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After a weekend of Trials, I wanted to document the issues our team saw with Stasis

destiny2 9 - After a weekend of Trials, I wanted to document the issues our team saw with Stasis

I wanted to make a low-salt documentation of what issues we had with Stasis, as in, how it forced us to play and ways that it seemed (excessively) powerful. I want this to also be a discussion, not just a rant.

Slow Dodge + Withering Blade

This combination felt nearly impossible to outplay, especially on players using a Sniper rifle. We simply could not push players who used this, as they could dodge, then use a Withering Blade to freeze one or more players. This was especially powerful with Mask of Bakris, which made them nearly impossible to shotgun, as they covered so much distance. However, without Bakris, they had a cooldown of around 15 seconds on this combo.

Glacier Grenade, in general:

This is a very well known problem for many players; Hunters and Titans can throw Glacier Grenades and shatter them, dealing massive damage. While we were able to outplay the basic Glacier + Shatterdive combo in an aggressive sense, it made snipers impossible to push, as the only way to outplay it is to keep your distance. With Titans, it never really posed a problem. It does have massive power in its ability to block sightlines for long periods of time, along with zone an area.

Behemoth Super:

This super feels like pre-nerf Fists of Havoc to go against. It lasts insanely long for how fast it moves. It is a free round win in Trials if they don’t have a counter-super. The most egregiously annoying thing about it was that it freezes players when activated, meaning it can be used as a Panic super, moreso than Fists of Havoc, which often cannot kill players on the initial slam. Aside from that, the ability to spam the Lunge with little cost to the super is the exact same issue seen with Fists of Havoc before its nerf.

Behemoth is also rocking better damage resistance than Hammer of Sol on The Taken King’s release, at 60% damage resistance. This means a high impact sniper only deals 190 damage, enough to be tanked by moderate resilience Titans.

Silence and Squall:

When the enemy had match point and had a Silence and Squall, we knew for certain it was a lost game. There is essentially no way to outplay this super. Being frozen by the initial freeze is nearly a guaranteed death, as the Squall tornado will kill you, and if it doesn’t, a player will most certainly shoot you before you can become unfrozen.

We rarely saw Shadebinders, but when we did, they weren’t excessively difficult to play against. The instant freeze was quite powerful when used correctly, but again, didn’t prove too powerful.

Again, I wanted this to be a discussion, not a rant.

I wanted to also list a few suggestions as to how I would begin to tune these:

  1. General Stasis:
  • All Freezes against Guardians now last 2 seconds. The “Break Out” Prompt has been removed in all Crucible instances.

  • Reduced Whisper of Durance Slow Buff in Crucible (4s -> 3s)

  • Whisper of Shards now requires a kill from Shatter Damage to activate

  • Increased Whisper of Shards initial duration (3s -> 7s)

  • Whisper of Fissures range buff reduced (-15%)

  • Whisper of Hedrons now requires a Frozen Enemy, or an enemy who was recently frozen, to be killed to activate.

  • Stasis Crystals take significantly more damage from special weapons (100% -> 200%)

  • Stasis Crystals spawned by enemies will deal significantly less damage to teammates when destroyed by teammates (100% -> 25%)

  1. Glacial Quake:
  • Increase the cost of Shiver Strike while using Glacial Quake (~2.5% -> 5%)

  • Scale Super Loss with the time a Shiver Strike is held (as of now, it takes a flat ~2.5%, regardless of how long Shiver Strike is held)

  • Reduce base duration of Glacial Quake (26s -> 20)

  • Reduce Cost of Slam Attack (~15% -> 10%)

  • Increase speed of Slam Attack animation

  • Improved targeting on Slam Attack.

  • Change the immediate freeze to nearby enemies to a x5 Slow

  • Reduce range of immediate Slow (8m -> 5m)

  • Reduce Damage Resistance while in Super (60% -> 52%) (This is bringing to to Fists of Havoc levels)

  1. Slow Dodge:
  • Reduces Slow Stacks accrued by Dodge (6 -> 4)
  1. Duskfield Grenade:
  • Adds a short delay before slow field appears (0.8s)

  • Removes enemy momentum after the pull (this would be to prevent enemies from using a jump ability in combination with speed acquired from the pull to quickly escape)

  • Reduced rate of Slow accrued by Duskfield by 25%

  • Adjusted duration of Duskfield to be more in line with Vortex, Solar, and Pulse

  • All Slow Stacks are removed after exiting the range of the Duskfield Grenade

  1. Withering Blade:
  • Increased base damage by 10% (64 -> 71)

  • Reduced Slow Stacks accrued to 5

  • Slightly increased delay between throws (~0.4s -> 0.8s)

  • Reduced tracking range after hit (~15m -> 7m)

  • Reduced number of ricochets (2 -> 1)

  1. Glacier Grenade:
  • Now has a uniform pattern, where all crystals must be aligned with others. If Crystals cannot align, they are not formed. (This prevents frustrating occurrences where crystal formation “crawls” around walls, freezing when it shouldn’t)

  • Reduced number of crystals formed by Glacier Grenade (5 -> 4)

  1. Silence and Squall:
  • Reduced Radius of Silence Kama (~12m -> 10m)

  • Both Silence and Squall require Line of Sight in order to freeze

  • Squall can no longer travel through environmental obstacles

  • Increased damage of Squall by 25%

  • Increased speed of Squall by 8%

  • Reduced duration of Squall (20s -> 12s)

  • Reduced delay before Squall Kama is thrown (1s -> 0.75s)

  1. Tectonic Harvest:
  • Reduced Tectonic Crystals created from Guardian Kills (3 -> 2)
  1. Shatterdive:
  • Removed Damage Resistance provided during Shatterdive

  • Reduced Range of Shatterdive (can now shatter 2 crystals in a Glacier Grenade, maximum)

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