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after some testing i’m almost sure there is something wrong with matchmaking criteria

destiny2 1 - after some testing i'm almost sure there is something wrong with matchmaking criteria

disclaimer: as advised i can't show footage from any game or link match page in that shows other players ID's, but i'm gladly to do send it the mods to verify it, and more than glad to provide more information if i'm asked.

lately i was having bad pvp experience, due some latency problem, it got noticeable after this expansion, i have noticed this issue before but i never give it that much of attention.

almost every time i play crucible or gambit i get some angry messages saying i'm lagging, which is true but they were lagging on my side too.

i usually play other online games such as battlefield (server based online game) and never got any issues, so basically i thought it's something to do with some destiny networking bug.

back to destiny, at first i wondered why are they sending me these messages in english, italian and german when i live in a country that doesn't speak any of it, so i replayed back to some of them asking where they live, i was surprised that i got matched with europian and american lobbies.

after a while i got frustrated then decided to play only for my pinnacles, usually i leave extremely lagging matches if i don't get kicked from some error (except for mayhem because usually no one cares about their k/d)

as usual i checked my internet settings (download and upload speed, ping, open ports, DMZ, NAT, DNS, wires … etc) and everything seemed fine for my 50 Mbps fibre optic line.

anyway few weeks ago i got some trouble with my destiny account in crucible and gambit, so i done a basic research and found out that i can't know for sure why i got the trouble access issue, i can only guess if it's from my connectivity.

so i asked my friend if i can borrow his modem called Netduma, it has good reviews for gaming settings. but all i wanted is the main feature: showing my lobby location.

my test was 3 crucible and 3 gambit matches from last week, and the same goes to this week, and recorded the modem's page that shows the lobby location.

my surprise was it showed that i got matched with europe and north america and south america ! all that time i was playing with players from other continents.


here is the test from last week

this week after the patch and after updating the modem:

for my limited experience this shows there is something wrong with matchmaking criteria.

i'm wondering why would a CBMM game throws me to different continents? even SBMM shouldn't do that.

i wanted to use one of this modem features and lock my search on local players but i'm afraid it might get me another limited access issue for more than two weeks this time.

i'm really confused right now, am i testing this wrong? is this some sort of global networking issue that my country has? is it from destiny search criteria? i have no idea.

thanks for reading and sorry for my english.

edits: choosing better words.

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