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All Stasis Abilities We’ve Seen So Far (With Gifs and Images!)

destiny2 7 - All Stasis Abilities We've Seen So Far (With Gifs and Images!)

For ability layouts, you can see the three grenade options listed in
Warlock Stasis Subclass abilities EN - All Stasis Abilities We've Seen So Far (With Gifs and Images!)

today's Warlock reveal along with three jump options, two class abilities, and one melee. Look at the small white squares under the abilities in the top row to see where I'm getting these numbers from.

There's a currently unknown amount of Aspects/Fragments to be unlocked, but only 2 Aspects and 'up to' 6 Fragments can be equipped at a time as there is 2 Aspect slots and each Aspect can have up to 3 Fragment slots. This can be seen here where Fragment Slots are under the Aspect image with 1 of 3 highlighted.

There appears to be only one super per class, but this can be augmented by Aspects: more on this later.

It appears now that all three classes will be sharing the same three grenades (speculation, not confirmed).

Each class has one base melee ability that may be augmented by various Aspects. These base melee abilities are:

Each super appears to have a one base form that can be potentially be augmented with Aspects.

  • Warlocks –
    7od8Mtk - All Stasis Abilities We've Seen So Far (With Gifs and Images!)Winter's Wrath: Launch projectiles from your staff to freeze targets then
    shatter targets in an AoE around you.
  • Titans –
    7is7QYQ - All Stasis Abilities We've Seen So Far (With Gifs and Images!)Glacial Quake: Slam the ground to produce 3 fracture lines from you causing ice spikes to erupt from the ground and freeze enemies. Light attacks on frozen enemies do bonus damage (see yellow numbers in Glacial Quake gif).
  • Hunters – Silence and Squall: Throw two kamas at your enemies. The first leaves a giant AoE stasis field while the second freezes/shatters enemies.

Potential Aspects we've seen so far – in no particular order.

Two confirmed Fragments:

  • Gain super energy when shattering frozen enemies.
  • Gain class ability energy when shattering frozen enemies.

Thanks to Kayla,
u/Mblim771_Kyle, for all the gif's you see here!

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