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An In-Depth Review of the current sniper rifle meta, and why Bite of the Fox is the best Sniper Rifle in the game.

destiny2 3 - An In-Depth Review of the current sniper rifle meta, and why Bite of the Fox is the best Sniper Rifle in the game.

Act I: Intro

Hey, what's up guys my name is Blucid and today I'm doing something a little bit…unique. I'm going to compiling a video essay of sorts on a specific weapon that I hold very near and dear to my heart. A weapon that is very unique in a lot of ways, and has a lot of potentials while being overlooked by the general Destiny 2 community

This Weapon is known as the Bite of the fox

Now I know what you're thinking, “Blucid, it's just another sniper what's the big deal!”

And that my fellow guardian would be where you have made a mistake. Now then,

Let's get down to brass tacks

Now I could start by telling you a story of a younger version of me using the sniper throughout the entirety of The Forsaken DLC until when beloved came out discussing how much I loved the weapon how unique it wasn't it certain aspects but I think it's better instead that did I simply convince you into making you want to have your own story with this weapon create your memories with this weapon rather than me discuss my own.

At this point in the video, I'm going to have an image up on the screen that will showcase all of the current sniper rifles in use in the destiny community that is not sunset or is not completely off-meta and useless the no one would consider even using them or picking it as your main sniper.

So let's begin.

Act II: Archetypes

To start, let's talk about the rapid-fire and adaptive type sniper rifles in this game.

Back in forsaken, Rapid fire archetypes reigned Supreme because you could 2 Shot body an enemy Guardian at the same speed that a regular 140 hand Cannon such as Ace of Spades takes to three tap An enemy requiring all three critical shots.

however, nowadays that is no longer the case.

rapid-fire sniper rifles acquire three body shots to kill an enemy Guardian.

on top of the fact that it cannot one-shot an enemy super, and has the range of a Nerf gun makes them now very obsolete compared to Adaptive and high-impact frames.

moving on, the argument for adaptive type sniper rifles compared to high impact sniper rifles is so much more difficult argument to make.

the reason why is that an adaptive type sniper rifle can still 11two-shot body shot an opposing Guardian, and is given a middle ground of range when compared to a rapid-fire archetype and a high-impact.

essentially adaptive type sniper rifles are the Jack of all trades of the sniper archetypes.

Some benefits of adaptive type sniper rifles are they typically have higher base handling, stability, and magazine sizes.

However, there are certain things that adaptive type sniper rifles either have to jump through hoops to do or simply cannot do and in these scenarios, a high-impact sniper rifle such as a bite of the fox can do.

This includes being able to easily one-shot headshot a guardian in their super, or making an enemy Guardian so weak upon a body shot that they can be cleaned up with one shot from any type of hand Cannon regardless of the archetype. The bonus to the range is nothing to laugh about either.

While this may be anecdotal, I believe it is worth stating that my life has been saved many a Time due to only requiring a simple body shot with a 180 hand Cannon to an enemy that has pushed closed as opposed to having to take the time to aim for a precise headshot which is what all adaptive type sniper rifles require.

One last statement I'd like to say here is the potential for team shooting is huge with a high impact sniper rifle compared to an adaptive frame sniper rifle due to causing around a hundred and seventy-two damaged making it to where a simple shot or burst from any weapon, or any damaging ability, will clean up said enemy.

Act III: Comparison

Now that you've gotten this far I think it's safe to say that you and I both know that certain weapons are simply not meta and nowhere near close to being considered good due to either poor weapon perk choices or abysmal stat distributions in range or any other stat.

Because of this, I will compare what I view to believe the top 5 sniper rifles( including The Bite of the Fox) in the game for PVP.

Those are as follows:

– The Supremacy

– Eye Of Sol (Adept)

– Adored

– Succession

– Bite of The fox

I will now write these in order from five being the worst sniper rifle to 1 being the best sniper rifle in the meta currently.

5.The Supremacy

The Supremacy is put as the worst weapon on the list due to these things;

  • Low damage
  • Low range
  • Poor secondary trait selection
  • Too low zoom

The Supremacy is one of the few weapons Still Standing after the heavy nerfs That have hammered this Rapid-Fire Archetype. The fact that you need three body shots to kill a guardian, as well as very low range and zoom, (which severely affects the aim assist as well as bullet magnetism), Weighs heavily on this beautiful Rifle. The final nail in the coffin is that all of the final weapon perks for the last trait slot on this weapon is terrible for PVP usage.

4. Succession

the succession put up a good fight and almost made it into the third tour however fell to fourth place due to these reasons:

  • Way too high zoom.
  • Lack of two strong perks.

The Succession is a strong weapon and by no means is bad…However, since the zoom on this weapon is at 50, the Succession will be almost impossible to use in close-quarters engagements. And when you include the fact that the first trait column has only Moving Target to boost aim assist or range naturally, (Meaning not requiring a kill, looking at you Killing Wind.) And you have yourself a strong, but not a meta defining rifle.

3. Eye Of Sol (Adept)

Eye Of Sol Takes bronze solely due to a few unfortunate, but easy to overlook issues:

  • Icarus is almost required
  • Bad scope.
  • Hardest weapon to farm in the game.

The Eye of Sol is a good weapon and to be honest in unique scenarios could be considered the best, however, you have to consider a few things when looking at this weapon and you will see quite easily why it could not go any higher on the list.

Firstly this weapon is EXTREMELY difficult to acquire a good roll of, due to the current Trials system only essentially allowing you to get one guaranteed role of this weapon per character, per week. Meaning unless it is the specific Trials week with this weapon as the flawless reward, there is no way to obtain this rifle.

Secondly, the main draw to the adept-styled weapons is it they have unique weapon mods that can affect the weapon itself, However, the fact that Icarus Grip is considered by many to be the best weapon mod a sniper rifle can get means that the main draw to this weapon is useless.

Finally, the final reason why this weapon simply could not go any higher is that the scope is overly cluttered so to speak, and while some folks may be okay with it, I cannot stand scope clutter. And in this case, an ugly box that forms around the reticle on the sniper rifle scope is the very definition of clutter.

2. Adored

I already think that I'm going to irritate some people by putting this weapon here but I mean come on….you read the title of the post right? The reasons why this weapon didn't take the top spot will be explained once I move on to the number one choice, however, I will put the reasons why this weapon made it this far up the totem pole so to speak;

  • Clean Scope
  • Easy to obtain
  • One essential and one ‘good’ perk
  • The best energy sniper rifle in the game

1.Bite of the Fox

You knew what was coming.

You knew that this was going to be the number one pick.

It was in the title, and if you followed along you might have noticed that almost all the negatives I stated about the other weapons aren't going to be an issue with Ol'Foxy here. Before you get your pitchforks, let me show you what I mean;

Clean and unique scope, with a relatively Lower Zoom than the other pics on this list.

  • The potential to easily One Tap any Guardian to the Head regardless of if they're in a super or not.
  • Relatively easy to obtain compared to all other weapons on this list.
  • Has the rarest and best combination for perks in the game for sniper rifles.

Epilogue: Rolls and TL;DR

  • It seems we've reached the end of this little rant of sorts. I wanted to end this post with a few rolls I would recommend to look out for, along with a few videos I've seen showcasing said roll. Let's just go through a basic
    6AkB7Lb - An In-Depth Review of the current sniper rifle meta, and why Bite of the Fox is the best Sniper Rifle in the game.
    picture I have beautifully created here and discuss a few rolls.




These are simply the best options for both of the two categories. Does this mean to throw away a snapshot/opening shot roll if you have extended mag instead of accurized rounds? NO! This is simply what the best roll is, The actual weapon perks are what truly matter. This doesn’t mean run polygonal rifling with steady rounds. Get your range and handling up as high as possible, in that order.

Lastly, before we Get into this, I would like to discuss weapon mods and Masterworks:

Mods- Icarus Or Targeting Adjuster, in that order. If you aren't confident with mid-air sniping I would first say just get good with it, because that is a huge part of a good snipers kit. But if you just can't cut it run Targeting Adjuster, an extra +10 aim assist can never hurt.

Masterwork: Easy, run Range then Handling in that order…. nothing else to say, doesn't matter too much if everything else is well rolled.


This is what I consider to be the best sniper rifle in the game. Snapshot allows you to play aggressively, and Opening Shot allows you to make insane close range shots as well as some pretty nasty flicks, for absolutely free. If I had to decide between deleting this roll or deleting the two rolls I have down below I wouldn't even blink before saying I would keep this one.


Now, this roll I do not have myself, however, while researching to make this post I found a

made by the Youtuber CoolGuy Approximately 2 years ago on this roll. The ability to do over 70 damage when you are not even directly hitting a target is pretty nuts, and since explosive rounds do artificially increase range, you could have a poorly rolled magazine and barrel and possibly still have some success with this roll. Pair with Icarus Mod.


This is a very unique roll that I think only a few people will truly appreciate, but if you are a Wraith main I would say to look out for this one, paired with the mod Targeting Adjuster and Double Sniper Rifle Targeting, this rifle is probably the best weapon for the Way of the Wraith Nightstalker Subclass, aside from maybe chaperone in close quarters. CammyCakes Has a

for this exact roll. As does



Bite of The Fox with Snapshot/Opening Shot is the G.O.A.T.

No, seriously.

This Took way too long to write up, thanks to anybody who read this all the way through, if you all have any other questions, or believe I messed something up, or want to complain about all my meandering, Let Me Know in the comments below.





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