Destiny 2

A Tale of Two Solstice Sets

destiny2 2 - A Tale of Two Solstice Sets

In July 2018, after nearly a year of static weapons rolls, slow gameplay, and an unusual chain of Cabal drill public events on Io, Bungie announced the first Solstice of Heroes. An event dedicated to celebrating our commitments and accomplishments in Destiny. Not only that, but we would be able to earn and purchase the 2018 Solstice armor set and glows, a cosmetic trophy for our investment in the game. But the winds of change were coming…

Forsaken released 35 days after the first Solstice began, and with it came random armor rolls. Bungie had acknowledged that players would like to reacquire random rolls of their beloved Solstice armor, but nothing came of it. I’m sure I wasn’t the only Guardian who accompanied Cayde-6 in his final moments in their garish Resplendent Solstice armor. That was also the last time I wore that armor inside any activity, as random rolls and new mods were simply too good to pass up.

In June of 2019, Bungie released an article on Fall Eververse Changes, which claimed the following:

As of this October, all Eververse armor is being converted into Ornaments. These Ornaments can be applied to all of the Legendary armor sets we’re releasing this Fall. They override the look of your equipped gear while preserving the perks, mods, and stats of the original item.

As I’m sure you all know by now, out of the dozens of Eververse armor sets, the only two that did not receive this change were our Y1 Solstice set, and the Y2 Solstice set we would soon be earning.

July came around once again, and Bungie announced the second Solstice of Heroes. The glows were beautiful, but players were cautious. After all, our previous Solstice sets were still practically unusable a whole year later. How could we be sure that Bungie would respect our time and money, knowing that Armor 2.0 was right around the corner? The clouds parted, and Bungie descended to the masses with fantastic news: Armor 2.0 versions of our Solstice 2019 sets would be available to pick up from Banshee when Shadowkeep launched. We drank the Kool-Aid (or whatever Calus had been feeding us that season), grinded and spent away on that gorgeous armor.


Due to the delay of Shadowkeep’s launch, we had 63 days to enjoy our fancy glows this time around. Bungie upheld their end of the deal, and every player who toiled to earn their Majestic Solstice armor was given a brand new set that was compatible with the (vastly) more versatile Armor 2.0 system, but each piece had total base stats of 46-48. Quickly realizing that we had been given the literal worst set of Armor 2.0, players once again complained that they were not being respected. Bungie once again acknowledged that we wanted methods of grinding new rolls, but once again, nothing happened.

One month before Beyond Light launched, we finally got our first crumbs of details on the long-awaited Transmog system. We received this confirmation that it was safe to dismantle all of our old armor, since Transmog would work from Collections. I’m sure that many of you took this opportunity to throw out your Armor 2.0 Solstice 2019 sets, which cannot be reacquired. But with last week’s news, we now know that those of you who did, also threw out your ability to use Solstice 2019 glows on Armor 2.0, since they will not be compatible with Transmog after all.

For those keeping score at home, the glows that we have lost with Transmog have cost players up to $60 at this point. And that’s not just for people who play every class, keep in mind that those glows were purchased per subclass element. The Solstice 2020 sets were done right by being Ornaments that can be applied to all gear, but the same treatment should be given to the previous ones. I understand that there are technical limitations. For example, if those Ornaments were created for every combination of subclass element and armor rarity (since the old glows could also be applied to their blue and green rarity variants), we would be looking at 270 ornaments, and Bungie has expressed in the past how much strain something like that could place on UI load times. But something needs to be done. We’ve been begging for Transmog to solve this very issue for long enough. Please Bungie, this is unacceptable.

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