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As a Warlock main, I can’t wait to be disappointed by how many seasons it takes Bungie to nerf the new Hunter Stasis PvP wombo combo

destiny2 10 - As a Warlock main, I can't wait to be disappointed by how many seasons it takes Bungie to nerf the new Hunter Stasis PvP wombo combo

ETA: TL/DR: No I don't really want this Hunter ability to be nerfed hard to somehow make up for Warlock nerfs earlier, that's silly. This post means to highlight the similarities between builds to abuse one core ability versus another in PvP and show how Bungie's over-reaction on nerfs early on when new abilities are introduced continues to set us up for unfair cycles of nerfs to other cool abilities down the road. It also seeks to highlight that once again, the strongest nerfs are delivered to Warlocks first… again… likely because there's a concerning lack of anticipation for how these classes are likely to interact in the PvP sandbox ahead of content releases.

Bungie should make minor tweaks when needed, rectify the excessive nerfs to Warlocks, and stop being so trigger-happy to swing the nerf hammer so darn fast. Also, for the love of all that is holy, invest in separating the PvE and PvP sandboxes so that PvE builds aren't submarined by demands of the PvP arena!!!

Hope that clears up a lot of confusion on whether I'm really calling for endless nerfs or trying to ask bigger questions here.

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covering the build by Fallout Plays. In short:
  • Boost discipline, use Frost-ees and demolitionist weapons to get grenades quickly.
  • Equip glacier grenade to create walls of ice right next to opponents.
  • Use the Shatterdive aspect to… dive to the ground and shatter nearby ice crystals (your glacier grenade).
  • Use the Whisper of Fissures fragment to increase the damage and size of the burst of crystals you destroy.
  • Spam grenades, jump, dive, shatter crystals to instantly kill opponents. This basically kills anyone within roughly 3 – 5 meters of the ice wall, including those in super, as seen in


To be clear – the Warlock stasis melee was OP for PvP and needed to be nerfed a bit, 100%. They didn't need to stack so many nerfs at once and nuke the ability entirely, or have those same nerfs carry over to PvE where nobody was complaining about it.


Now, this Hunter build can delete multiple targets at once in seemingly less time than a Warlock's ranged stasis melee now takes to travel to its single target. The grenade can't be spammed as often as the Warlock's melee with Claws of Ahamkara plus Monte Carlo, but with Frostees and demolitionist weapons the recharge can get down pretty low.

To be clear again – I don't think this Hunter build needs massive nerfs or adjustments, and whatever minor changes ought to come (if any) should only be contained to PvP, so that the Hunter PvE experience isn't nerfed for no reason.

My point is that I wish Bungie would be more equitable in how they treat and balance classes against each other, and not let PvP changes dramatically affect a player's enjoyment in PvE. On the other side of this, Warlocks can currently slot 4 fragments into their aspects, which is way more than other classes and great for PvE, but why don't Hunters and Titans have that? Are more fragment slots coming for future stasis aspects? Either way, having seen nova warp get made irrelevant in PvP, and now shadebinder receiving the same swift and severe treatment, it's frustrating to see other effective combos in other classes left alone, without comment, for extended periods of time. Like Spectral Blades before it, I wouldn't be surprised if Bungle just lets this sit for a year before taking action.

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