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Article 12: Destiny 2’s 12 Man Activity Glitch Needs To Be A Feature In The Future

destiny2 2 - Article 12: Destiny 2's 12 Man Activity Glitch Needs To Be A Feature In The Future

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Destiny 2's 12 Man Activity Glitch Needs To Be A Feature In The Future

Between the interesting unfolding of the Battlegrounds, there has been an extremely fun aspect these past 2 weeks. I am speaking of no other than 12-man activities. With some precise timing and luck, players have been breezing through several activities in more Fireteams than intended, and my oh my, has it been a blast. This glitch only works with non-matchmade activities, so thank the Traveller you won't be facing a team of 12 in Control, Gambit, or Trials (which is disabled, again).

It's the last day of 12-man activities in Destiny 2, as Update 3.1.1 will be patching this on weekly reset. Bungie needs to make 12-man activities a thing in the future. While I don't mean that they should launch every of the upcoming activities, for example the returning Vault of Glass with room for 12 players. However there is a certain aspect of fun and chaos to it, call it Mayhem Mode, if you will.

Most activities in the game are set to Fireteam members of 3 and 6, but having an extra Fireteam or two has never been more glorious. The filled to the brim roster page, the sheer number of Guardians in a small room, how quickly enemies can be defeated, even the other way around (looking at you, Exploder Shank from Fallen S.A.B.E.R), and have I told you of how hilarious it is to stomp a Fallen Skiff down?

This has been a great way for new players to try out various non-matchmade endgame activities too, I've lost count of the numbers of 12-man raids I've joined where several were raiding for the very first time as they looked around in awe of what a raid has to offer. As RNG would have it, some lucky ones were blessed with the raid Exotics on their first try. It easily brought a more welcoming feeling to them to try more of these activities, no matter how little the participation.


12-man Fireteams have also brought cheeses to several Triumphs, such as the Tale Told Triumph in the Exotic Quest: Presage. Players have to complete the mission on Master difficulty without dying, but you can easily sit at spawn while the 11 other Guardians in your Fireteam breeze through the mission. With it rewards a lovely Tex Mechanica themed emblem.

Props to Bungie for letting the glitch stick around for players to have fun for a while rather than patching it immediately. Bungie could either have the option to create an activity for 12-man Fireteams, but that may be tricky in terms of mechanics as you'd have to factor in so many Guardians, not to mention how quickly you could melt a boss’ health. While I do understand that these endgame activities are a source of high stat loot and resources, that it may break the reward structure if 12-man Fireteams were active all the time, I would love to see a return of it for the sake of players who face difficulties in tackling them and for some much enjoyed fun.

I believe the appeal is more towards the fact that Destiny 2 players miss and want a 6 player matchmade activity. I know I have complimented the targeted loot farm back in Menagerie several times, the Menagerie also had casual fun for all its players. Back then, players would be able to farm multiple copies of any weapon/gear they desired after a glitch was discovered by loading back and forth between areas. Being able to load into an activity with 12 people has somewhat effectively filled the experience of Menagerie’s absence.

If this 12-man glitch were ever to return in the future, there’s several possibilities that Bungie could add. Additional modifiers, harder difficulties, exclusive challenges and perhaps exclusive loot and mods! You may recall in April 2020, a double loot glitch from the Nightfall Warden of Nothing had eventually turned into a feature where we periodically get double loot from Nightfalls, so here's hoping that 12-man activities will have the same fate.

Until then, treasure the remaining time of this unique glitch we have left Guardians, and an early good luck to those who will be attempting Grandmaster difficulty on reset.

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