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Are the things I do in Destiny things to be proud of?

destiny2 3 - Are the things I do in Destiny things to be proud of?

So idk what kind of reaction this post will get but just as a warning it will probably get a little melancholic.

So to start this off, a couple of weeks ago I finally managed to get Rivensbane. This includes the flawless and everything and so I was really happy. After I beat the flawless run (which was my last triumph) I excitedly joined my friend group’s VC and told them I got it. The first response I got was “Imagine caring about triumphs” followed by an agreement. I tried to dispute this by saying that Rivensbane took more effort than just a few triumphs but they kept on saying it. Another friend’s response was just a monotone “good job”.

And yet another thing, I love Prophecy. I love the dungeon so much that I can Solo Flawless the thing pretty much on demand, and if not I can just do a nice and easy solo run (with occasional trouble on the last encounter depending on the day). My friends knew I had been practising my ass off for my first solo flawless and when I got it I mostly got the same response. And even then I’m seeing discussions all over YouTube of people discrediting those who go Solo Flawless in it, talking about how we exploited Mountaintop, Taken Barrier and more even tho myself and many others have the exact same difficulty NOW! It even feels the same without Barrier because of its lower power level.


I also have Blacksmith and it’s basically the same thing. I farmed out Frames upon frames and did that flawless and all I get told is “yeah I could’ve done it if I put the time in but I just didn’t want to”.

I realise the formatting for this is probably shit and I might receive a bit of hate for posting what’s essentially a rant. But are these three things I’m really proud of. I’m not going around every chance I get saying “Imagine not being a Rivensbane” or anything because I just want to be proud of this stuff but every time I try to be I just get shut down like this. Am I allowed to be proud of this stuff? Is any of it actually something to be proud of? Sorry for the long read but eh there’s really no turning back now right?

Edit: Just wanted to say that I’m grateful for all the encouragement and kind words. It’s hard for me to not seek validation from others (being young and all I think that’s natural) but I understand that I can be proud of these things. And I will be. Thanks a heap everyone and sorry if I didn’t end up responding to your comment.

Edit 2: I have now woken up to over a hundred reddit notifications, most of which are supportive comments. Holy shit this is a supportive community and that makes me rlly proud. I don’t think I can get through them all ngl

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