Destiny 2

A Thousand Tripping Knives: Solar hunter build for near infinite ability and quick supers.

destiny2 5 - A Thousand Tripping Knives: Solar hunter build for near infinite ability and quick supers.


Eyes up, Guardians! Cause I'm dropping a singing hot hunter build on ya.
Want to throw all the knives? Like turning people into hot, exploding unicorns? Do you feel that fiery passion within to just burn. them. all? Well strap on your baby dragon bones and join me for an adventure in fire!


  • ~100% uptime on melee, grenade and dodge, while having relatively low discipline and strength
  • ~1/2 minute supers, depending on how many enemies you got to kill/dodge near.
  • Never have to reload your primary
  • Generate warmind cells with both weapons and abilities.
  • Get some form of healing/sustain or high recovery
  • Have fun

Main Build

For the build to work baseline we are going to be using the following equipment and abilities:

  • Way of a thousand cuts, trip-mine grenade, gambler's dodge.
  • Young Ahamkara's Spine exotic with (enhanced) impact induction mod – hence the trip-mine grenades.
  • IKELOS_SMG_V1.0.2 with Grave Robber and Demolitionist (farm from umbrals)
  • Max mobility via: Mobility mods, Traction (+5 visible bonus, +10 hidden bonus to mobility) and optionally the Powerful Friends mod. Rest focussed on recovery.
  • Class mods: Distribution and (Enhanced) Ashes to Assets
  • Warmind mods: Wrath of Rasputin and Fireteam medic for both detonating and using them to heal you.

Optional Parts

The following additions are optional, and aren't vital to reaching the goals.

  • Charged with Light mods: Taking Charge and Protective Light – Keeps you alive in sticky situations, letting you pop that healing Warmind cell to recover. Or Reactive Pulse for AOE arc damage. Or Lucent Blade for extra (boss) DPS with your sword.
  • Seasonal mods: Solar Plexus instead of Ashes to Assets; Inferno Whip, to stagger bosses and stun champions; Breach Resonator + Anti-Barrier rounds for more regen for weapon kills.
  • Hahaha Falling Guillotine go brrrrrrt.


You can probably see it already from how it's coming together, and the exotic of choice has no doubt tipped you off as well. This one is all about the abilities. You loop them: Trip-mine, knives, dodge, trip-mine, knives, dodge etc.

Your trip-mine fuels your super, your knives fuel both your trip-mine and your dodge, which in turn fuels everything and resets your knives. Each trip-mine can generate a warmind cell, which heals you and destroys your enemies. Knives and Grenade both reload your weapon, which in turn fuels those abilities on kills thanks to breach resonator. Your knives can stun-lock bosses with Inferno Whip as each knife puts a stagger on them. You take care of 2 champion types, with the third being no match for your big sword friend: Falling Guillotine.

(see this same post with attached video of an example of how the build plays)

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