Destiny 2

A respectful plea to Bungie

destiny2 4 - A respectful plea to Bungie

To the mods

This post was originally placed on DestinyTheGame with the hope that it would bring more attention to my issue. It was deleted. On that thread, found here, some people said that they also experienced or knew someone that experienced the same thing as me. I'm just asking for a chance to reach Bungie. Thanks for your consideration.

To my fellow Guardians

I'm saying this to help you realize that I'm a long time fan of Destiny and a normal gamer. I just want to play games after a long day and relax. I had been doing so with no problem until last Tuesday.

On Tuesday I was banned. I have never cheated, used modifications, or any tool that would help me get an unfair advantage. My stats show that I'm not using an aimbot.. I'm an average player that has dedicated many in game days to Destiny. I'm not the best at PVE or PVP, and I don't use things that would give me an advantage.

I'm not asking you to believe my claim that I never cheated. I'm asking this subreddit, that has given me so many hours of joy, to help me bring my issue to light. I not asking for a straight up reversal on my ban. I want Bungie to review my account and check if I actually cheated.

Over the past two days, I have scoured the internet for information on what may have caused this ban. The Help Forums over at Bungie helped a lot. The EULA clearly states that bans are forever, and that they will not be discussed in any official matter. I also know that every ban is manually reviewed by a human being.


I also know that Bungie has made mistakes in the past, and that their process is not perfect, as was made evident when they unbanned four accounts and an unspecified amount of other accounts for being falsely flagged by their system.

I am imploring Bungie to take a look at the recent account bans and check if they are actually warranted. I'm a single Guardian, but I'm a dedicated one. I love this game.

For those of you that have never gotten a ban, I'm glad you haven't. You get booted off to orbit and get told that your account has been banned. No reason is given, and you have no way to appeal the ban. I find it insane that a company as big as Bungie would decide to have such a blunt banning policy. I know what some of you will say: "Bungie takes banning seriously, and they manually check each and every one of them."

I know they do. But they clearly made a mistake with me and many others.

Thanks, Vera#11621

To Bungie

I love your game and I love this community. I don't want to lose all my progress. I have faith in your company and believe that this game can be better. I already bought a new copy of the game because I missed my clan. I have wiped my computer and made sure that I'm not running any software besides Discord, Destiny, Spotify and Chrome. Please review my account. Please review your system for issuing bans.

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