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Absolutely true facts about the legendary Dance party of November 8th

destiny2 7 - Absolutely true facts about the legendary Dance party of November 8th

Zavala showed up late because he was doing some paperwork concerning ammo production within the city walls. Still he managed to own many a fool who dared challenge him upon the dreaded soccer field of doom (he is a great defender who will not hesitate to break a leg with his kick).

Shaxx got absurdly drunk and was flirting with everybody the entire time. Rumor has it he left the party with seven partners in tow.

Devrim Kay stayed home with his husband to brew Tea and raise their son. No one blamed him for it.

Saint-14 kept things civil as the ultimate bouncer. Whenever someone got too rowdy he doled out headbutts in quick succession. His headbutts were recorded and turned into the ultimate remix by Aunor Mahal.

Multiple civilians who live at the farm now have PTSD from watching so many drunk Guardians fall off the roof trying to get the speed buff from the fire pit and usually break their own legs.

Ikora believes she saw Osiris for a fleeting second, dancing with a shy Warlock who never speaks to anyone besides her ghost. The Warlock refused to confirm or deny her suspicions.

The Guardian ditched the party to go hang out with Mithrax after realizing no one invited him. The Guardian arrived in the basement to discover Petra Venj had already arrived and was engaging Mithrax in a spirited ether chugging contest. Mithrax didn't mind he wasn't invited and chatted with his friend for hours about the meaning of existence.

Petra passed out after her fifteenth cup and woke up 10 kilometers away from the Farm wondering where her ship was.

A lot of Hunters were in serious danger of killing the mood with their inaction. Parties lead to challenges and challenges lead to people taking the Vanguard Dare. Luckily a group of Titans challenged a group of Hunters to a soccer match and soon, the fear of being distinguished as the next potential Vanguard Hunter vanished (no one won. The game just kept going until the party died).


A drunken Titan at one point, loudly proclaimed his infatuation with Commander Sloane and announced his intent to travel to Titan to propose marriage to her. That was a week ago and he still hasn't shown his face in public.

Xur dropped by and showed off his arsenal of exotic dance emotes even Eververse doesn't have in stock. The entire dance floor endured such a serving that they all had their ghosts erase their memories to forget the shame.

At one point Lewis AND the Colonel were perched atop Saint-14's shoulders when he decided to take a nap standing upright. Security was maintained when Saint-14's Ghost floated in to give her boy a break from all the headbutting.

The Drifter never showed up. However a mysterious note was found glued to the soccer ball that was covered in gibberish and accidentally summoned a Primeval after Marcus Wren was dared to shoot it.

Eris Morn was challenged to a no handed wrestling and staring contest by a beefy warlock who definitely isn't a stand in for the author of this article. The Warlock didn't win but also somehow didn't lose. The two then spent a lovely night together and the Warlock woke up tasting raisins in his mouth.

All the while, Amanda Holliday and Suraya Hawthorne ordered pizza for everybody to keep the energy high. The two then shared a pizza covered in Kiwicumbers and Pineapple stolen from Eris Morn. Suraya thought it was the most disgusting thing she ever ate, but she enjoyed talking with Amanda.

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