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An In-Depth Guide to Using a Bow in Competitive PvP (Console or PC)

destiny2 8 - An In-Depth Guide to Using a Bow in Competitive PvP (Console or PC)


Version 2.1 of learning everything you need to know about using a bow in the crucible and getting a solid idea of what traits you want to look out for, and what loadouts will complement them. With the new season and new bow with new traits, I figured now (6/23/2020) was a good time to update my guide! My original post still exists but at this point is obsolete and not as good as this version which I overhauled for conciseness awhile back. Original Post

Defining Playstyles:

There are two general playstyles that help categorize any bow user in the crucible:

Bow-swap playstyle:

The opening shot is taken with the bow, and then hot-swapped to a HC or other weapon for the kill. This playstyle relies on close/medium range play (range depends on the weapon you’ll be swapping to after the first bow shot). Exotic choices typically revolve around weapon handling and reload or general buffs (ex: lucky pants, peacekeepers, ophidian aspects, Stompeez). This playstyle focuses on increasing general weapon handling so that swapping between weapons becomes a non-issue.

Bow-centric playstyle:

Uses the bow for any engagement whether up close or far away. The second weapon is used independently of the bow to cover specific engagements or ranges such as a shotgun, sidearm, or sniper rifle. Exotic choices may revolve around more unique plays or general buffs (ex: karnstein armlets, ) The weapon mod of choice here is Icarus Grip; this playstyle relies on jumping and playing aggressively.

Note: These playstyles won’t completely define a bow user, but it will give an idea of the ways you can use a bow in the crucible. You don’t always have to hot-swap after the first shot to have a bow-swap playstyle. The same goes with using the bow-centric playstyle.


Precision frames:

Precision frames have a higher base draw-time compared to lightweights, and in exchange, its base accuracy is higher. This frame is the most consistent and rewarding to use due to its base damage allowing for 2-shot body kills, which opens up a variety of potential plays with your grenade and melee (scroll down to the mechanical tricks section if you want to see what i'm talking about).

The ideal draw time for this archetype if you're running a bow-centric playstyle is 612; this allows for a fast TTK without sacrificing too much accuracy. Refer to the section below for information on what traits are good to have.

Lightweight frames:

Lightweight frame bows have a lower draw time, they’re faster at reload speed, and they have a faster potential TTK than a precision frame. However, they typically have very low accuracy (unless you get rolls to maximize accuracy, at which point you’re better off using a precision frame). This archetype is best played at short to mid range on maps such as Pacifica, where battles are fought mostly indoors. This archetype’s damage is lower, which means it cannot two-shot-body an opponent without the assistance of traits like rampage. You need at least 1 head and 1 body to kill.

The lower the draw time the better, and the lowest you can go is 540, so aim for that if you plan on using this archetype to its advantages at close to mid range.

Thought: While this archetype can kill faster than a precision frame, it requires you to be accurate, but doesn’t give you much accuracy to work with. Overall, I think this archetype needs a buff to its base accuracy in order to compete with precision frame bows.

Heavy frames:

The only bow that currently exists in this archetype is the exotic bow, Leviathan's Breath. Possibly in the future, we will get legendary bows in the power slot of this archetype. Having played with the exotic a lot, I imagine you will want to aim for perks to reduce the draw time as much as you can, as it will be extremely high. There is a good chance that these frames may only one-shot on a precision, so accuracy is also important here. This archetype heavily relies on the user's premeditated intent to fire; so due to the high draw time, you have to draw earlier compared to the other frames to make up for this.

Traits To Look For In a Bow:

CompetitiveHas PotentialShould Ignore
Archer's tempoRapid hitAir Assault
Moving targetRampageRangefinder
Snapshot SightsDragonflyNo Distractions
Hipfire-GripExplosive HeadSneak bow
QuickDrawKilling WindDemolitionist
Vorpal WeaponUnrelentingblank
Opening ShotSympathetic Arsenalblank

Archer's Tempo: Very important if you like to use the bow a lot more than your other weapon. The increase to draw time speed is noticeable and will guarantee to make a difference in high-level play. This is a staple trait for the bow-centric playstyle.

Thought: The effectiveness of this trait relies on having the bow out long enough for a second shot, so it's not as effective for a bow-swap style; but it may still make a difference to justify using it.

Moving target: Gives a 3-5% boost to strafe speed while in ADS. It also increases aim assist when moving, including while in the air. This trait plays directly into the nature of a bow; to peek-shoot from behind cover. It's a great trait to have for either playstyle.

QuickDraw: If you do not plan on running enhanced bow dexterity (which gives you a slightly less effective quickdraw), then using this trait frees up some armor energy to be used for something else. It's in the "competitive" tier because it's a general buff that will work however you use it.

Thought: You may want to consider having quickdraw on your other weapon rather than on the bow, since you will typically have the bow out for the first shot. This is also why quick-access sling is good for bow-swap as it grants quickdraw for your second weapon.

Snapshot Sights: A good trait to have for either playstyle. With this trait you have a fast enough ADS to easily perform jump shots from behind cover or during jump.

Thought: Enhanced bow-targeting will grant you a fast enough ADS speed that may cause you to consider not going the extra mile to have Snapshot, and instead you may find having a different trait more useful.

Vorpal Weapon: Increased damage against guardians in their super. For bows that already do near excessive amounts of damage, this perk has a high potential to perform well in the competitive and Trials playlist due to its extra damage against roaming supers.

Thought: I highly recommend you get Point of the Stag if you can't seem to get a good roll on other bows, and it will perform nicely with either playstyle.It's the perfect bow if you don't have or don't want to grind for another bow. I personally use my subtle calamity in the early game of trials or competitive, then swap to point in order to counter supers before swapping back.

Opening Shot: Improved accuracy and range on the opening shot of attack. After firing a shot, there is a short cooldown duration where the trait will not reactivate without giving a brief pause in your shots. For the bow, this means waiting a second before nocking another arrow

Thought: For bows, which only fire once before having to “reload,” this trait is a freebie bonus to your first shot, improving your range (and magnetism to the head) as well as accuracy, which does improve your in-air shots as well. Quick consecutive shots don’t work for this trait however.

Rampage: At x3 rampage, a precision bow (
subtle calamity - An In-Depth Guide to Using a Bow in Competitive PvP (Console or PC)

Subtle Calamity, Accrued Redemption) can one-shot to the head in PvP. However, you need to have the bow out the whole time to use this trait. I would recommend using a rampage spec as your weapon mod, to make getting to x3 rampage a bit easier.

Thought: For competitive crucible, this trait is not recommended. There are only 3 players on the other team, meaning you will typically never get to use this trait at x3 where the benefit of a one-shot to the head is given. Although, the fun factor of this trait is definitely here in any other game mode, especially the 6v6 variants.

Rapid hit: Like archer's tempo, but instead it grants reload speed and stability. The GoS raid bow Accrued Redemption can roll with Archer’s tempo and Rapid hit. The crimson days bow, The Vow, also has these two traits. Since reload plays a big role in TTK for a bow, this trait has the potential to be good; especially when paired with archer's tempo.

Explosive Head: Good for a dedicated bow-swap playstyle. It essentially adds a third hit to your two-hit combo. The order of operations goes as follows: 1. Open up with an arrow (1st hit + flinch) 2. Swap to your other weapon(explosive head goes off, 2nd + flinch) 3. Fire your other weapon (3rd hit, + kill)

Thought: This is a bad trait to have if you plan on follow-up shots with the bow after the initial one, because it increases your TTK. Damage isn’t added to your shot, it’s just split up into two parts, with the second damage portion being slightly delayed because of the explosion. This provides more opportunities for the other player to trade a kill just before dying by the explosion.

Killing Wind: Kills grant 5 tiers of mobility, a percentage of extra meters of weapon range depending on weapon dropoff, and better handling for 5 seconds. This trait stacks, so as long as you're getting kills, you can keep resetting that 5 second timer.

Thought: Right now this trait exists on the new bow, Whispering Slab, where you would have to choose it over Archer's Tempo. However, since this bow is a lightweight with already low draw time, I will say the benefits of Killing Wind are definitely good enough to consider replacing tempo for lightweight frames only. Since a lightweight frame already increases your movement, this trait should prove to be quite potent in the crucible.

Unrelenting: Grants a small chunk of health plus triggers health regeneration after "rapidly" defeating opponents depending on rank of enemy. You need 3 points to trigger the trait. In the crucible, guardians are worth 2 points. Also, you don't need to quickly defeat the second opponent to activate the trait.

Thought: Right now the only bow that has this trait is the Whispering Slab. The potential with this trait is there; but I think for this bow, Opening shot or Vorpal Weapon overshadow its potential a little.

Sympathetic Arsenal: Reloading after a kill also reloads all stowed weapons. You need to finish the reload animation in order for this to work.

Thought: The bow-swap playstyle will find the most use for this trait; after landing a final blow with your bow, you need to wait for the reload to finish on the bow, then you can swap to your freshly stocked Erianas Vow or other weapon you use to pair with the bow. Right now, the only bow with this trait is Whispering Slab.

Dragonfly: Has the potential to perform well in specific situations where teams are bunched up. This trait can be rolled alongside Archer’s tempo, and it can be effective for both playstyles if you consider the team-shooting capability of the bow. It's good enough that it's in this tier, but I wouldn't recommend it for crucible as it's too specific.

Hipfire-Grip: On PC this is a general go-to for a lot of guardians out there. It certainly makes precision hipfire shots more reliable, but the only time you need to be accurate with a hip-fire shot is when you're using Hush (which does not have the hipfire trait, so people often use the hipfire mod instead).

Thought: On console, you don’t want to rely on hipfire shots using a bow all the time. This trait will increase accuracy, but are you really trying to be accurate when hip firing a bow with anything other than Hush? Being able to hip-fire shots grants a couple advantages; you have a wider FOV, and your radar stays up. In competitive play, this may be enough to decide whether you want this trait. On PC, this trait is a lot more effective because of the M&K. One thing to note is that enhanced bow targeting grants a small increase in hipfire accuracy.

Air Assault: It grants you a quickdraw/snapshot sights effect while in the air. It does not increase in-air accuracy (which is something I think this trait is deserving of).

Thought: This trait only exists on the lightweight bow, The Spiteful Fang, which is fairly inaccurate and benefits more from a grounded playstyle. Right now, this trait is not useful enough to justify having it… I hope it gets buffed in the future.

Demolitionist: Getting a kill will return a small portion of your grenade energy back to you. Using your grenade ability will reload your weapon from reserves.

Thought: This trait is generally pretty good on other weapons. For a bow, you will only get a portion of your grenade energy back; the reloading from reserves will not trigger, because the nature of a bow is different from other weapons in that it has a noching speed.

Swashbuckler: A melee kill with a weapon that has this trait will give x5 stacks, which is more powerful than x3 rampage. A simple kill using the weapon with this trait will give 1 stack.

Thought: Similar to rampage, but this trait has slightly more potential in the competitive scene only because there is a way to get max stacks off of one kill rather than 3 like you would have to with rampage. Even so, the trait requires a couple of conditions to be met before you can make real use of this trait.

Rangefinder: After doing some research, this trait only exists in the same column as Archer's tempo. Your ADS zoom is increased and with it aim assist is more effective at a longer range.

Thought: A bow-swap playstyle will typically uses a hand-cannon or short to mid range weapon as a finisher, which means an increase to range on a bow (which plays best at mid to long range already) isn't going to improve your performance enough to justify having it. For bow-centric, the fact that you'll be trading Archer's tempo for this trait makes it not worth having.

No Distractions: Reduces flinching when getting shot at… It is good to note that this perk only exists in the same column as Archer’s tempo, and can, right now, only roll on the GoS bow; Accrued Redemption.

Thought: If you plan on getting hit to the point where you need to consider having this trait on your bow; you're not playing the bow to its strengths of using cover to peek-shoot.

Sneak Bow: Crouch to make yourself invisible on radar and increase draw-time duration and reload speed.

Thought: I want to say more about this trait, like maybe it's good for a nightstalker to crouch and go invisible after a kill. Overall, it's an underpowered trait that's too gimmicky to justify using it over the other traits, even after they "buffed" it.

Arrows and Strings

Here is a table of all arrows and strings you want to look out for. The ordering of this list applies to both console and PC, and there’s no arrow or string that works better on one platform and not the other.

  • A good rule of thumb for bows in the crucible regardless of plateform: you want to favor draw-time while maximizing your accuracy stat. I never found increasing your stability to be helpful in crucible compared to draw-time and accuracy. Handling is good to have on a bow, but don't go out of your way to get some.

  • The two ideal masterworks (MW) you want to look out for is either accuracy or draw-time, depending on the type of string you get. A reload masterwork or handling masterwork is something you can live with until you get either of the other two.

Note: On, a + to draw-time is good, but to make it more intuitive, I switched it around; so a + to draw-time is bad, and to draw-time is good.

ArrowsStat boosts
Fiberglass Arrow Shaftbest+15 to accuracy, -5 to stability
Straight Fletching+10 to accuracy
Helical Fletching+5 to accuracy, +5 to stability
Natural Fletching-5 to accuracy, +15 to stability
Carbon Arrow Shaft+10 to stability
Compact Arrow Shaftworst+20 to size
StringsStat boosts
Elastic StringAcc MW-10 to accuracy, -20 to draw-time, +5 to handling
Polymer StringDraw MW+5 to accuracy, -10 to draw-time
High Tension StringDraw MW+15 to accuracy, +10 to draw-time, -5 to stability
Natural Fletching+5 to accuracy, +5 to stability, +5 to handling
Flexible String-5 to accuracy, -10 to draw-time, +10 to handling
Natural String+5 to accuracy, +5 to stability, +5 to handling
Tactile String+5 to accuracy, +10 to stability
Agile Bowstringworst+5 to stability, +15 to handling

Exotic bows and the Hush:

Hush: Is a popular choice on PC due to hip-firing being much easier on M&K. One of its traits, opening shot, makes jump-shots more reliable at mid range and slightly better at long range. Given the nature of the bow, Opening Shot will trigger every other shot you take (assuming you don't pause briefly after each shot). On console, this bow performs worse than its PC counterpart and is harder to use, but can prove useful in a bow-swap playstyle if you get used to hip firing on the controller.


Thought: When using this bow, don't try to force Archer's Gambit to trigger. Let the trait come naturally and consider it as a bonus when it happens. Don't go looking for trouble once you have it either!

le monarque - An In-Depth Guide to Using a Bow in Competitive PvP (Console or PC)

Le Monarque: Many guardians think of this bow whenever a bow is mentioned. The lemonarc is a solid weapon that prevents aggressive play by the other team. Because of its poison effect, receiving players are forced to wait longer to re-engage. This bow excels at a more defensive and passive playstyle that relies on sticking with your teammates and team-shooting effectively.

Thought: One side-effect of the poison is that the tick damage briefly reveals the position of the enemy (the numbers appear through walls as the person is hurting from the poison).

Leviathan's Breath: While the draw-time is the highest in the game, this bow can one-shot body any super in the crucible. Learning how to reset the perfect draw, and when to pre-draw, is key to running this exotic well. It is easy to get caught while drawing this thing back, so be aware of your spacing and cover while you spend the time to pull on that bike chain.

Wish-Ender: Your role when playing this bow is to play support and make callouts using the truesight trait. Stand back, handle the snipers hardscoping the lanes or at least let your teammates know that he's just standing there, menacingly. You don't want to be rushed by anyone, so keep an eye on the radar and relocate before they see you. Your secondary should be a weapon you can hotswap to when things go bad (you get rushed). Because of the 900 draw-time, this bow plays more to a bow-swap playstyle.

Trinity Ghoul: Very fun weapon to use, as landing a precision shot and getting the lightning arrow will chain lightning to anything around it better than arcweb. If you try too hard to trigger this perk, you will die often, so be reserved and team-shoot for more chances to trigger the trait. When the trait is active, preemptively shoot the floor or wall nearest the enemies, and it will zap them; allowing you to regain the perk with another headshot, or clean up with your other weapon. Because the draw-time is high, this bow is better suited to the bow-swap playstyle.

Note: If you do not fully draw a shot, the arrow will split into three arrows. If you shoot like this with the Lightning Rod trait active, the three individual arrows will trigger lightning. If you hit two guardians with 2 of the 3 arrows, they will die instantly at full health because of the lightning and its chaining capabilities being stacked.

Mechanical tricks to the bow:

Draw-time is not the only factor in TTK for a bow. Reload speed plays a significant role here too; every shot you take requires that you reload another arrow. If your draw-time is good but reload speed is very low you will notice a large amount of lag after you shoot and wait for the arrow to noch in place. This matters for bow-centric as you will be firing successive shots often.

Example clip

  • The difference is notable between having no reload mods with wish ender/subtle and having 1 EnH Bow-loader mod, I would recommend at least running one.
What is a perfect draw?:

The moment your guardian finishes drawing back an arrow, and an audible click is heard in-game; indicating the bow has been fully drawn. Given a small grace period after the click, if you release the arrow during this window of time you will gain a slight accuracy buff and deal the maximum amount of damage. This mechanic is best demonstrated on the exotic bow,
le monarque - An In-Depth Guide to Using a Bow in Competitive PvP (Console or PC)

Le Monarque, which heavily relies on the player's ability to perform a perfect draw to trigger the bow's poison arrow trait.
Resetting a perfect draw:

All bows have this ability, which is canceling a fully drawn bow but — almost at the same time — drawing it back again. This resets the perfect draw and makes the click sound again. Why should you do this? You skip the majority of the frames it takes you to fully draw the arrow again.

Note: This trick is best exemplified by the bow, Le monarque, which relies on a perfect draw in order to trigger the poison arrows trait. In the short clip, take notice after drawing the shot that the reticle on the bow lights up (on all bows, there's an indicator like this too), as long as it's lit up; the bow is in a perfect draw state. After a short "grace period", the light goes dim and it's no longer a perfect-draw. However, resetting the draw brings the light back on! As for the monarque, this means poison arrows can trigger again.

Example clip


Drawing and releasing the arrow before it is fully drawn. By doing so, you will not have as much accuracy (this depends on just how many frames of the draw animation you want to skip) nor will you dish out the peak damage you get from a perfect draw. In return, your arrow comes out quicker, which can really save you in some engagements.

Note: The takeaway is that this is faster than performing a perfect-draw, and so it's good as a second shot after the initial one. For your first shot, you should always try for a full-draw because you can pre-draw it before engaging. In the example clip for showing reload speed, my barely drawn shots are on the low end of the skip-drawing spectrum, and the shots that look almost fully drawn but don't have the sound effect that a perfect draw has is the high end of skip-drawing.

Thought: A precision-frame bow's massive amount of damage (a two-shot body) means you have an excessive amount of wasted damage if you land a precision shot first followed by another fully-drawn shot. If you can't afford the time to draw a full shot again because it would mean dying before your target, then performing a skip-draw is just what you need to get an edge.


Just before you have a Line Of Sight (LOS) on your target, be sure to have your first shot drawn-back and ready to hit its mark.

Note: I said "just before," this is important because I often see people running a bow and they have that thing drawn back decades beforehand, or they draw too late and then die. Remember that you can't sprint while having the bow drawn back, which means you are limiting your ability to move around the map and making yourself an easier shot for snipers.

Bow + Melee:

After firing a fully-drawn shot, use your melee to finish. The animation of firing an arrow and meleeing happens so fast that it works well in pulling surprise kills seemingly out of nowhere from the perspective of the receiving player. Typically, a body shot + melee with a precision frame bow will kill unless the target is running 100 resilience. You'll have less luck with lightweight bows as you'll need to land a head-shot in order for the combo to work.


Thought: Ranged melees like the Titan throwing hammer, throwing knife, Middle tree stormcaller melee and Top tree dawnblade's melee pair very nicely with a bow especially if you can preemptively throw out your melee and then finish the job with an arrow.

Bow + Tracking Grenade:

Preemptively throw your arcbolt/firebolt grenade before you see your opponent, then fire an arrow at them. The two hits will register almost at the same time if done right, and results in instant death and people calling you a hacker!

Farm Methods:

Subtle Calamity: Is a random world drop, so you have a rather low chance of passively receiving one, but if you want to speed up the process and maximize your chances; purchase engrams from the cryptarch until one drops. You can expect other good rolls on weapons that drop while you wait for this bow to show itself, so keep an eye out!

No Turning Back: Is also a world drop.

Accrued Redemption: You have a chance of obtaining this bow on the first encounter of the Garden of Salvation raid. There are many who don't play raids, or are scared to join an LFG for one, especially if you only want to run the first encounter. So I'll tell you how I farmed it: study up and learn the first encounter well enough to teach it, then form your own party and offer to take new players through only the first encounter. The first encounter of this raid has a lot of leniency for failure, and you'll have a high success rate in completing it. Since you're offering to teach, you're the one in control and no one should question you as you're helping them take the first steps into completing the whole raid!

Arsenic Bite-4b: Is also a world drop.

Spiteful Fang: Obtain the bow frame from ada-1 and go to mars, farm the lost sector near the top of the map, then play the forge to get the bow. I used the Izanami's forge, as it was simple in design and didn't require much thought. I played this forge 258 times before I got a spiteful that I was semi satisfied with before stopping… wish I had that stat number on my emblem back…

The Vow: Is a crimson day exclusive, it may or may not be around to pick up next time it comes around.

Tyranny of Heaven: Has a chance to drop from the Vault encounter of the Last Wish raid.

Whispering Slab: Reach "In the Face of Darkness" quest step and then find an umbral engram to turn in. You can farm this bow by turning umbral engrams in for a chance at receiving this bow each time.

Some Builds you may want to try:

Subtle-Berry — Hunter (u/SteeezNutz) :-: Subclass/Tree: Gunslinger/Middle| Exotic Armor: Oathkeeper| Stat emphasis: 100 Mobility, 100 Recovery| Kinetic: Huckleberry/With MW | Energy: Subtle Calamity/With Icarus| Power: Sword for casual, Hammerhead for comp| Key armor perks: EnH Bow-targeting, EnH Bow-loader|

Note: Leveraging Oathkeepers allows you to stay focused on your radar and planning jump/peak shots as needed. If you land a headshot and the enemy doesn’t rush, Archer’s tempo will help you get the cleanup shot with another arrow. If they do rush or more than 1 enemy is nearby, the high handling on Huckleberry allows for a quick swap and easy cleanup kill. Kills with Huckleberry auto reload the full magazine and procs Rampage, setting up very effective double kills if 2 people are rushing you. Also serves as a very effective shotgun counter as long as you backpedal. Use your Blade Barrage as a shut-down super, or as a plan C if all 3 players decide to rush you.

Chaperone + Bow — Hunter (u/vegitoenigma) :-: Subclass/Tree: Gunslinger/Top| Exotic Armor: St0mp-EE5| Stat emphasis: Mobility, Strength| Kinetic: Chaperone | Energy: Subtle Calamity/With Icarus| Power: Sword| Key armor perks: EnH Bow-targeting, 2xEnH Bow-loader, EnH Unflinching Bow|

Note: Use your explosive knife trap as a set up for corners and let the knife explode as you finish the job with a bow shot. You can use Chaperone independently or hotswap to it after a bow shot for an easy bodyshot cleanup over distance. Chains of Woe grants you and nearby allies extra reload speed after landing a headshot kill, making your bow shots come out faster and potentially keeping the chain active (much like the trait, Rapid-Hit).

Eriana's Bow — Hunter (u/luneth27) :-: Subclass/Tree: Nightstalker/Top | Exotic Armor: Lucky Pants | Stat emphasis: 100 Mobility, 80+ Recovery, 40 Discipline | Dump Stats: Resilience, Intellect, Strength | Kinetic: No Turning Back/With QAS | Energy: Erianas Vow | Power: Sword | Key armor perks: EnH Handcannon Targeting, Unflinching handcannon + Unflinching Light Arms, Handcannon Scavenger|

Note: ⁠The best way I've found to play this build is to use both the skills of a shotgunner and sniper. You'll never be able to beat either up front (unless you're obviously more skilled than they are) so you have to rely on your positioning skills and map knowledge to overcome the inherent disadvantage. Utilize vertical space to beat shotgunners, utilize peek-shooting to beat snipers. That being said, snipers are the hardest to combat with this build. Assuming an equally skilled playing field, a sniper will always dome you before you can swap, so use shotgunning tactics against them if you can't peek-shoot to victory.

See Gameplay

Izanagi's Bow — Warlock (u/TheGuiltySpark117) :-: Subclass/tree: Dawnblade/Top | Exotic Armor: Nezarec’s Sin | Stat emphasis: 100 Mobility, 80+ Recovery, 60 Strength | Dump Stats: Resilience, Intellect, Discipline | Kinetic: Izanagi's Burden | Energy: Subtle Calamity | Power: Sword | Key armor perks: EnH Bow-targeting, EnH Unflinching Bow, 2x EnH Bow Reload, Sniper Scavenger|

Note: A very daring build that recently I've been running to great effect. The idea is that you stock up on special and body-shot for a free kill every once in a while, and you'll use the bow for everything else. Nezarecs Sin paired with the subtle effectively gives you a better "remote connection" mod that also increases your ability regeneration and not just your super. I'd like to add a creative bit of hate mail that I got recently for using this build: "Dude you might actually be okay if you didn't use some garbage like that. It's downright pathetic, you're cheesier than the whole of Wisconsin. You're so cheap, beggars on the street look down on you. As they should, because people who play like that don't deserve to be a part of this community. Either uninstall, or pick a proper way to play. Pathetic waste of oxygen."

See Gameplay

Lonesome Bow — Warlock (u/TheGuiltySpark117) :-: Subclass/tree: Dawnblade/Top | Exotic Armor: Karnstein Armlets | Stat emphasis: 100 Mobility, 70+ Recovery, 60 Strength | Dump Stats: Resilience, Intellect, Discipline | Kinetic: Lonesome | Energy: Subtle Calamity | Power: Sword | Key armor perks: EnH Bow-targeting, EnH Unflinching Bow, 2x EnH Bow Reload|

Note: When you're up against snipers, play this loadout like you would with a shotgun (inch your way closer until you're within range to jump them with the sidearm) and use your sword for third person view to navigate around the map safely and check corners. Karnstein Armlets can be played offensively and defensively by using the bow + melee combo to trigger the health regeneration and then swapping to Lonesome (mine has kill clip, but swashbuckler would also be good) to slay out while continuously gaining health. I've found that this loadout considerably increases your chances of turning around a 3v1 situation in your favor.

See Gameplay

Peacekeepers + Bow — Titan (u/Adavari) :-: Subclass/tree: Sunbreaker/Middle | Exotic Armor: Peacekeepers | Stat emphasis: 100 Recovery, 60 Resilience, 40-50 Strength, 40-50 Discipline | Dump Stats: Mobility, Intellect | Kinetic: Exit Strategy | Energy: Hush/With Freehand | Power: Personal preference | Key armor perks: Personal preference|

That's all I've got for now, I hope you all enjoyed it! I've been out of the destiny loop since half of last season up to this point, so I haven't been streaming for some time. However, feel free to watch @Npanzer117 when I do get back into the swing of things when I feel motivated enough!

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