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This is a personal opinion.

  • I think Stasis is better than the other subclasses in some respects because it is more than just a purple, blue, or orange flavor of damage. It does something new and unique. It enhances PvE by giving more choices for engagement and cover while doing the same with PvP. It isn't ~perfectly balanced~, but neither are other subclasses in PvP – some will always outshine others, and when one does something that only it can do, it will be really painfully obvious.
  • PvP isn't the main point of the game – that doesn't mean it should be ignored, or that it's pointless, or that it's not worth playing – but asking for entire season(s) to be catered to singularly the PvP audience isn't realistic. Further…
  • PvP isn't balanced, and only ever was (sort of) during the double primary days of D2. There has always been a class that outshines others, a subclass that is stronger, a set of weapons that do better; in other words, a meta of abilities and weapons that will dominate. Stasis has some overly strong features, but it's core ability to control the battlefield so strongly is oppressive because it's meant to be. I don't think PvP will ever truly reach that "competitive" level that so many people want to see, because the power fantasy of Destiny will inherently clash with it unless the sandboxes are 100% separate.
  • Beyond Light has/had a sizable amount of content, to me. I never once got all that bored, and if I did, I played another game until reset and then continued playing Destiny.
  • Seasonal content allows for a drip-feed, which also happened with Beyond Light, so that you can't just rush through all the content in a weeks time; it's spaced out, slowly, which is annoying at times…and rewarding at others.
  • The removed content, didn't matter. If it was still in the game, it would just be bloat; I haven't once cared about going to the other areas besides maybe Mars because I sorta like it's design. It had no purpose in the story or game world besides older, legacy content, and would only serve to bloat game time to no end. Removing the campaigns and maps/strikes hurts, but, allows for greater room to grow later.
  • Luke Smith is not to blame for every single issue with the game. I don't know why it's such a prevalent opinion, but while he's a game director, there is an entire staff of individuals who do, in fact, exist, and develop the game. While he likely has some serious creative pull being the game's director, there are other people who exist who can make mistakes besides Luke Smith. Calling for him to lose his job or other cruel things because something is wrong (to you, or literally bugged) in the game is childish. Luke was game director during the Taken King expansion, one that everyone praises, as well as the raid director for the Vault of Glass. Assuming that he forces everyone on the team to do what he wants and disallows any kind of creative freedom is not only an incredible assumption, it also demonizes the man for no reason besides to place the blame on one person.
  • There is a significant difference between content creators and the average, or even active player. Content creators who say there's not enough content in the game may literally play the game as a job – their opinion on what is "too little" content should be taken with a grain of salt. If anyone were to play a video game as a job, they would run up dry content-wise blindingly quickly when up-to-date in a live service game like Destiny 2.
  • Free events will, only sometimes, be "worth" doing to some people. Only sometimes will they reward an exotic. Only sometimes will they give you a new thing to dress up your Guardian with. And that's okay. It's okay that a free event for all players doesn't have cutscenes, or exotics, or free godrolls.
  • Community events will never not be grindy and annoying to most people. Having your success be left up to the community is frustrating, especially when goals are set, sometimes, too high. This will happen. It's fine to criticize it because of this, but it's best to roll with it rather than get angry after it's already been dealt with.
  • Sunsetting isn't perfect, needs changes, but is also totally necessary for the health of the game as a whole. Some things sunset too fast and that needs changes. Some things sunset and we don't want to get rid of them because they're very good. But, that is why they need to go – so that different types of weapons can come out and take that place, so that builds change, so that the meta changes. Otherwise, we will be running recluse/mountaintop until the heat death of the universe because it was objectively the best with many kinds of PvE and even PvP content.
  • Assuming that you know how to make a game, and assuming that you have the utilities, and assuming you have the server space, and assuming you have the staff, and assuming you have the money, and assuming you have the time – any game you make will not be for everyone. It's not possible. Bungie is making a game for who they think/hope will be a large audience. It's not specifically for PvP mains. It's not specifically for PvE mains. It's not specifically for Joe down the street. It's for a wide, bursting audience. Not just us, not just me, not just you.
  • Bungie has made serious mistakes in the past, and they will continue to make mistakes. Destiny 2 has had serious mess-ups in the past (i.e. Curse of Osiris, double primaries/D2Y1), but the purpose isn't to get it right the first time, or the next time. There will never be a perfect expansion, or perfect season, or perfect event; there will always be flaws, mistakes, and miscounts.
  • I've been burnt out by Destiny 2 before. I came back, though, because it's a good game and has good content with a (relatively) good playerbase and a good dev team. Sometimes, bad stuff happens.

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