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A Weapon Sunset Compromise via a new feature: REFORGING – Unifying Bungie & Community Goals Regarding Weapon Sunsetting

destiny2 6 - A Weapon Sunset Compromise via a new feature: REFORGING - Unifying Bungie & Community Goals Regarding Weapon Sunsetting

Reforging Proposition

First let’s point out some easily identifiable goals and desires. Also, this is going to be solely about weaponry, not about armor. I think that’s a whole other can of worms and I’m not going to address it.


  1. Increase player engagement time.
  2. Have an avenue for retiring weapons Bungie feels are damaging to the overall sandbox without actually nerfing them into oblivion. That way they can introduce Recluses, Breaknecks, Mountaintops, and Revokers with full knowledge they may be overpowered without having to balance new content around them for longer than 9 months. The same applies for weapons that end up being unintentionally overpowered like Spare Rations.
  3. Be able to bring weapons that are not judged to be detrimental to the sandbox forward in future.
  4. Encourage build diversity and trying new weapons rather than just relying on old favorites.
  5. Maintain a “chase” for favorite weapons.
  6. Have a sense of excitement when an old favorite is brought forward much like the feelings about returning exotics from Destiny 1 have engendered.
  7. Reduce hoarding of potential “god rolls” by very active players so that they can instantly break the weapon and perk meta whenever it shifts, and simultaneously reduce players’ overflowing vaults from said hoarding.
  8. Encourage players to only hold onto their absolute favorites and weapons that were meaningful trophies to them.


  1. Have playtime respected. Some people’s favorites took hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of token redemptions to obtain drops.
  2. Have kill counters, some of which are well into five digits on favorite weapons, respected. (Bungie introduced kill counters sort of as a flex to show how much you love and are dedicated to the mastery of a certain weapon they designed. There’s nothing wrong with that; in fact, it was a great idea and can still be without being relegated to the current status of being meaningless.)
  3. Have a way to bring old favorites to the new power level when a reissue occurs.
  4. Feel excited about reissues rather than feeling exploited.

I’d like to suggest that none of these need to be mutually exclusive. Here’s what I propose:

The moment we all feared has arrived. The Darkness has returned. As its oppression spreads across the system, it has limited the ability of the Light to endlessly empower old weaponry. But there is a workaround… Banshee-44 has the technology. He can reforge them. Able to hold more Light than before. But it will come at a price.

Remember Armsday from Destiny 1? Every Wednesday at 2 AM Pacific, Banshee would fill an order that we made the previous week. I’m suggesting we bring Armsday back as a weekly optional ritual. Instead of placing orders for him to build us a random roll of a gun we want and will most likely dismantle as it’s not a roll we like, instead, we make it about upgrading favorites that were reissued.

If you have a weapon you love that has been reissued, Banshee can reforge one weapon per account per week. What you’ll need is a certain amount of materials, a certain amount of glimmer, your old weapon, and a fresh drop of its reissued version. Bungie can set it according to what they determine is an appropriate “investment” but just as a suggestion, I propose:

  1. Your old weapon
  2. A fresh drop of the reissued version
  3. One Ascendant Shard
  4. Two Upgrade Modules
  5. 50,000 Glimmer

You can turn in a weapon to Banshee once a week, and on the Wednesday reset, you receive your weapon back, now with the Light cap of the reissue. Similar to how Xur was used to exchange/upgrade launch exotics in Destiny 1 to the new power level during The Dark Below.

If that’s too much of a nightmare to code and there’s potential for vanishing weapons, the exchange could also just be done instantly like an infusion.

Why once a week

You can only upgrade 52 weapons per year. That forces you to think about your existing gear and how much you really like it. You’re less likely to worry about upgrading the 350 various rolls you have piled up in your vault. By the time you upgrade them all, the vast majority will have been sunset again. It also removes the divisive element among the playerbase where people who play obsessively like it’s their job get all their old great rolls back the first week.

Why an Ascendant Shard

Encourages play of endgame activities. Without ever touching any of them, you’d only get to upgrade three weapons per season, and that’s if you don’t masterwork any armor. Obviously we should have more sources of Ascendant Shards than just grinding the same single Nightfall: The Ordeal endlessly though…


Why 50,000 Glimmer

I think it’s a good midpoint where it’s an effective glimmer sink for people who are always pinging off the glimmer cap, and makes you think about actually spending that much, but not so much glimmer it becomes exploitative of your time.

Why a copy of the reissued weapon

This preserves some element of chase. When the weapon enters the loot pool you don’t just upgrade instantly, you need to actually get a drop to use first. It also definitively ties the reforging system to the weapon being reissued. This taps into the same excitement people feel when an old, well-loved exotic is coming back into the world loot pool.

I think this Reforging system could both meet Bungie’s goals with weapons (if they feel a weapon is broken, just don’t ever reissue it!), and the community’s desires with respect to reissues. Suddenly finding out one of your old favorites is being reissued results in excitement over the prospects you’ll be able to pull it into new content, rather than feeling exploited in that they want you to regrind the exact same thing. Your old kill counter is still there, your favorite roll is still there. You keep coming back both to obtain the reissue, and to put together materials to have it reforged.

This system would even work well with old pinnacle/ritual weapons that Bungie doesn’t feel are game breaking. They could bring back things like Horror Story for Festival of the Lost, Avalanche and Cold Front for the Dawning, have fresh Vanguard quests occasionally for re-earning things like Oxygen, Loaded Question, Edgewise, etc. By just automatically updating Light levels you remove the chase. With reforging though, you still have to play to earn the updated version, but then you can update your old weapon.

To use myself as an example, I’m a big Horror Story aficionado. I have 21K kills on it, and it’s my favorite non-exotic primary alongside Redrix’s Broadsword. Let’s say Bungie brings back Horror Story for FotL 2020. Obviously I will want to reforge my Horror Story, but I’ll need to actually play and complete the event and earn the reissue first. Then I can give it to Banshee for a reforge.

Or for another example, I love Wishbringer. But it took me hundreds of hours of Crucible and thousands upon thousands of tokens to Shaxx to get a roll I really, truly loved (Smallbore/Accurized/Slideshot/Autoloader/Range MW). That roll now has 12,000 PvE kills and 1000 PvP kills on it and even got a cameo in an nKuch video (“Everyone and their mother is now a shotgun warrior” – cue being slide shotgunned by Frost’s Wishbringer). Wishbringer has come back, with the same perk pool… seeing as my exact roll can be replicated through RNG, apparently Bungie has blessed the gun as not-OP. And I love that gun to the point I would happily put in whatever I need to to bring it forward. Hence we have another perfect candidate for reforging.

Speaking for myself, if we had the above reforging system, that would accomplish the following for me as a player:

  1. I would be excited to see weapons get reissued, and look to see if any of my handful of favorites are on the list, rather than being begrudingly annoyed and feel like my time spent getting them in the first place was completely disregarded.
  2. I’d hold out hope for futures seasons/events to reissue beloved classics.
  3. I’d have an avenue to update my existing favorites when they are reissued.
  4. I’d get to keep my kill counters and associated fun memories with a weapon that’s still current.

From Bungie’s perspective:

  1. I would only be able to upgrade weapons that got the nod as being okay to bring forward. No Recluses and no Revokers.
  2. It keeps me engaged with the game as I actually have to play the game and do stuff to bring my old weapon forward, it’s not just automatic.
  3. It makes me really think about what I want to upgrade, instead of just blanket upgrading everything as fast as I can sink time into the game.
  4. Following on #3, I’d likely clear out probably 70% of my vault that I’m never going to use anymore and only focus on maybe 10 or so weapons that I really, truly LOVE, and another 10-20 more that I like enough that I'd bring them forward if they got reissued. The rest of the time I’d play with new seasonal weapons unless or until I could update to a reissue via reforging. In the process I might discover new seasonals that I actually prefer.

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