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Adding settings to console UI menus; a plea to Bungie

destiny2 9 - Adding settings to console UI menus; a plea to Bungie

TLDR: a request for simple controller settings: faster look sensitivities, sensitivity curves, aim acceleration, and stick dead zone options for players who use a controller.

I love this game, and I want it to be the best Destiny it can be. This is why I'm making this post, I think Destiny could be even better.

Well, what are these settings?

  • The big one here is look sensitivity. The range of possible look sensitivity should be increased for those of us who desire it. The maximum sensitivity should be at minimum, double the maximum look speed that we get from 10 sensitivity (the current maximum setting). This will virtually eliminate the need to constantly use Traction on our boots, as evidenced by the fact the better turning radius from Traction is useless and redundant on PC, where players do have access to a broader sensitivity range and sensitivity curve settings. Having a broader range of look sensitivity can offset much of the problem MnK users don't have, and that's the weapon recoil issue. With higher look sensitivity comes the potential for increased ability to control weapon recoil.

  • Another problem is the sensitivity curve. While it works sufficiently, it isn't ideal for all situations and often leaves me wanting more. There are situations where I'm physically prevented from doing what I already know how to do, because there are no options to adjust the sensitivity curve or choose a different curve altogether, such as a linear curve. In conjunction with look sensitivity, the sensitivity curve is an omni-present game function that we all use, all of the time. This is a very important and overlooked part of Destiny, and as such it should be one of the most well-supported game functions in terms of player options in the settings UI menu screens. Currently there are no sensitivity curve options in Destiny 2 on console, nor while using a controller on PC.

  • Acceleration. Aim acceleration (also known as aim smoothing) is like look sensitivity and the sensitivity curve in that it is an integral part of playing the game. As such, these functions are the first place we should look to in order to improve the player's experience, but there are no acceleration settings available to controller users on console.

  • Stick dead zone. There are no options to adjust this, and like look sensitivity, the sensitivity curve, and aim acceleration, the stick dead zones are omni-present and a crucial part of playing the game. The game should have dead zone settings. I can't talk about dead zones without mentioning u/EternalDahaka, as this redditor imo is pretty much an authority on this topic. For further in-depth analysis of Destiny 2's dead zones, see his post here.

I don't want to make this post too long, so I'll leave it at just these basic game functions. Other highly requested game functions that could impact game performance, such as FOV, I'll leave for another post at another time. These game settings are quite common to console and PC shooters. Another fun game I'm paying attention to is Hyper Scape (a BR), which came out just a few months ago from Ubisoft. Over on the Hyper Scape reddit, it's game developers released a preview of their next patch. In this video, they talk at length about the game experience while using a controller, and they are adding some of these options I listed above that Destiny should have. I'm linking this video to provide contrast to Destiny and Bungie, and you should know it only took Hyper Scape developers just a few weeks to send out a patch with these improvements. If they can do it, Bungie can as well. After all, Bungie contributed heavily to the shooter genre on console. You can see that video here. Don't worry, it's only a few minutes long. 😁

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