Destiny 2

A Sherpa Love Story

destiny2 2 - A Sherpa Love Story

This week body positivity has been a thing in the destiny community if you’ve been on Twitter recently and it just made me happy to hear about so I’m going to spread the love even more so I came onto Reddit for the first time as Twitter won’t let me write as much to share my experience and my feelings to this destiny player. This post is for the community and how amazing both them and the game are.

This boy around the same age as me I met in a crown of sorrow back in the summer after I had tried to do the first encounter a few times with several other teams but all of them were obnoxious and they were shouting at players that they were teaching… Then I joined this random boys and the atmosphere totally changed.

He was lovely to everyone, reassuring that it’s fine if we die or make a mistake and he has the time so no one has to worry about being pressured. I’m not going to say his gamer tag as it is literally his real name. After we did the raid in under 2 hours, he then offered to teach us last wish. We did that the next day. He then offered to teach us scourge then garden then eater then the raid with spire in the name but I can’t remember for the life of me what it’s called. Honestly he was the nicest sherpa I’ve ever played with and I finally started talking to him again after a couple months of a break.


Now in beyond light, I asked Tom for his help with a couple exotic quests mainly because I wanted to talk to him again I’m not a bad player I swear. We started to talk about everything going on whilst doing the salvations grip quest and we finally got to the last room where you had to grab the gun but we never actually did. We ended up talking in the PlayStation party chat for what feels like forever and we both got really personal with mental health, family life, coming out about sexuality and depression cause every teenager seems to have that these days lmao and that is when I learned he was gay too – when I tell you I was happy to hear that… it was an understatement.

We want to meet up as soon as both our areas come out of Tier 3 lockdown over here in England and we can finally meet. My days haven’t been better as we FaceTime most nights. If this works out, Destiny will literally have changed the way my life has gone if it hasn’t already.

The point of this post is to remind everyone reading this that this community is just amazing. Positivity is what we need right now in times like this and games like Destiny bring people together and create long lasting relationships with special meanings. Thank you for reading this. Be nice to everyone you play with as you both can open up and become someone you permanently raid with to each other.

In the end us solo players just want to find that person with similar interests for the game.

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