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A theory for why the first Darkness subclass is Stasis.

destiny2 1 - A theory for why the first Darkness subclass is Stasis.

After looking around on the subreddit and trying to get any info I can on Stasis I've had two questions bothering me.
1. Why is the first Darkness subclass Stasis?
2. Why is Stasis an ice themed subclass?

So I wanted to explore those questions and I think I came up with a reasonable answer after thinking about the science of heat, the Darkness conceptualized as taking, and a tidbit of Ruinous Effigy lore. So lets get started with the science behind heat.

The Simplified Science of Heat

So what is heat? In simple terms, heat energy is a type of energy created by the movement of molecules. This energy can be transferred between objects and the rate and direction of this energy transfer is typically what determines how hot or cold something feels to the touch. When something feels cold for example, it's because the energy levels of our bodies are higher than whatever material we're touching and that energy in our bodies is being transferred to the other object. Adding to that, the more rapid the transfer, the colder something feels.

"So what?" you might ask, what does a simple natural process have to do with anything? We'll get there.

Now you might have noticed that when I talked about the transferral of heat energy the language I used is rather detached from any mention of an individual or party; that the transfer of energy described above is purely natural and no one is responsible for it. But what if the process isn't neutral? What if someone or something is behind it? What if that energy is being gifted? What if it's being taken?

The Darkness and Taking

If there was a simple way to describe the dichotomy between the Light and the Dark I would say it is this: the Light is about giving, the Darkness is about taking. Repeatedly in lore items regarding the Darkness and its minions we see mention of the idea of taking, of the possession or consumption of others; mind, body, light, and soul.

We see this in how the Hive consume and absorb the light of others, in Oryx and Savathun being able to subtly or forcefully take the minds/bodies of others, in Ghost entries on the moon talking about miners slowly becoming possessed and enthralled. We see it during the Shadowkeep expansion when the player's ghost is temporarily taken over by the Darkness, in the recovered logs of Eris Morn's old team where one of them became possessed by The Song, and we see it in the Weapons of Sorrow; Necrochasm, Thorn, Touch of Malice, and Whisper of the Worm, all of them explicitly mention being hungry (Necrochasm, Touch of Malice, Whisper of the Worm) or feeding on light (Thorn).

There is another weapon though, one tied more closely than any before to the Dark and the one partially responsible for inspiring this whole thread: Ruinous Effigy.

Ruinous Effigy and Hunger

Ruinous Effigy is an exotic trace rifle during the Season of Arrival by completing the exotic quest Missive. A couple things to note here:

  1. Before Ruinous Effigy can be transformed from its original state by Eris Morn the player must feed it calcified light, Taken enemies, and the light of other Guardians.

"Let the branch consume"

"The branch…has a ravenous emptiness"

"Let the branch feed upon the Taken, upon those linked to Darkness by Worm or desperate promise…"

  1. Ruinous Effigy is tied to Touch of Malice, a weapon of sorrow that explicitly feeds off the energy of its user and those it kills.

"Touch of Malice serves as a blueprint for this weapon"

Touch of Malice) – Final round of the magazine regenerates and deals bonus damage at the cost of the wielder's life force.

Touch of Mercy – Three rapid kills will return a portion of the wielder's health.

  1. According to the lore tab of Ruinous Effigy eats the light of those who touch it Here's a snippet of a conversation between Zavala and Banshee talking about it.

"Equipment that uses the wielder's Light is not unprecedented." -Zavala

"It doesn't use it; it eats it. Thing's got an appetite." – Banshee-44

So the Darkness is clearly associated with consuming and taking, and Ruinous Effigy is a weapon of Darkness that tries to eat people, what does it have do with this theory? Look at the description of what happens when Zavala first touches the weapon.

A shallow cold saps the heat from Zavala's fingertips; he pulls back.

It's not just that the weapon is trying to eat his light, it's the that sensation of having his light eaten is that of cold…but why?

Because cold is the simplest form of taking.

Starting with Stasis (Conclusion)

As we've seen in the past, learning how to harness Light into different types of elemental light takes time, study, and an understanding of how to manipulate that energy. If learning how to harness the Darkness takes a similar route, then it makes sense to me that the first subclass would involve a simple form of learning how to take energy, in this case cold. Use the Darkness to take the heat from molecules to slow someone down, make weapons or walls, encase yourself in ice to create a barrier or ice armor, or maybe draw energy from your own body to dull pain.

Anyway, that's all I've got. What do y'all think of this explanation?

TL;DR: If cold is loss/removal of energy and Darkness is about taking aspects of others, then taking energy by harnessing Darkness would be Stasis.

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