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Armor 2.0 is begging players not to interact with it

destiny2 8 - Armor 2.0 is begging players not to interact with it

I had this all typed up once and accidentally deleted it. Here we go again.

I think that the destiny armor system actually has a ton of interesting build potential and min maxing that can be done. Which makes these problems all the more frustrating. And many of these issues compound upon each other to make a system that isn't worth anyones time.

The Good:

  • The return of Discipline, Strength, Intellect, is magnificent.

  • Linking the stats and the class abilitys is an organic way to define each class, I like it.

  • Armor Mods are mostly well balanced and build oriented

  • Charged with light is cool and encourages interesting builds

The Bad:

  • Glimmer costs, If I take the time to optimize my build I'm rewarded by wasting glimmer every single time. It adds up quickly.

  • Exotics not having slots destroys builds. If I swap from an exotic helm to a chest plate. I have to reconfigure multiple parts of my build to get things like charged with light working again.

  • Between Season locks, Armor type locks, and elements no one can keep track of which armor can equip what mods.

  • It's often difficult to remember or tell which mods stack.

The Ugly:

  • the entire system is invalidated by the fact that upgrading your armor is extremely difficult. I've barely been able to experiment with charged with light because despite having maxed out every season and played hundreds of hours, I have I think 8 masterworked armors across all 3 characters. Sure I morally object to farming Nightfalls, but I shouldn't have literally nothing to show for playing the rest of the game. You shouldn't be locking 95% of players out of build crafting entirely. It actually locks off a massive amount of content.

  • Where do I get good armor? The prismatic recaster may be the answer after rank 72 this season, but I can't find any hands on with it to confirm. If I can only masterwork like 10 things (a year) I need them to be the best of course. How do I find the best armor though? I have no idea where to even start to consistently farm great armor. Maybe Iron Banner, but even that was dropping crap under 60 last season.

  • Sunseting, if I do happen to randomly find super high stat roll armor and finally create a perfect build and use my extremely rare materials to max it out. It has an expiration date.

How to fix it IMHO

Most of these issues can actually be resolved with a few simple tweaks.

One, make the glimmer cost absolutely trivial. It only serves to be annoying for veteran players and a deterrent from trying out mods for new ones.

Two, just get really generous with the upgrade materials and suddenly many of these problems are mitigated if not eliminated entirely. Only rarely getting good armor is fine If I can upgrade most of what I get. And this helps keep the game interesting in the long haul because the odds of getting an absolutely perfect stat roll are extremely low. So you'll be seeing if you can't scrape out those last couple points basically forever.

Three, don't sunset armor. At all. New armor and old armor are essentially the same. So don't mess everyone up.

Four, remove elements from seasonal mods at the very least It's just way too hard to keep track of. And give exotics a universal season slot

(Five, this one is a little out there, but let me know what you think. Here's a crazy thought. What if instead of having seasonal mods in that last slot our guardians just had 5 perk slots. Totally separate from our armor. That way the synergized perks like charged with light wouldn't get messed up everytime we swapped a single piece of gear or exotic. And it would be easier to just go into one menu with all 5 slots and put a build together. More work of course for bungie, but the perks would still function identically so i think it's a possibility. Then bungie would rotate mods in and out if need be and add new ones as activity rewards. Like now, but hopefully easier to keep track of. )

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