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A Retelling of Destiny 1 as a Book

destiny2 7 - A Retelling of Destiny 1 as a Book

Many people have joined the community after Destiny 2, so chances are that they've completely missed out on the story of Destiny 1. However, the story in D1 was… disappointing at best. What it did, however, is create an amazing world full of interesting locations, characters, and lore.

So, for the fun of it, I'm writing a book about the story of D1, but from the Guardian's perspective. How would a person feel if they were woken up from the dead, completely without memory, in hostile territory, fighting against a threat that's completely alien to them?

With this, I wanted to explore those feelings, their reaction to what's happening, and inject some personality and lore into the story that took place during D1. I want the Guardian to be more than the mute, mindless soldier following orders that they are. I want to explore the day-to-day of the Guardian. The action, the downtime: just a Guardian's life in the Destiny universe through the events of D1.

However, I'm not the best writer, so it might be rough in places. But I enjoy writing it, and if bad fanfiction is allowed on the internet, so is this garbage. I hope you'll get some enjoyment out of it as well, or at the very least laugh at how poorly written it is. Either way, a win in my book.

I'll update on here or find a more permanent place for it if people seem interested. But for now, here's a short preview of the first few minutes of the D1.

TL;DR Writing a retelling of the story of D1.

Chapter 1 – Nothing.



Something different.

Something… less.


How long has it been like this?

Hard to tell.

It feels like an eternity that passed by in an instant.


Something cuts through the nothing. Light. Like a jolt of lightning in the night, it burns away the nothing. Nothing that, for an instant, had something. No longer nothing. Just darkness now.

Then I hear it. Sound. I hear something?


For the first time, I hear something. Sounds like a voice… calling out to someone.


Is it calling out to… me?

Wait. Me? What am I?

“Eyes up Guardian!”

I jolt off of the ground, my hands holding my torso upright as I draw my lungs full as violently as a diver who thought he’d never take another breath again. I can’t see, although my eyes are wide open; I’m blinded while my brain is struggling to grasp the concept of seeing after the darkness.

The voice calls out to me. This time, I know it’s talking to me.

“It worked… You’re alive!”

My eyes are still blurry, but I see something floating in front of me. Its blue mechanical eye pierces through me.

“You don’t know how long I’ve been looking for you.”

My eyes adjust enough to roughly see what I’m looking at: it seems to be some kind of mechanical entity. Its shape is hard to describe, especially while feeling as if I had just been blinked back into existence.

“I’m a Ghost. Actually, now I’m your Ghost.” says the entity in a hurried manner as it peers into the distance.

I attempt to raise onto my feet, but I stumble over the second I place weight on them. The second attempt works out much better, and I bring my hands up and try to clench my fingers. Each finger I move makes a sound like the most satisfying knuckle crack, except it feels like they’ve been out of their sockets for a century, and here I am, popping them back in one at a time. However, I feel no pain.

“And you… Well, you’ve been dead for a long time. So, you’re going to see a lot of things you won’t understand.”

My eyes dart back up to the entity. Its blue eye is peering into mine as it hovers right in front of my face. The light from it flickers on and off, almost as if it was blinking.

What? And what did it say it was? A Ghost?

My thought was interrupted by an ear-piercing screech like nothing I’ve never heard before coming from the distance. The Ghost immediately turns towards it and then turns to face me again.

“This is Fallen territory. We aren’t safe here,” it says in a worried tone as it looks around frantically.

“I have to get you to the City,” it says as it turns away from me and starts to float downwards the snowy path ahead of me.

My eyes have finally adjusted, I can see clearly. We’re standing next to a road, full of completely destroyed, rusted out cars. As I turn my head, my eyes are drawn to a massive structure in front of me: a massive wall, stretching out on either direction as far as my eyes can see.

The Ghost turns to face me once more and floats closer. “Hold still,” it says as it disappears into a blue static-like mist. As the mist disappears, my eyes are drawn to the wall once more.

“Don’t worry, I’m still with you.” the Ghost says, but this time, it sounds like the voice is coming from inside my head. The voice startles me.

“We need to move, fast.” says the Ghost in a hurried tone.

I take a few very unstable practice steps forward as my body tries to remember how walking works.

“We won’t survive long out in the open like this. Let’s go inside the wall.” the Ghost says again.

I take a few more steps, this time with a little more success. I shake my legs a bit and finally start slowly making my way down the path.


The path is lined with rusted out cars on both sides. I notice that they are not all abandoned. I peer in through one of the car windows and see a skeleton with a hole in its skull, hunched over the steering wheel. I shudder at the thought of what happened to these people.

Once again, my thought is interrupted by another screech in the distance.

It looks like a murder of crows know what is coming as well, as they take off as soon as the screech ends. This seems like a good time to pick up the pace a little as I take a few running steps down the path and towards the wall.

As I approach it, I can see a road sign hanging above the street. I slow down to try to get an idea of where I am, but I can’t read it. However, I do recognize the alphabet: it's written in Cyrillic, so I assume it says something in Russian.

“I didn’t bring you back just for you to die again, we have to move.” remarks the Ghost in a stern tone. I start running towards a doorway that looks to lead into the wall.

As I enter the door, I’m faced with a dimly lit staircase. As I make up the stairs, the Ghost starts talking again: “Ok… I need to find you a weapon before the Fallen find us.”

The Fallen? Is that what the screech was?

Atop the stairs is a catwalk that is lit by the orange sunset, shining through the very old, very dirty windows. The ambiance is haunting, and yet somewhat beautiful.

As I pass the windows, the room suddenly gets very dark.

“Quiet. They’re right above us.” says the Ghost as it materializes over my shoulder and casts a bright light that illuminates the way forward.

As we reach the end of the room and make it up another set of stairs, I quickly stop and involuntarily hold my breath as I hear something moving in the wall up ahead.

My muscles are tense as I see a shadow move along a pipe through a hole in the wall. What the hell was that?

I quickly but as quietly as I can make myself up another flight of stairs and we reach a platform of some kind. Even with the Ghost's light, the room is still completely shrouded in darkness. As I move closer toward the railing on the edge of the platform, I can see several blue lights in the darkness.

“Hang tight.” the Ghost says as it flies over the railing and into the darkness. “Fallen thrive in the dark, we won’t. We need more light. I’ll see what I can do.”

The Ghost expands and takes a form resembling a blue glowing orb. It flies further along the wall, revealing a large metal structure on the other side of the room. The room seems far larger than I initially thought.

“Another one of these hardened military systems… And a few centuries of entropy working against me.” the Ghost says thoughtfully as it flies further into the distance, illuminating more of the large metal structures lining the walls of the room. The Ghost flies over a catwalk in the distance and disappears into another room, leaving me in darkness.

Suddenly, one by one, the lights turn on, revealing that the room is in fact not a room, but a long corridor, with a large drop at the edge of the platform I’m standing on. This looks to be the interior of the wall. Not solid, but hollow. Concrete being held together by the myriad of large metal structures and scaffolding.

However, I don’t have long to marvel at the construction, when I see movement in the distance. A lot of movement. The Ghost quickly pops out of the room and flies hurriedly towards me.

“They’re coming for us!” it yells as it makes its way to a security gate next to where I was standing.

As I rush over to it, I see a glimpse of something on a catwalk in the distance. It looks almost like people running.

“Here! I found a rifle! Grab it.” says the Ghost hurriedly as the gate slowly lifts open.

Next to a pile of bones and scrap metal, leaning on a crate is an old rifle. I grab it and quickly examine it as the Ghost dematerializes into the blue static mist again. I remove the magazine to find that it still has rounds in it. I look through the sight, only to see that the glass is cracked.

But as far as I can tell, the weapon still seems operational. At this point, that’s good enough.

“I hope you know how to use that thing.” the Ghost says in my head as I make my way down the hallway. The voice startles me again. I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to it, I think to myself.

After I make the next turn, I catch a glimpse of something that quickly vanishes around the corner in the distance. The hallway is lit by two thin red lights, giving the hallway an eerie red glow.

Just as I pass the lights, something in the ceiling shorts out and sends sparks raining on me, which causes me to raise my weapon. As I get closer to the end of the hallway, my steps get shorter. The air feels almost touchable.

My heart is racing out of my chest.

I turn the corner in one quick motion with my weapon raised and ready.


I feel like I should be relieved, but my body won’t let me.

Two more steps. The weapon still raised.

I hear a loud sound coming from the ceiling. I freeze and listen for a moment.

One more step.

A creature crashes from the ceiling onto the ground in front of me with a loud screech. My heart stops.

I look at the creature raising on its two legs through the sight of my rifle. My mind goes blank.

My body tenses as its four blue glowing eyes pierce through me with pure hatred.

It gets ready to lunge at me.

I instinctively pull the trigger.

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