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A warlock explaining why a lot of us are complaining and what are our concerns

destiny2 10 - A warlock explaining why a lot of us are complaining and what are our concerns

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Long post warning, there will be a TLDR at the bottom if you are interested

First of all, i'm sorry for all our complaining. I know some people consider all of this whining annoying. But we have many reasons for why we are making so much noise these days.

Mainly it's this: We are either getting nerfed too Hard and too quick or we are getting nerfed for no real reason and just for the sake of nerfing us and make us have less choices. They are really slow at addressing our concerns but when it comes to nerf us they are really quick. They don't treat us exactly like the other classes.

I will provide some examples:

  • Skull of dire Ahmakara. It needed a nerf. It was nerfed too much, now struggle to even regen 25% of your super.

  • Nova warp. Did i need to explain this one? It needed a nerf, but now it's dead from a very long time.

  • Bottom tree Dawnblade. Great super, orrible neutral game. Super got nerfed because it lasted a very long time in PvE. The tree is now dead from a very long time.

  • It took a very long time before they addressed our melee that was too slow compared to other classes or the fact that you couldn't see anything during Chaos reach.

This is Just what comes in top of my head first, but i think there are many more. Now i don't want to start a war against Hunter and titans (i play and love all classes!), But Let's compare all of this with them.

Spectral is still one of the strongest subclass for PvP for Hunters, they didn't destroyed it like Nova warp (luckily). Striker bottom tree is the same, really good in PvP. OEM and Wormhusk crown are still really good too after their nerfs.

Now, we get to this "rage" because our new subclass, what we even pay for BL, got hard nerfed in 9 days! Super quick. Don't get me wrong it needed a nerf. But they didn't even waited to see how things were evolving, or the release of the new aspects and to everyone getting Fragments. Well, anyway the melee got slighty buffed again shortly after.

Revenant and behemoth? Shortly after they showed to be much more stronger than Shadebinder but they are still there, running rampart. The nerf did take way longer than Shadebinder to come, and it did barely anything. What they did then? They nerfed Shadebinder again! The subclass was perfectly fine before this and they still nerfed it, it wasn't a "Must have" in neither PvP or PvE and it was competing with the light subclasses like it should be. There wasn't any reason to nerf Shadebinder. And we have some fear that it will end like Nova warp again. But still behemoth and Revenant are there. They even buffed Revenant.

Why we didn't get the same treatment as others? Revenant and Behemoth got slighty nerfs to Shatterdive (for hunters) and Glacial grenade combo (for both, basically). The nerfs were really small, but then for behemoth they said: "Investigate the efficacy of the Stasis Titan Behemoth Super. We want to let the above change settle to see where the Behemoth stands in our PvP hierarchy, but this is next on our radar"


Why we didn't get small nerfs to Shadebinder and see how the subclass will end? Why did get the nerf hammer so quickly? Why 6 multiplicative nerfs all at once? And then nerfed again for no reason in PvE?

(Just to clarify, i DON'T WANT nerfs to Revenant and Behemoth becuase they nerfed Shadebinder. I think both of these needs a nerf in PvP, but in PvE they are both FINE! And i love using Behemoth or Revenant in PvE)

Penumbral blast damage nerf was discovered as a bug. But it needed a lot of time and complains to actually address that as a bug. Eyes of tomorrow and Dunemarchers bug got addressed really quickly like it should be. Before you come to say this: Iceflare bolts grenade regen removal wasn't a bug, and it was an intentional nerf.

Our new exotic doesn't work in PvP, but from what i know, still no response from bungie.

We have only 2 choice in PvP now, and we are the worst class out of the 3 for now. To be really competitive we are locked on using top tree dawnblade, and Stormcaller middle tree. Shadebinder, Nova Warp and Stormcaller top got all nerfed.

We complain because we want to get heared, our concerns are being addressed very slowly and they always brings the heaviest Hammer when it comes to nerf us. We want to keep the discussion active so bungie will most likely address us. We don't complain because we want to be OP, we just want bungie to treat us like the other classes.

I will share some comments that for me had really good and well explained points:

  • From the focused feedback, Shadebinder summary

  • From the focused feedback, some warlocks balance patches compared to Hunters and Titans

  • Why warlocks feels shafted

  • Pre-nerf Shadebinder compared to current Revenant and Behemoth

EDIT: adding some things with the help of comments. Stormcaller top tree got nerfed hard too, it's still good thanks to Crown of tempest luckily (but a slave of it) but the lightning chain does less damage than Dunemarchers, a titan exotic (which i love using on my titan). And trascendence is a anti-synergize perk they didn't address. Plus is bugged and doesn't always regen health. Nezarec's Sins got nerfed for no reason and they said it was a "bug fix". Well, thank god the exotic it's still good. Sanguine alchemy was good in PvP and it was nerfed even if it wasn't even meta if i Remember right. Two of our void grenades are bugged or useless, especially in comparison to Vortex.

TLDR: We warlocks are usually ignored, our things get addressed slower than other things, we get nerfed heavier and quicker compared to other classes, sometimes even without any reason. It feels bad. Shadebinder didn't need another nerf. Nova warp is still dead. Because of hard nerfing we have less choices, especially in PvP. We don't want to be OP, we complain just because we want to be treated like the other classes.

(Sorry for bad english and for the wall of text)

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