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An overhaul of foundries and adding Daito and Tex Mechanica as a fully-fledged foundry would actually do wonders for the game

destiny2 2 - An overhaul of foundries and adding Daito and Tex Mechanica as a fully-fledged foundry would actually do wonders for the game

For reference, a fully-fledged foundry gives us:

– Weapons

– Armor (already exists for Daito)

– Shaders

– Emblems

– Exotics (SUROS regime, Last Word, Chaperone, etc)

– New archetypes

– New perks (sometimes)

– New lore

– New ornaments

Both Daito and Tex Mechanica would, in theory, have weapon designs unlike anything we've seen before in Destiny. If the Daito armor set is anything to go off of, the weapons would most likely resemble a fusion between the Black Armory gear and Gundam, and Tex Mechanica's guns would be very similar to the Borderlands Jakobs foundry. These unique styles would add some level of incentive to get the weapons (as would the sheer newness of them), but here is where we get into archetypes and perks. Imagine if the Daito auto rifle, for example, fired at 800rpm, and had an intrinsic perk which was simply Dynamic Sway Reduction (think Adept weapons). Although DSR isn't necessarily the best perk in the game, that simple added bonus would be enough to incentivize players to chase that foundry's specific weapons. If Bungie went back and did this for all foundries (Hakke, Veist, SUROS, Omolon, etc) then that would be amazing, but even if it's just for Daito and Tex that'd be fine. Even better would be if Bungie added new perks to the game that were foundry-specific. Maybe Tex Mechanica weapons can get a perk that allows half the bullets used to kill the target to be returned directly to the magazine! Or maybe Veist guns can roll with a perk that creates seeking nanites upon a precision kill that heal you and your allies. Although the two perks I described are probably better suited for an exotic, it could also be the case that these perks have requirements in order to activate them. Maybe you need to get 2000 kills with the gun before the perk becomes active, or maybe you need to actually complete some sort of a foundry quest.


Beyond Light is the perfect place to introduce Daito into the game. We already have the armor set in the game right now through the Prophecy dungeon. We know that we will explore the Deep Stone Crypt, which is a literal vault from a bygone era. What better way to introduce a techno-themed foundry than a vault of technology previously locked away from the Guardians. As for Tex, that would probably have to come in a later season.

The standard armor and weapon loot pool is severely lacking in Destiny 2. Armor sets not found in endgame activities are uninspired at best, and downright ugly at worst. Weapons aren't much better, although their designs aren't regulated to just endgame activities, but rather the general loot pool and then activity-specific pools. Destiny 2 sorely needs uniqueness, and if Bungie were to add in these two new foundries complete with new perks and archetypes only found on the associated foundry's gear it would be incredible.

Let me know what y'all think!

See you starside

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