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About any future subclasses or abilities in Destiny

destiny2 5 - About any future subclasses or abilities in Destiny

Many people in the community on DTG and the forums are complaining about Stasis in the Crucible right now and saying the focus of the game should be on guns instead of abilities. The last time there was this sort of consensus was ROI in D1, that feedback about the strength of abilities was acted on in the launch of D2 and the way abilities were at that point in D2 was lacking to say the least. Please do not make any abilities in future subclasses weak like that or release blanket nerfs to existing abilities in the future.

The main problem people have with Stasis is that it feels cheesier to die to than most guns because the players movement is often restricted prior to death. This leads to people saying it does not require skill because skill in pvp is often defined in this community as gunskill which leads to calls for nerfs for abilities. I

If Stasis did not have the freezing and slowing then it would be like being hit by any other ability in the game which does not sound very innovative. In the months leading up to the release of Stasis no ability was seriously complained about like Stasis currently is but some abilities that existed leading up to BL had very strong releases (things like Celestial Fire, Icarus Dash and Weighted Knife) and are no longer really complained about. Stasis is just another flavour to get hit by and just like with things including Celestial Fire and Icarus Dash people will get used to being affected by it while they are playing the game it will just take some more adjusting to.


Me and many other Destiny players love the theme of Stasis as well as the way it plays and I would hate for the complaints of a minority group within the community to lead to watered down abilities in the future.

The way abilities and guns play together and feel and their interactions with other beings in PVE and PVP is the ex-factor that sets Destiny apart from other FPS games. If those are taken away or made weak I might as well go play OW or Halo but then I am missing out on the gunplay and everything else Destiny provides that no game has been able to replicate and I really, really don't want that.

I think if complaints about Stasis were to be acted on and future subclasses were built with complaints about Stasis in a cornerstone position from a balance standpoint powerful passive bonuses that affect weapons and varieties of different buffs for teammates would be the best way for it to manifest in those subclasses. Two examples off the top of my head is, if a Warlock consumes a grenade it releases a pulse that boosts the walk speed of nearby teammates to sprint speed for a duration or for a Titan damage absorbed by their barricade as well as damage they receive directly boosts the health of their next barricade.

My main point is to not allow complaints about Stasis lead to the strength and creativity of abilities being decimated in the future.

It is hard not referring to DTG as the community because it is not.

completely unrelated: fix the lights on the cube in the Cube room in Prophecy.

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