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A Solo Prophecy Guide, but it’s for Hunters and it doesn’t use any DLC Exotics or Raid Weapons

destiny2 3 - A Solo Prophecy Guide, but it's for Hunters and it doesn't use any DLC Exotics or Raid Weapons

First things, first, apologies for the formating, am on mobile. This is my first guide here, so please forgive anything that was described vaguely.

After seeing many solo flawless guides using other classes and DLC weapons, I decided to put those strategies together, using no DLCs Exotics or Raid Weapons.

The best tip I can give you for this whole guide is to stay calm. Take deep breaths often. Learn from your mistakes, you won't get your flawless run right away(believe me, I tried many times.) Each run will help you, get comfortable with each encounter and their mechanics. Remind yourself that you are not on a time limit, there's no need to rush it.

The guides I used previously for reference were Datto's and Esoterick's.

Subclass: Nightstalker Top Tree, Bottom Tree for final boss; Gambler's Dodge for the final encounter



Wormhusk: Concussive Dampner – x2 Granade Launcher Finder

Feltroc's Grips(any armor with a season 8 or 7 slot works as well): Minor Resist – Fastball(I just use because it's handy, you don't need to use it) – Enhanced Granede Launcher Loader – Hive Barrier

Simulator Vest(or any armor that can use charged with light mods): Mobility Mod – Grenade Launcher Reserves/Unflinching Sniper Aim – Protective Light

Frumious Strides(any armor w/ charged with light): Major Resist – Traction – Sword Scavenger/Bow Dexterity – Taking Charge

Prodigal Cloak(any w/ Chargrd With Light): Mobility Mod – Better Already – Opressive Darkness

This will give you around 100 Mobility, Strength should be around 50. You can also use Taken mods(Cammycakes and other people have videos on how you can get them in New Light, without having Forsaken.) Hive Refreshment also works really well through this run.


Kinetic: Witherhoard – Any Sniper for Cube

Energy: Gnawing Hunger or Any Good Short to Mid Range Weapon – The Vow(or any weapon that's better for long to mid range in the boss room)

Heavy: Falling Guillotine(done with season pass roll, any other roll will work) – A Mos Epoch III with Tracking Module and Cluster Bombs(Auto-Loading Holster works best here; for the final boss)



Start by going to the pillar on the left and keeping an eye out where a knight will spawn, shoot your Witherhoard on him, and switch to the other side to deal with the psions, one direct shot kills a knight over time. Use your Invis Dodge, grab the motes and hide in the back of the room, keep getting your Dark Motes from there. BEFORE you get all 5 motes, use your dodge, this will make sure you won't die on your way(having a dodge on the way out is always nice as well).

If the boss ever boops you off, don't hesitate to use your sword to get back, this has saved me countless times. If you happen to fall in the sphere-shaped hole, try to climb with a sword, and use your dodge the get your jump back. Also mind the rings around the arena if you get booped right after dunking the motes. You really don't wanna try the Nine Sphere Blender.

At around the 2nd or 3rd wave more psions will spawn, Witherhoard that area and keep getting motes. You can get Light Motes by going invisible before the knights die and go to the light, jumping helps you to stay in light.

When you get to the boss phase, use your heavy every time it's up, throw in a couple of Witherhoard shot for some extra dps. When the goblins spawn, use your tether and keep damaging him, take care of the goblins and try not to get overwhelmed. If you feel like you can't kill the goblins fast enough without risks, go to the back and start the next phase, repeat as many times as needed.


You can use the same loadout for the Wastelands, it works well, plus I was too lazy to switch weapons there.


Switch to a sniper, and put unflinching sniper aim on, just in case. An energy add-clearing exotic might work well, but I didn't use one due to wanting to try with an auto rifle. This part will take some attempts, so try to memorize spawn locations while you're going.

When you start, throw a smoke bomb or a grenade at an acolyte spawn, and use your sword on the closest spawn to you. After that, hide behind a pillar with protection against both hobgoblins and kill them. Try to be fast here to avoid more acolytes coming. Kill the knights with a sniper or a sword, according to their locations and the motes you need. Remember to be invis while you get the motes, also use it while going to the middle.

Repeat until the bosses, when you get there, just use your super and sword, maybe a grenade on the second one. If you ran out of sword ammo at that point, just snipe the boss. Mind the thrall.


Keep your current loadout, this will help against the snipers and correct any failed jumps.

I highly recommend going on foot, and killing all sniper along the way. But feel free to use your sparrow if you feel comfortable and very rarely die doing this.

Go through the floating platforms through the pyramids, remember to kill all snipers. On the larger platforms, halfway done, a group of taken will spawn in that are(A Phalanx, and a few snipers). Kill them, run past them, it's up to you.


Switch your subclass, use bottom-tree nightstalker and gambler's dodge if you haven't been using it already. Equip Witherhoard, any long to mid range weapon(you will mainly use Witherhoard; use your energy weapon to kill the hobgoblins), and any good Rocket Launcher. Switch back to Grenade Reserves, and put on Bow Dexterity, just in case.

Stay mobile, use your smoke and dodge frequently. At the start of the encounter(s), shoot your Witherhoard on the spawns, a grenade is nice, since it recovers your smoke over time. It's the same thing as before, blight the knights, stay invis while getting motes and keep moving. The fight gets less chaotic as you take out the boss' ogres, so you can slow down a bit there.

When the ogre spawns, shoot two Witherhoard shots on the ground, use a grenade if you have it, shoot directly at the ogre as well(dodge to get back health/your melee). You can use your heavy as well, just be careful.

Kill all ogres but the last one, this will save you some ammo(unless if you already are out of ammo, then you can kill him with what you have).

On the boss room, I followed this pattern when I spawned, going through the left to the middle platform behind the boss: Witherhoard, Grenade, Rocket, Reload, Smoke. Then Witherhoard and smoke until you reach the platform behind the boss. Shoot your tether on him and on the hobgoblins, use the rest of your super on him(please be careful not to fall off). Use the blocks on the platforms as cover, when he teleports, kill the hobgoblins close to you asap. Try to stay on platforms close to the boss, minding the snipers and his teleport blast.

Keep Witherhoarding and Rocketing him, using your abilities as well(don't need to kill the last two hobs right away, just focus on him). At the end, go through the room again to pick up any ammo or orbs of light dropped.

Take deep breaths on each transition. Repeat the process as many times as you need. This method gave me 4 to 5 phases at around 1061 PL.

After all that you should be done! Enjoy your ghost, and your cool sparrow and fancy emblem when you get flawless(because I believe in you 🙂 ).

Just remember, you will learn better from your own experience and practice. And with that, I wish you good luck on your search for the Nine.

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