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A thank you to the entire Destiny community

destiny2 9 - A thank you to the entire Destiny community

This belongs in this sub with you guys, all of you guardians truly have no idea what you’ve done for my life. At age 14 my father’s dormant opiate addiction came to surface and ripped apart our family. Granted, i was never close to him (because he never liked me) it ripped my mothers heart out, after constant fist fights between me and him, and the police being called on him for choking me, she finally kicked him to the curb. Even after the worst nights, the Christmas eve’s ruined, the countless birthdays destroyed by his addiction, i always had Destiny, i always had Guardians to play with and friends to make on this wonderful game, every hard time in my life i could always hear Dinklebot (now northbot) saying “Eye’s up guardian” and knew i could get through it. Now, four fantastic years later, i’ve gotten back into Destiny 2 and feel the same since of community i felt those years ago, my mother was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and is struggling emotionally but is staying strong for our family, i just want to thank all of you guardians, for the raids, the strikes, the countless crucible matches and great memories for all of these years, and thank you Bungie, for making the best game a guardian could ever ask for. If any of you are struggling through any rough time in your life, keep your eyes up guardian, it gets better.


tldr; this community has pulled me through my hardest times, i owe each and every single one of you a true thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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