party software to get creative with your captures. But BEWARE, ensure that software is compatible before doing so, as Bungie may ban for using 3rd party software, even if it was not intended for cheating. I advise checking with an expert before doing this.

Video capture – Destiny 2 does not like any direct game capture so I advise you don't try it. These seem to be the most popular methods outside that:

  • OBS

  • Monitor capture software, please consult with a pro for what software is best to use here, I don't want to be liable for bans.

  • A streaming PC setup, probably not for beginners

Good meme-creation sources

  • Aviary

  • Make a Meme+

  • Real pros use Photoshop

When making a meme, make sure the pictures used are good quality in the first place. And take care when editing.

I welcome any feedback on this subject. I will edit accordingly.

Have a great day Guardians! And please report any posts you feel might be missing the standards we all expect from this sub.

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