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An idea for a Rocket Launcher build for Warlocks next season with some pretty good sustained DPS.

destiny2 8 - An idea for a Rocket Launcher build for Warlocks next season with some pretty good sustained DPS.

So I did some calculations of a Warlock Only Rocket Launcher build that I have in the works, and the sustained DPS next season actually looks very promising, especially for bosses where Shotty swapping or using swords isn't viable. This'll be sort of a long writeup.

First, I'll tell you the build, and then I'll explain every component. I tested it on an Immune Morgeth in Last Wish, since every component of the build works fine here and I don't have to worry about surviving or anything like that. Here's a shitty, basic video of the build in action. Please ignore the stuttering audio, lol. I don't have the Witherhoard catalyst, and my swaps were scuffed at one point, so the optimal time to do all of this is a little bit faster than what you may see in the video.

Subclass: Well of Radiance, Fusion Grenades.


Kinetic: Witherhoard with Catalyst.

Energy: Any special weapon you can quickly swap to works here. I used Deafening Whisper with Autoloading Holster.

Heavy: A rocket launcher with Demolitionist, Cluster Bombs, Impact Casing and Boss Spec. (Currently sunset Heretic has this as a possible roll, and I'm banking on the recycled one next season to have this roll available as well.)

Armor and Mods:

  • Starfire Protocol, Exotic Warlock chest piece. I'll explain why in a moment.

  • GL and Rocket Dexterity on Arms to minimize swap speed

  • Double Rocket reserves on Chest to bring reserves to 9

  • 100 Discipline

  • Argent Ordnance, if you'd like, to improve rocket damage even more.


This build utilizes three basic concepts.

1.) Starfire Protocol. This Exotic chestpiece gives you an extra fusion grenade, and also provides the sweet bonus of giving back ticks of grenade energy when you do weapon damage while empowered. Empowerment, in this case, occurs within our Well of Radiance.

2.) Witherhoard. We keep a Witherhoard blight ticking on the boss at all times to make sure we're maximizing the grenade energy Starfire is giving back to us. It takes around five witherhoard ticks to return a full nade, but doing damage with our other weapons helps recharge it too. We want the catalyst to ensure we never have to reload it and lose valuable DPS time.

3.) Demolitionist Rocket Launcher. The main damage dealer in this build is this. We take advantage of getting constant grenades from the Starfire-Wither combo, and utilize Demolitionist reloading the weapon when throwing a grenade, and send forth a volley of of Rocket, Nade, Rocket, Nade, Rocket, Nade, Rocket. Be sure to have Impact Casing, Boss Spec and Cluster Bombs handy to maximize damage output. I didn't have cluster, but the average increase in damage per rocket is around 6.6% so I just added it on top of the Rocket damage values. I also would like to try one with Field Prep for even more reserves, but I don't have a roll with that combo.


So, with all this combined, here is a general rundown of what I do. Nade, Well, Witherhoard, Deafening, 3x each of Rocket and Nade, Deafening, Witherhoard, 3x Rocket and Nade again, Deafening, Witherhoard, Rocket, Nade, Rocket, Nade, Rocket, 2 more Nades and finish with a Deafening.

This entire sequence took me 31.8 seconds, but since my Witherhoard isn't masterworked, so I had to actually reload it, and that I had a bit of a weapon swap slipup halfway through, I estimate that, subtracting timeloss, this would take around 27.0 seconds.

With all of this added up, I get 867,303 damage. Adding in the 20% damage bonus from Well, it becomes 996,352 (Nade damage isn't affected by Well). Finally, adding in the 1.3x damage buff rockets will get next season, and our total damage output here becomes 1,169,955 damage in 27 seconds, which is 43,331 DPS. You can see the potential here. And on top of this, there are other legendary special weapons in the energy slot that do more damage than Deafening, such as FILO, so your options are actually pretty wide in that slot.

And keep in mind, this is a completely solo build here. If you run this with teammates, giving you a Weapons of Light and also a Tractor Cannon debuff, I calculated this to be 1,674,974 total damage, or 62,000 DPS over 27 seconds, as long as your titan friend keeps Tractor up and you dip into his Bubble at the right time.

I haven't tested with Argent Ordnance, since I don't have the mod (Curse you Banshee), but I have actually heard it's bugged to buff Witherhoard damage on top of the Rocket damage buff, so I think this could be really strong as a solo player if you stack Argent mods with something like Supercharged. With 3x Argent, Supercharged and Taking Charge giving you 4 extra damage rockets and some extra damage Witherhoard ticks, this could bump up DPS to around 47,700 over the 27 seconds.

I hope this guide gave all you Warlocks inspiration to make a full build revolving around this mechanic. It's a lot of fun, and hopefully Bungie keeps those perks available on next season's Heretic. I have no doubts that existing metas such as shotty swapping will continue to dominate. However, this build might have some more viability for a solo player without a Divinity bubble to hit, or even on bosses where you'd like to keep your distance.

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