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All 2 Man-able Final Raid Bosses, Back to Back, No Wipes

destiny2 4 - All 2 Man-able Final Raid Bosses, Back to Back, No Wipes

All two man-able final raid bosses, back to back without any wipes. Took about 60 hours of learning/optimizing our strats as well as official attempts before finally getting this completed.

My PoV:

Lethal's (Vendetta) PoV:

Instead of this being just a "look at what we did" post, we thought this could be a good opportunity to present a guide on all of the currently two man-able raid final bosses (the guides below are a mixture of general fight mechanics and specific two man strats).

Quick disclaimer: the strategies discussed below are not designed to be the "best". Many of these bosses can be defeated in fewer phases. However, we chose to use load-outs that were both consistent and comfortable for the both of us. In many instances another gun / sub-class could be just as (or more) useful. Take the information below as a primer for your own setups and have fun!

Timestamps shown are (RyTown | Lethal)

Last Wish: Riven

  • Going into this challenge Riven was easily the one I was the most worried about. Primarily due to needing one person to solo a symbol cleanse. Thankfully Lethal was able to quickly pick this up and it became a non-issue.
  • Using the health wonky-ness with Riven's toes, we ultimately settled on swords for DPS and then use the tumors to finish her off. We use a well while swording as Riven spawns a corrosive liquid under her foot (that will kill you).
  • Lethal: The solo symbol cleanse is somewhat tricky because the symbols change every time you hop off the plate. Once you hop off, there is a period of about half a second where you can see the new symbols as the old ones are changing. leaving the plate at the right time gives you a little more time to see them, and if you get down the timing it is a pretty consistent solo cleanse.
  • I go to the crystal side, as I can "Join Allies" and spawn back up top, bypassing the need to solo cleanse on my side.
  • You might be noticing that we skip cleansing the crystal side until it is time for tumors. This is because the only requirements to progress the fight up to this point is to stun Riven by shooting the correct eyes. The act of cleansing is not required. This means that once the top floor DPS phase is done, we can go back to crystal side and cleanse each floor. NOTE: the mechanic that normally prevents this from happening only activates once all enemies on the top floor are killed. If you do not kill them, you theoretically have infinite time.
  • Fun Fact: After the tumor phase (and at the beginning of the fight), you can be locked out of the rooms if you take too long. A message "The chamber is sealed" will appear and you will die. This happened to us on one of our attempts.


  • Our load-outs consisted of, a special "break" weapon (Izanagi) and an add clearing primary. Izinagi was incredibly useful in quickly and effectively getting the breaks (fire and slam), while a weapon with firefly was amazing for quickly taking out multiple psions at once.

Scourge of the Past: Insurrection Prime (16:45 | 13:44)

  • This fight has changed significantly since the last time I did it. Whisper no longer has infinite ammo and Warlocks have lost the ability to relic skate (RIP skating). This makes the time between DPS phases incredibly tight. As such we had to adapt and find places to get extra stuns on the boss. For each DPS phase, you can miss 2 stuns (1 per ball deposit). There is some wiggle room (the final wipe timer does not seem to be the same every time), but 2 stuns missed is a good place to start in your own attempts.
  • For each DPS phase: Start by breaking all the shield generators. Normally this should take between 1 and 2 boss stuns. If you need more stuns, go for it (but be quick, the faster you get the stun the more time you have).
  • Once you have broken the shield generators, head over to the first berserker spawn (the map by spawn will show you where to go). Break the berserker but do not kill it. Head out and get a quick boss stun. For long berserker stuns (top left, top middle, top right) we found that the servitor would get to the map before us. As such we needed to find a way to kill it quickly.
  • This evolved, but ultimately, we decided to have one person camp the servitor spawn (while the other finishes the berserker) and kill it instantly. Grab the balls, and head to the map to find out which location you deposit them at. We split, one person heads to spawn the other goes to top middle. From here we alternate "Joining Allies", while getting boss stuns. You should get about 2 stuns per "Joining Allies" rotation.
  • Head to the final berserker location and repeat. Depositing the final 2 balls will spawn a tank, use the tank to stun the boss for DPS. Rinse and Repeat until the boss is dead.
  • Fun Fact: If you shot the boss with a tank shot while it is in the air, when it comes back down and opens up (the servitor where you can deal damage), you will need to wait a few seconds before firing as all shots will be immune. This seems to be a bug where the game thinks the boss is still in the air.


  • Fallen Mods will help but are not required (RyTown does not have Fallen Armaments). Our setup consisted of a main DPS and a support DPS.
  • The main DPS (Lethal) was using Whisper and a 140rpm sniper w/ Fourth Times the Charm.
  • The support DPS (RyTown) was using Tractor Canon along with a mixture of a 72rpm (auto-loading) and a 140rpm sniper w/ FTTC.
  • With this setup we were able to get remarkably close to a 3 phase, with some more optimization + using a bubble you could easily hit 3 phases.

Garden of Salvation: Sanctified Mind (48:25 | 35:55)

  • No seriously, TRINITY GHOUL
  • Ok, on to the fight. Just like with a fireteam of 6, you need to deposit 30 total motes in each relay. With 2 people, this means going in 3 times on each side (each person grabs 10 every time). The goal is to kill everything as quickly as possible. The reason for this is the boss does have a global timer before he spawns the DPS crystal.
  • The only real adjustment we make is to hold off on the final deposit. The purpose here is to force the boss to step closer to the relays, hopefully making the tether easier. Sometimes the tether might be too far, but we found that 85% of the time you can stretch it just enough. This is made much easier by having a Titan that can keep floating to keep the tether active.
  • The DPS phase is incredibly tight and requires some quick swapping to maximize damage (Lethal chucks some oppressive darkness nades in between shots). You could probably use Xenophage, but we opted to push the 3 phase (which we still didn't do). After DPS clean up any enemies left, try to get in as many re-builds as possible. RINSE REPEAT.
  • Fun Fact: The tether can go through the boss as you see on our final break (1:08:30)


  • Pre-DPS: A Kinetic Sniper to break the boss / kill cyclops, TRINITY GHOUL, Wendigo (we do not need to use this until DPS but want to be collecting orbs for explosive light).
  • DPS: Swap off Sniper + TRINITY GHOUL for Izinagi and Recluse.

Crown of Sorrow: Gahlran (1:13:30 | 57:08)

  • This fight still takes a lot out of you. There are so many moving parts + enemy spawns that it can very quickly get overwhelming. Rotate as a group and clear each section for the best chance at success. Ultimately, this fight is not that much different from a full fireteam as the core mechanic revolves around 2 people. 21% Delirium is a nice utility weapon to quickly clear out the red bars.
  • For those that have not done Gahlran ever before, the fight has two main states. A player that is a buffed, and a player that is not. The buffed player can kill cursed thrall and knights, while the unbuffed player can kill acolytes and ogres. After a short amount of time, a "mini boss" will spawn (3 total spawn, clockwise from the first one) with a shield.
  • To break the shield, both the buffed/unbuffed players will need to deal damage inside of the shield. The drawback here is the buffed player loses the buff (from being too close). However, for the 2 man this is a good thing as we can have the buff player simply reacquire it (from the spawn location). This means we can choose who is buffed for almost the entirety of the fight (makes loadouts / ammo economy more effective/efficient).
  • To kill the mini boss, the large boss (in that same location) will shoot fireballs out of its hand, once he stops shooting that hand will turn green for a short period of time. Shoot that hand, and the large boss will slam down killing the mini boss.
  • Once all 3 "mini bosses" are killed we move into the DPS phase. The 3 main bosses will lift both of their arms up, you will need to shoot both. Once the hands are down, you will need to shoot the bosses once in the head. This makes them disappear, revealing the real boss. You will notice that we don't fully break a specific boss each time. This is because we are setting up the crystal spawn to coincide with the final break. Break the arms, break the crystal, hedge towards the DPS boss, break the head, swap buffs (and loadout) then on to DPS.
  • Fun Fact: Lethal and Gigz were the first players to two-man this encounter!


  • Pre-DPS – Lethal (Mountaintop, Beloved, Acrius) || RyTown: Dreaded Venture (auto-loading), Seventh Seraph SMG, 21% Delirium
  • DPS: Lethal (Same as Pre-DPS) || RyTown: (Same as Pre-DPS) + Acrius
  • We found Acrius to be an amazingly effective and consistent DPS weapon (thanks chat!). You'll notice that we have some terrible damage phases and still comfortably 3 phase.

Leviathan: Calus (1:48:40 | 1:13:12)

  • Probably the easiest of the two mans, especially on normal. I highly recommend anyone who is interested in 2 man'ing in D2 to start here.
  • You have a dedicated throne room player and a dedicated spirit room player. This makes setting up loadouts incredibly easy. One player specs for clearing enemies, while the other specs into longer distance fights and skull clearing.
  • How do you know which symbol to punch? A while back a few gamers (I honestly do not know the original credit) discovered there was a set pattern to the symbols depending on who the "primary" person is in the spirit room is. Because only one person is in the spirit room for the two man, that person is always guaranteed to be the primary. As such it breaks down like this: {Symbol} -> {Punch}; Sun -> Dog, Axe -> Cup, Cup (w/ Sound) -> Axe, Cup (w/out Sound) -> Sun. The sound mentioned is the DING you hear when the symbols appear above Calus's head. If you do not hear the DING, then it is Cup (w/out Sound).
  • Player in the spirit room kills as many skulls as possible, player in the throne room breaks Calus's shield. DPS begins, deal damage, pz ez.
  • Fun Fact: Punching the wrong psion does not wipe the encounter. You could keep running around punching all the psions. Furthermore, the player in the spirit room can slide backwards to prevent being sucked to death. This is especially helpful when doing this on Prestige mode.


  • Pre-DPS: Lethal (Steelfeather Repeater, Ikelos w/FTTC, Anarchy) || RyTown: Spare Rations, Ikelos w/ FTTC, Falling Guillotine
  • DPS: Lethal (Same as Pre-DPS) || RyTown: Falling Guillotine swaps to Cluster Rockets with auto-loading.

Eater of Worlds: Argos (2:00:10 | 1:17:43)

  • Grab skulls, plant the skulls, break the orbs, deal damage. An over-simplification to be sure but that is the meat and potatoes.
  • Once the fight begins, a set of 3 orbs will appear around Argos. Standing at one of the three islands, will allow you to see all 3 orbs clearly. This is the DPS island.
  • We decided to plan for a double break each time. The way you can setup for a double break is as follows: orbs rotate clockwise while the DPS platform rotates counterclockwise. Therefore, if your first DPS looks like this: Solar, Void, Arc on Void. The second break looks like: Arc, Solar, Void on Arc.
  • NOTE: this only works for a double break. This means you have not "stunned" Argos to prevent the wipe mechanic. After the stun, everything resets.
  • To break the orbs, you will need to use a corresponding skull. To break as a two-man, one player will need to break 2 orbs. To break two of the same energy (Solar, Arc, Void), you need to have the striking hand mod equipped and activated (getting a melee kill). This allows you to have just enough skull ammo to break both. Once the orbs are all destroyed, DPS begins.
  • Fun Fact: I'm terrible at double breaking and almost cost the run!


  • Lethal (Steelfeather Repeater, Ikelos w/FTTC, Anarchy) || RyTown: Spare Rations, Ikelos w/ FTTC, Whisper

If you have any questions leave a comment and we will hopefully be able to answer.


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