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A story about the exotic quest that took me 2½ years to complete, and made me a better Guardian.

destiny2 3 - A story about the exotic quest that took me 2½ years to complete, and made me a better Guardian.

I'm not very good at Destiny 2. I started playing on a free weekend before forsaken released, fell in love, bought it and played the hell out of it for months. Ran through all the story, and did so many strikes and way to many escalation and blind well runs, but I could never really do the high level content like raids or shattered throne, and I am abysmal at PvP. The one thing I loved was Gambit. I may not be good at killing Guardians, but I can still help bank those motes. So when malfeasance was released I knew that would be the goal, my personal end game. I grinded for weeks and weeks, every cycle I would go in and hope to get a Servitor but every single time my team lost, got some good equipment (back when Sleeper was good) but could never get it with all the long time, much better equipped players trying to as well. Unfortunately after a few months Life picked up and I got rid of my PS4. The dream was dead… For now.

Flash forward a few years. Destiny 2 popped up on Game Pass and i learned cross save would let me bring my Hunter over. All my gear sans a handful of exotics where now useless, all the content I knew and loved was gone. But there is was. "Defeat a Primeval Servitor". That was my goal now.

So I was right back at the beginning, my Everest was there and I was starting from the bottom. Did all the new stuff I could, Shadow Keep, Beyond Light, and got what I thought was decent gear and got to it. Not gonna lie it hurt when I learned the Servitor spawns regardless of cycle now but it just meant my insurmountable hurdle was now a speed bump, especially without the entire community doing the malfeasance quest.

Servitor, Done✓

The next steps flew by, taken kills, easy. Quest variant of The Corrupted… Not so easy, but a nice random helped me and I got through it.

Now I could taste it. I just needed… Oh crap. 500 Motes with X2 deducted for lost and 10 wins. I reiterate, I'm not very good, and after having surgery on my hand, my left thumb don't work so great. This was a slog. I played cautious and slow. 5 here, maybe 10. A full stack if I was feeling really frisky.


12%… 32%… 27%… 91%!!! 85%… 100%! Yes! I was stoked

Then the truest hurdle appeared. 25 kills as an invader, and a team wipe, or hope someone does it for me 3 times. I was disheartened. With my had the way it is now I'm lucky if I get an singular kill as an invader. I needed gear. Hopped into lfg, Learned how to do dungeons and started doing nightfalls, something I was never able to get through before. I did the Presage quest with some new friends, I was even feeling confident enough to run it solo and hit an apparently great roll for Dead Man's. Finally I felt ready. I wasn't. Dozens of games and I only had 10 kills, and only needed one win. I was getting frustrated. My first game after work today I invade, 3 kills almost getting 4 before getting out. This was going to be my game. Next invasion, 1 kill. Then 3. Primeval goes up, it's the Servitor. It felt like a sign. 3 more kills. This is it, we where almost done, they where about to win. Go big. One… Two… Three! "Ten seconds and I'm pulling you out." FOUR! "Woo! They should have run! Look em now! They're dead!" FIVE FOR GOOD MEASURE!

15 kills and a win.

I had done it. In spectacular fashion. This singular exotic quest led me to get better. To go for the harder PvE things, to try endgame content and learn about rolls and Meta, to get better gear and go past light cap. I even started helping new and inexpierienced players through the things people helped me through. This may be an inconsequential thing to a lot of the people here. But for me it was what makes Destiny one of my favorite games of all time.

Maybe I'll try and actually beat a raid now.

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