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An Idea For A New Game Mode: Invasions

destiny2 3 - An Idea For A New Game Mode: Invasions

TL;DR: Massive 12 player PvE battles

So I basically thought of this when i did the opening shadowkeep mission again where you storm the moon and see random guardians fighting with you. What this mode would be is a massive 12 player PvE battle, set in either destiny's past or present. The mode would include elements of wave based survival, while also having some objectives and mechanics unique to the mode. Here are a few ideas for possible invasions, and I will go into one of them in greater detail.

Twilight Gap (not involving the crucible map)

Six Fronts

The Lunar Disaster

The Attack on the Scarlet Keep (Shadowkeep opening, but way better)

Escalation Protocol on steroids

Future battle in the Dreaming City where we can end the curse

Iron Lords invasion of the Plaguelands

I'm sure you guys can think of a lot more suitable scenarios, but those are what I came up with. So, lets get into the Twilight Gap invasion, because I feel like that would be one of the best options. To start, your 12 guardian strong fireteam (matchmade) spawns next to the city wall. 6 guardians will be on the ground in front of the wall with trenches and other fortifications. The other 6 guardians will be on top of the wall with a clear view of the battlefield and new controllable artillery cannons. Guardians will be able to transverse from ground to wall either from a series of stairs/ledges, or jump pads placed around the map. In front the wall, preparing to attack the city, will be several fallen ketches, sending out skiffs that will deploy fallen enemies, including walkers.

To start off the encounter, the fallen will be sending out waves upon of skiffs that deploy walkers and fallen soldiers. Some skiffs will bypass the ground forces and drop their troops on top of the wall. There will be a lot of walkers, so the guardians on the wall will try to use the artillery to destroy them quickly before they decimate the ground team. At the same time, the fallen on the wall will try to destroy the cannons. If all the cannons are destroyed, the wall is overrun and the mission is failed. Simultaneously, the fallen on the ground will be setting up bombs along the wall (think d1 prison of elders splinter mines). If these mines explode, some fortifications on the ground will be destroyed and the wall will take damage. If too many explode, the wall is destroyed and mission failed. Periodically a suicide fallen will rush the wall and try to deal heavy damage, but if you kill him, his bombs explode and kill a large portion of the invading forces.


After repeating this process for a while, the second phase will start. In this phase, the fallen will use their ketches to bombard the ground in front of the wall, forcing the ground team onto the top of the wall or the wall's series of stairs and battlements built into the side. At this point the fallen will stop trying to destroy the wall and will instead try to get into the main city where the civilians are. While skiffs continue to drop fallen on top of the wall, other fallen will try to scale the wall. Some of these that are scaling the wall will try to make tunnels in weak areas, providing them with another way to reach the city. If too many fallen reach the city, all the regular people die and the mission fails.

Finally, after repelling this assault, the fallen get tired of your BS and send out a the final boss. I imagine that this could be a rotating boss every week or just a random one chosen from a pool. In this case, I'll say the boss is the House of Kings prime servitor because I don't think we have a lore explanation for his death/disappearance. In this boss battle, you can use the artillery cannons to destroy power sources on the servitors body to overload his shields and stop very powerful attacks (similar to insurrection prime). After the boss is defeated, the fallen ships will fly away and you will claim your unique twilight gap rewards. If there is a heroic mode, completing that will reward you with a reprised Gjallahorn. Thanks for listening to my Ted Talk

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